Mine to Forgive

By book_wormbowen All Rights Reserved ©

Thriller / Mystery



Everything was as it should be. I have finally healed and the murderers were long gone.

After so long living apart all those years before, I was finally married to the man of my dreams, the one that has captured my heart, the father of my beloved son and our daughter that was on her way. I was finally a MacCowan.

Looking out the kitchen’s window, I couldn’t help but admire Alaric playing with our little Dallas in the backyard. I touch the gold necklace that Alaric has given me so many years ago and smile. I hear my little boy screeching joyfully whenever my dear husband would throw him in the air and catch him once again. I smile at the image of father and son playing together. They looked so much alike already. They both had curly black hair, high cheekbones and they had the same laugh. Even at age two, little Dallas was sounding like Alaric.

Alaric is happier than I have ever seen him. He is not the brooding man I have gotten back together since he promised to help me. Who knew that a bargain like that would have worked in the first place? He smiles and laughs even more. He’s wonderful with our son. Oh, don’t get me wrong. He still has a dry sense a humour and still as possessive as the first day we met and loves to order to around but I love all of him. I love him.

“Let’s go find mommy,” I hear my husband say.

Not long afterwards, I see both the men in my life that I loved dearly stump into the kitchen.

“Mommy!” my little boy screams when he sees me.

“My darling Dallas!” I say then take him in my arms to kiss both his cheeks. He giggles which makes me smile even more.

“Hey beautiful,” Alaric tells me. He sweeps me into his arms and gives me a deep and powerful kiss. I will never get tired of him showing me how much he loves me.

He notices the necklace and gingerly holds it with his fingertips.

“You kept it after so many years apart?” He asks in disbelief.

“Of course I did, silly,” I say with a smile. It was the only thing of his that he has left behind that day. And the memories. The memories that I held dearly.

He gives me another passionate kiss that tells me so many things.

Our little boy giggles louder at the public display between us. He then kisses both our cheeks not wanting to be left out.

Alaric laughs exuberantly.

Breathless from the kiss and my son’s excitement, I whisper “I love you.”

He gives me a wicked smile before responding, “you were the only woman I have ever loved. Never forget that.”

I smile up at him. All of a sudden, he looks down at my swollen belly and his smile gets even bigger. He takes Dallas from my arms.

“Our little Cora is getting feisty in there,” he says.

“Sister!” cries Dallas. He jumps up and down in Alaric’s arms.

“Yes, you have that right, little one. You’re going to be the best big brother in the world!” I tell him.

“Here Dallas. Touch right here,” Alaric directs his little hands onto the side of my stomach.

“Moving!” Dallas cries out in surprise.

“That’s your sister saying hello, my sweet little boy,” I tell him.

“Hello!” says my baby.

Alaric and I laugh at how sweet he looks.

“Let’s have lots of children,” state my husband.

“Two more at least.” I smile up at him.

“I love you so much. I thank god that you gave me a second chance to fix things between us. Make them right,” Alaric says. He bends down to give me the sweetest kiss of all kisses he has ever given me.

“I love you too, Alaric MacCorwan. Always and forever.”

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