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A lot of people stray away from point of views either because they find it complicated to do and when they do p.o.v's, it's not well executed. Your story was well executed! I had so much fun reading it and it honestly made me feel so immersed into the characters of Reamann and Caoilainn. The "birth" of Caoilainn was interesting because now, as the reader, I get to see this character grow in future chapters. The way you make the reader see exactly what the character is seeing is honestly a skill not many have, and you do! The description of the ice on the mountain, the little things you put into high description makes it come alive and that is what makes me so interested in your story. I am liking the story very well and how you're taking time for us readers to get to know the characters well before delving into the heart of the story. Your pov and your description of things is your strong point and I am looking forward to future chapters. Keep up the good work! I'm loving it so far!!!~~

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