Book Update(s): Weekdays GMT+8 My books aren't for those who are easily triggered with mistakes. I'm not a professional writer who had dozens of books published under their name.

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Off to a great journey with the characters!!

Hey there, I've seen that you managed to make it through the first chapter. I love seeing that you are making effort to keep going with the book and I hope to see more chapters coming soon. The plot is good and I love the character although several scenes were kind of rushed a bit but no worries, I understand each. Please don't give up on the book. The story is very good and don't leave me hanging 😆

Pssst, I look past your grammar and punctuation because I'm not an expert in it. For me, as long as I can understand the main course, the rest is just the side dishes. Keep going, fellow author! I'm looking forward to see more updates soon!

BTW I have the feeling I'm gonna hate Roman for what he did but it's too early to say about that. Can't wait to read more.

- zhensachiko

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