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The relationship dynamics are what really made the book for me

I was a little uncertain when I started the book if I was the right reader. The quality of the writing itself was obviously good, but I've never been interested in crime fiction, and I wasn't sure if I was going to feel really invested.

I needn't have worried.

Not only is Ravage less of a crime novel than I originally thought (It kind of falls on the edge of a few genres- crime fiction, yeah, but also action, drama, pre-apocalyptic, if that's a thing), the relationships between characters felt raw and real enough to engage me in ANY genre.. Henry's relationship's with his brother Stephan and his ex Carmen struck me as particularly layered. The years of separation created a sense of conflicted affection, with Henry's desire to protect his family pushing him both towards and away from them as he realizes exactly how much trouble he's gotten himself in.

Basically, you should give this novel a shot. It's very good, and regardless of how this contest turns out I have no doubt that this book will eventually find it's way into stores.

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