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Emotional Thrill Ride

This story is emotional from beginning to end. You get to watch the characters struggle and grow, maturing in different ways so that they come to be the people they are meant to be. Inea is insanely adorable, and his antics made me laugh more than once, and Kaedon is perfect for him in so many ways. Ansyn is... well, he's a case all his own, but it's beautiful, the ways he needs Inea and Kaedon just as they need him, the way they parallel his past even as they forge their own relationship.
The romance is perfectly balanced by the actual plot- there was never a point where I felt bogged down by too much focus on the personal drama, which tends to happen in most things on the shelves of bookstores these days. It kept me on the edge of my seat wondering if they really would be okay.
The action scenes with the assassins might have been my favorite part- they felt very cinematic to me, bringing the image right to the front of my mind, and I'd love to see this turned into a manga or anime to give life to the story and its beautiful scenes.

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