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Dive into Utopia and unleash the power of your imagination!

If you like to imagine how it would be to live for a few hours in a world that is full of magic, fantasy, surprising creatures, whimsical natural environments, love in the air and mystery that seems impossible to be solved, then Strange Luck is the right book for you! It is not only very entertaining, but it gives your mind a break from this ordinary life to enter in a complete parallel world where you are a witness of two very enthusiastic and energetic friends that will invite you to live the most fantastic and adventurous journey.
Strange Luck is the kind of book that once you start reading it, you have to tell yourself to stop so you still have more to read the next day. The author was very skillful in creating the right amount of mystery to be solved so you don't feel lost on what the main characters are looking for and trying to accomplish. You also learn a very important life lesson from its story: save your memories because they are your real treasures in life! If you are a fan of Harry Potter, you will not be disappointed by this fun, eloquent, and fantastic story. Read it and be taken away!

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