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The Princess who forgot she was beautiful

Reviewed By Edith Wairimu for Readers’ Favorite

The Princess Who Forgot She Was Beautiful by William David Ellis is the first book in The Harry Ferguson Chronicles. It is a fascinating young adult novel that combines aspects of adventure and time travel. Princess Sarah is the pride and joy of the kingdom. The people honor and love their princess and the wicked and forbidding dragon knows it. He captures the princess and is hell-bent on transforming and controlling her. Every knight in the kingdom tries to rescue her but they all end up dead. Harry, a young peasant boy, sets out on a quest to rescue the princess but it will take more than wit to defeat the fierce dragon. Harry and the princess are transported thousands of years into the future, but this time the dragon has become more cunning than before.

The Princess Who Forgot She Was Beautiful contains delightful twists at every turn of the plot. The story is set in two timelines and in both the protagonists' and the antagonist's features change though their roles remain. In the future period, Sarah changes to a six-year-old while Harry is an old man. The surprises in the book make its adventures captivating and unique. The plot’s pace is fitting and since the story is told from Harry’s point of view as an old man narrating to young children, the plot accommodates breaks within the plot and explanations to questions that may arise. The story also includes action scenes that are riveting as the ferocious dragon destroys everything in its wake to capture Princess Sarah. Definitely enthralling, The Princess Who Forgot She Was Beautiful is a treat for lovers of adventure.

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