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One of the best childrens book i have read

I very much enjoyed reading this book the second time. I would definitely recommend reading this book I gave it a second read and I was thrilled with the character style and story. I would say princess rose is my favorite character although all the characters are what I say awesome! I would say if I bought this book I would pay £15 pound I wish all children would read this story I would say I have read the harry potter story and lion the witch and the wardrobe but I would say this tops them both I know both of them stories have a high grossing selling and the fact that it is popular but I hope this book someday will be popular great work for P Nicholls for writing this. my favorite chapter would be the crystal towers at least that's what I think it was called I was so engrossed I forgot the chapters name so I would rate this book a 50 of 50 if they had that mark but it was very good please please give this a read...

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