Mine to Forgive

By book_wormbowen All Rights Reserved ©

Thriller / Mystery

Chapter 8

I stomp in the direction of the bathroom and slam the door in his face.

Alaric is sitting in the living room when I walk in. He has changed into a navy blue shirt that makes his eyes just stand out. He was also wearing dark grey denims. He looked so freaking breathtaking and he was all mine.

My eyes travel the length of his gorgeous covered body. I lick my lips and devour him some more.

“If you do not stop looking at me like that, I will not be responsible as to what will happen,” he says drily.

It was hard to get my eyes off his body and up to his face. He looked fairly pleased that I couldn’t stop looking at him. I’m not sure I’m ever going to be able to believe my luck. This hot gorgeous specie man was all mine.

“Come over here,” he pats the cushion next to him.

I walk towards him and settle down where he wanted me to sit. Right beside him. Our thighs were touching. There wasn’t any space in between us.

“You look good,” I tell him. My hands come up to touch his chest.

“Oh, I know I do by the way you were drooling all over the place,” he grins.

“I was not!” I scold at him.

He softly laughs and snakes his hand into my hair. He pulls my hair down to tenderly to brush his lips against mine. I sank against him and deepen the kiss.

“I need you to pull down your shirt for me,” he whispers against my lips.

I pull back and stare in confusion at him.


“Pull down your shirt,” he says patiently.


Alaric shakes his head then sigh.

“Do you always have to question my intentions?” He settles more comfortably on the couch and turns his head towards me. His blue gaze show that he is amused.

“Yes,” I say with good reason. He’s always thinking about sex.

His smile broadens. Oh, yeah he knows what I’m talking about.

“I wasn’t thinking about sex,” he starts.

I raise my dark red eye brows at him.

“Well, I was,” he corrects himself before continuing, “But I know how to control myself! I want you to pull down your shirt to put on the tracking device,” he says while holding up the small device I haven’t realized he has been holding all this time.

“Why didn’t you just say that instead of making me assume stuff,” I say in exasperation and turn my whole body facing him on the couch.

I pull down the white t-shirt I decided to wear for tonight and bare my right shoulder to his view.

“I like making you assume stuff. It’s fun,” he responds.

Alaric steadies my shoulder before gluing the device underneath my bra strap. I look down at his rough fingers working to keep the device in place before he covers the exposed skin once again.

“There. Your all set for tonight,” he states.

“I am, aren’t I?” I wrap my arms around him and lay my head on his chest. His hands start to do random patterns on my back which relaxes me.

“You and our child will be fine. You have to trust that I will be there to protect you if you ever need it,” he promises.

“I do. I trust all your skills,” I whisper.

Wrap around each other on the couch, time seems to lose itself.


Adrenaline is pumping in my veins. The blasting music did not help one bit. The Shark’s pub is full of couples dancing on the dance floor and people getting drunk on this Saturday night.

Alaric is sitting at a back booth to keep an eye on me. Just feeling his stare had a calming effect on me. I knew I was not alone in this.

The device was a constant reminder that I was safely protected if anything happen to go wrong tonight.

It was finally time to stop this fucker.

I ordered some water to have something to do with my hands. I would have wanted alcohol but that will not be good for the baby that was safely protected in my womb.

After that I have taken a drink of water, I feel a presence beside me. Someone had taken a seat next to me.

I stiffen. This was it. The moment that I have been waiting for the last two years.

“A brandy, please,” a deep male voice says.

I swirl around to stare at the new comer. Definitely not Donovan.

“Hello, sweets,” The new comer says.

He had curly dirty blond hair and green eyes. He looked to be around his late twenties, early thirties. He had a killer smile and had a dimple on his right side.

I swallow.

“Uh…Hi,” I murmur.

“Why is a beautiful woman like yourself sitting alone in The Shark’s pub?” He questions then takes a sip of his drink. Oh, yeah. He is definitely flirting.

I can feel Alaric glaring at my back from the other side of the room. Oh, I know he wasn’t glaring specifically at me but at the newcomer.

“I’m waiting for someone,” I say while looking over his shoulder for Donovan.

“Well, I will wait with you until this mysterious person arrives,” his smile widens.

I narrow my eyes at the stranger. He can backfire the whole plan if the killer sees that I’m not alone.

“It’s not necessary,” I snap. I take another drink of my water. It cools my inside until it settles in my stomach.

“I’m Cormac,” he says suddenly. He holds out his hand for me to shake.

“Bethany,” I smoothly lie. I wasn’t about to shake hands with him.

He takes back his hands and settles it once again on his drink. I did not see his smile disappear.

I look around the pub again and get caught in Alaric’s captivating gaze. I want him to be next to me right now. Holding me and our child. I give him a small smile and he returns it warmly. His eyes sweep over the man sitting next to me and his eyes sharpens then widens in horror. His mouths move but I cannot comprehend.

I frown and turn back at the man that introduced himself as Cormac. He was smiling once more.

I did not know what the problem was with Alaric. I look down at the water just in case something happened to it while I wasn’t looking. It looked normal. I take a long gulp and realise my error. It tasted awful.

My gaze land on Cormac and I see that his eyes looked gleeful. His smile looked more evil then anything else.

“Goodnight, Sorcha,” he whispered pleased.

“Alaric,” was the last word that came out before I slumped in the man’s arms.


I wake up shivering. Voices can be heard whispering in the distance.

I open my eyes a crack and look at the scene in front of me.

Donovan is cutting away my clothes. He has already cut off my shirt and was in the process of cutting off my bra.

I take notice of my state. My arms were stretched out on either side of the filthy bed I was lying on and tied up with manacles that were tight around my wrists. My legs were spread wide and also tied to the corners of the rail. I was spread eagled and in the mercy of my captors.

I do not panic. As smoothly as I can manage without getting caught, I turn my head to my right shoulder and still with cracked eyelids, I check for the tracking device.

It was still there, hidden on my skin. I breathe out a sigh of relief. Alaric will come for me.

“She’s awake Don,” a familiar voice says aloud. I jerk my head up to see Cormac leaning over me with an evil smile.

“Asshole,” I hiss out.

He slaps me hard across the face. I bit my lip to stifle the scream that threaten to rise up from my throat. He can do anything he wants to me but he does anything to harm my baby, Donovan and himself will die a painful death. I can guarantee it.

“Cormac. Control yourself,” Donovan sniggered.

“Sorry, brother,” he excuses himself.

“Brother?” How can I have missed the resemblance? Their hair might be different color as well as their appearances but they have the same freaking eyes. Green eyes that bore an evilness no human should have.

“Why are you even helping him? He’s a murderer!” I scream out towards Cormac.

Cormac snorts. His hateful gaze darkens in lust when they settle on my breasts.

“I have helped him with every single killing since you broke his heart. The screams of those women that look so much like you were a turn on. Finally getting the real woman will be orgasmic when we make you scream and beg for your life before killing you. It’s what you deserve after what you have done to my older brother.”

“Enough,” Donovan snaps at his brother.

“But we’re going to kill her anyway!” protested Cormac.

Donovan leans on Cormac’s other side until he is in my line of vision.

“Hello, my dear. I hope you had a nice rest,” he says gleefully, his anger towards his brother forgotten. He continues cutting off the rest of my clothes until I’m fully naked.

“Did you get my last emails? Wasn’t she beautiful with my marks on her? She wasn’t as interesting as you were, that’s for sure,” Donovan continues talking.

I hold still and say nothing. Might as well save my energy when I really need it and talking to those two fuckers weren’t worth it.

Cormac takes free rein in touching my breasts and cruelly squeezes them. I stay silent and try to control the amount of pain that is being inflicted on me. When I still don’t make a sound, Cormac picks up a small hunting knife. He smiles down at me before putting the blade on my left shoulder and cutting deeply. I couldn’t hold back the scream this time.

I register that I needed information. Why did he have to kill all those women because of me?

“Why?” I croaked out. Oh god, this hurt.

Cormac stops suddenly as he had started and turns towards his brother. He looks at Donovan expectantly.

My breath comes out in pants. My heart is beating fast. I have to get myself together. It wasn’t good for my child if I started panicking. I take the precious moments that are given to me to calm myself. I can take the pain. Even if it became unbearable.

Donovan sight. When he looks at me, his green eyes betray how angry he was.

What did I ever see in this man?

“Are you really asking me that question, my dear?” he asks in disapproval while shaking his head at me.

My voice was still shaking but it was stronger when I answered.

“I don’t understand. Why not kill me right away instead of choosing the cowardly way and killing all those innocent women.”

Donovan’s face became all red and he exploded.

“It was not a cowardly move! I couldn’t just attack you right away or you would have known right away it was me! You have no idea how I wanted to torture you for using me for your own pleasure! The next best thing was murdering but not before I tortured young women that looked exactly like you to death. That was the most fun I had in ages until I got bored and wanted you all over again. You were never supposed to go to that fucking MacCowan! The fault lies on you, bitch!” he spat out.

The man was delusional. And to think that I went out with him for almost a year without knowing who he truly was.

It made me sick to my stomach.

Have I used him for my own pleasure? Was it really why I dated him for a while?

I see Donovan nod his head towards his brother and stepped back towards the table behind him.

Cormac smiled in pleasure and resumed slashing once more and then another and another. My screams got louder each time. Tears come falling down to wet my face. The pain is unbearable but my baby is safe. That’s all that matters for now.

“Doesn’t she look beautiful with our marks on her?” he questioned to his brother that was watching the whole thing.

“We will have to do something about that parasite she’s carrying,” commented Donovan back to his composed self. He retrieved a huge kitchen knife from the side table and showing it to me. It gleams in the light.

“Can I do the honors?” asked Cormac with hilarity. He puts away the small knife he has been using on cutting me and reaches for the kitchen knife.

“I have to have my own fun,” Donovan argues holding the knife out of reach when his brother tries to grab it away.

Oh, god. Where was Alaric? Why was it taking him so long to come? The device should still be working. I struggle in my bonds to get away from the brothers and protect my child. Blood was gushing everywhere from my wounds and I was losing energy real fast.

All a sudden the door of the cabin breaks into a million pieces. Both Donovan and Cormac swirl around to face the intruder.

The light from the moon show cased the silhouette of Alaric.

He was finally here.

Donavan’s hand comes up with the knife and I knew right away he was going to throw the knife and kill the man I love.

“Watch out,” I scream hoarsely.

Somehow Alaric heard me and sees his former teammates hand come up with the knife. He brings up his gun and without hesitation puts a bullet in his forehead. Donovan immediately falls to the ground and doesn’t move. Blood pools on the floor where he has fallen. Cormac stares in shock at his fallen brother and turns to face Alaric.

“I will kill you,” he hollers before running at him. Without blinking, Alaric shoots him right between the eyes.

Cormac looks shock before falling to his knees in front of Alaric. Blood immediately pools around his body. Dead. They were finally dead.

I turn my face to the side and violently retch what I have eaten that morning.

“Sorcha. Oh god.” The man I love with all my heart is by my side in seconds and cutting open the manacles holding my wrists and legs. Then I’m in his arms and walking out of the cabin full of dead bodies.

“You found me,” I sob out and hold on to him with the rest of my strength.

He kisses me all over my face and cradles me some more. He looks at the cuts on both my arms and curses.

“Why did it take you so long to get here?” I whisper brokenly to him through hiccups.

“Oh, baby. Believe me, I wanted to come as soon as possible since the moment you were kidnaped but I had to give you a chance to do it your way. We have to bring you to the hospital to get you stitched up, my love,” Alaric gently tells me. I don’t object.

“Don’t leave me,” I plead with him. I know I’m not thinking clearly but I can’t help but panic that he will leave me for even a minute.

“Never. You and our child are stuck with me forever,” he promises me. He carefully straps my seatbelt on and runs to his side of the truck. He starts the car and drives us to the hospital.

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