Mine to Forgive

By book_wormbowen All Rights Reserved ©

Thriller / Mystery

Chapter 2

All of a sudden, I heard my cellphone ring with the work’s ringtone. A feeling of dread takes place deep in my gut killing all other emotions I was feeling.

Why would Sloan be calling at this hour?

Alaric raises a dark eyebrow at me and lets me get up from the couch to go take the call.

I rush towards the entrance of the house and grab my phone.

I see right away that it was my boss calling.

“Hi Sloan,” I say into the phone. He didn’t like it when I called him Mr. Johnson or Sir even though he was my boss and was the formal way of addressing him. Not since he knew that Alaric and I were a couple. He felt protective of me after what had happened between his friend and I.

“I’m sorry to call you at this hour Sorcha but it’s important and it has to do with your case,” Sloan Johnson’s deep voice begins to say.

The feeling of dread deep in my gut got bigger and starts to spread all over my body.

I have a feeling I already know what he was going to say next.

And he confirmed it.

“Another woman has been taken last night. I’m sorry Sorcha,” he says in a grave tone.

Even though I already knew what Sloan was going to say, I still took it hard.

It was too early for the killer to kidnap another woman. He was changing his patterns. Getting impatient. Playing with me.

“Sorcha?” I hear Sloan say with a concerned voice through the phone.

I grip the phone tighter until my knuckles turn all white.

“What does her appearance look like?” I ask in a shaky voice.

Right then, I feel Alaric’s presence in the entrance way. I look up and get caught in his piercing blue eyes. He frowns at how shaken I am.

Alaric walks towards me and takes the phone out of my hand and puts it on speaker just in time to hear the detailed description of the kidnapped woman.

“She has long dark red hair that almost look brown, light green eyes, very pale, around five foot six and her family tells me she loves wearing black nail polish,” he finishes by saying.

A cold like no other takes hold of my body and keeps me prisoner in its clutches. I couldn’t stop shivering after that I have started.

Alaric puts his arms around me and drags me towards him. His body heat seeps into my cold one. I breathe in the scent of him to calm myself.

“Thinking about it, it sounds almost like I described your appearance,” he says in shock.

Sloan put two and two together and immediately knew something was wrong. Alaric just had to look at the images of the women to notice they all looked like me.

The murdered women did look like me.

“Sorcha? What the hell is going on with this case? Mind telling me why this woman that has been kidnapped looks like you,” Sloan demands through the phone.

I burrow closer to Alaric and answer my boss.

“It’s nothing. I got it under control,” I lie through my teeth hoping that Sloan will believe me.

Alaric goes rigid and says through clenched teeth,

It is not nothing. Your scared shitless,” he growls out.

There was surprised silence on the other end of the phone for a time.

“Alaric?” Sloan asks even more shocked.

I glare up at the pissed off man at my side.

“This guy is after her and she didn’t go to anybody for help until a couple days ago. She didn’t even realize he was after her until this morning. I’m on the case with her now. She asked for my help and god help her if she ever decides on walking away from me,” Alaric says darkly while glaring down at me.

I blink up at him, momentarily forgetting that I am mad at him for stating his presence. There’s more to his words than what he is saying. I blink back tears and hug him closer.

He lets me hide my face from his view.

I think Sloan got over his shock hearing Alaric’s voice because the next thing he said was not what I was expecting at all.

“You staying with her?” he asks curiously but with a hint of worry in his rough masculine voice.

Alaric clears his throat before answering.

“She’s always going to be with me.”

I can just imagine Sloan’s expression while processing what Alaric had just said.

“Don’t fuck it up this time Ric,” my boss says.

“I won’t,” Alaric promises to his friend.

“Good. Glad to know you have your common sense back. Took you long enough. Take care of Sorcha, my friend.”

“I will,” he says gruffly and hangs up.


We are back in the kitchen getting lunch prepared when Alaric stops setting up the table and turns to me.

“From now on your staying with me if I did not make myself clear on the phone. Right here,” he orders.

“Alar-” I start but he shuts me down before I can say anything else.

“No, Sorcha. You came to me for help with this case. We’re doing this my way. There’s no point in arguing,” he says with a smirk.

The bastard. He always has to get his own way.

“I’ve been on this case longer then you have and nothing bad has ever happened to me,” I say fast enough before he could cut me off once again.

He narrows his eyes at me.

“That was before you even knew the killer was after you. That was before you knew that the killer took another woman. It’s for your own safety that I’m asking you to stay here. Now that you know that the killer is after you, you’re going to go right into danger to catch this guy.”

“We need to work faster. We have to save that woman Alaric. The killer changed his patterns. He’s getting impatient,” I tell him desperately.

Alaric sigh.

“I know. Now that we know he’s after you and targeting women looking like you, we have clues. We will get him but I need you with me and that means in my house where I can protect you from danger.”

I cross my arms over my chest and stare back at him. Then I tell him that it’s my job to go into danger.

Alaric crosses over to me and takes me in his arms. I feel him inhale deeply before kissing me on top of my head.

“All I’m asking is that you stay here with me where I can keep both eyes on you,” he says.

I stare up into his amazing blue eyes.

“It that all?” I whispered. I knew that he can see the vulnerability through my gaze.

He didn’t even try to misunderstand. It wasn’t the time to play around.

Alaric leans down and gently kisses me. His tongue sweeps over my lips, demanding entry. I let him through and he deepened the kiss. I melt into his arms.

When he pulls back, he stares into my eyes. Blue eyes looking into my green eyes.

“I love you,” Alaric whispers, “I don’t want anything to happen to you.”

I beam up at him. I couldn’t stop myself from kissing him one more time.

“Now that’s a good reason for staying. Was that too hard to say in the first place? Instead of ordering it,” I grumble under my breathe.

Alaric chuckles.

“Ok, I will stay.”

“Thank you, my dear Sorcha. Always good at following orders as you were in the past.”

I punch him in the gut. He always knew how to ruin a perfectly good moment. He grunts with the force of the punch. I take satisfaction on how I can always take him by surprise. Then I leave him in the kitchen to finish the preparation for lunch.

I’m curled up in a chair reading over the case in Alaric’s library when he finds me.

“Lunch is ready,” he tells me. He stands in front of the doorway waiting for me.

I close the case and leave it on the table I was working on and met Alaric in front of the door. He takes hold of my hand and doesn’t let go until we arrive in the kitchen.

My breath hitches. He has set up candles that have been let up on the table and there was a bottle of white wine waiting for us. As well as steamed rice topped with vegetables and fish.

I knew this was his way of apologizing for being a jerk a few hours ago.


“You will live with me from on. You could sell your small apartment and live here. With me,” Alaric says out of nowhere.

It’s a good thing I was already sitting or else I would have fallen on my ass from the shock of that bombshell he just dropped on me.

“Excuse me?” I say in disbelief.

He stares directly into my eyes with a bemused expression and repeat what he had just said.

Or I should say just ordered me to do.

There was nothing I could say. I was too angry with what he was asking me to do.

I get up from the chair and walk out of the kitchen, leaving Alaric sitting at the table.

In the living room I decide to sit on the couch to think. I was close but still far away from Alaric. Even mad, I couldn’t bring myself to go farther away from him.

He doesn’t follow me out.

I breathe a huge sigh of relief.

Why was he like that? Sure he was controlling but really? Just order me to sell my apartment and live with him?

Why did he always have to ruin such a perfectly good moment?

I put my face in my hands and breathe in and out. The stress I felt diminishes slowly out of my body.

I don’t know how long I sat on the couch until I felt Alaric’s presence before he touched me. It was like my body was tuned to his. I become hot whenever he is near.

He sits down on the coffee table in front of me before taking my hands and pulling them away from my face.

“I’m a dick. I’m sorry,” he says softly.

I stare up at him not saying anything. Even sitting down he was a head taller than me.

I sigh.

“Yes, you are a jerk. You can’t just say stuff like that out of the blue and expect me to take it well Alaric. You know me better than that,” I tell him very softly.

He strokes my hands that were still in his. He looks down at our tangled hands and says in his rough voice I loved so much.

“I know. It’s just that I want you to myself where I can look out and take care of you. I have ever since you bumped into me.”

A small smile came to my lips. When he said stuff like that, how was it possible for me not to be mad at him?

“Just because I’m smiling, doesn’t mean I’m still not mad at you,” I tell him in a stern voice.

“That’s why I bought you this,” he whispers. Alaric let’s go of one of my hands to bring it behind his back and take hold of whatever he was hiding from my view.

I sit back in curiosity.

It doesn’t take Alaric long to bare the surprise he has gotten me. He sets the package on my lap.

My eyes widen in delightful surprise.

He has bought me my favourite Belgium chocolate. Oh, this dark, controlling man knew how to please a woman and he was all mine.

“Cheater,” I whisper while still staring at the chocolates.

Alaric chuckles. He takes back the box and opens it.

The delicious aroma of the sweets fills my nose. I lick my lips in anticipation.

Alaric takes a piece of chocolate in his hand and brings it towards my lips.

“Open,” he orders.

I open my mouth immediately and he pops the chocolate in.

I moan when the sweet hits my tongue. Um, orange flavoured chocolate. The taste was bursting my senses. Oh, how delicious it was.

Alaric picks another piece from the box and feeds it to me.

This time, I stare right at him when I lick around his fingers before sucking hard. The chocolate falls into my mouth.

I moan once more at the feel of the chocolate melting on my tongue.

Hmm, raspberry flavoured chocolate this time.

Alaric’s eyes darken a stormy blue colour. His breathing changes suddenly.

I smack my lips together when I’m done.

Alaric groans and adjust himself on the seat. My gaze travel down his body to his impressive erection hidden behind the tight jeans he was wearing.

I smile at how much I affect this gorgeous man.

My hand comes up intending to stroke it when Alaric caught my wrist and stops the movement.


He gives me a sweet kiss on my upturned lips.

“No Sorcha. Not this time. It’s all about you now,” he whispers and feeds me another chocolate with the hand that wasn’t holding on to my wrist.

I smile a shy smile at him and let Alaric feed me more sweets.


A goofy smile breaks out thinking about that day. We did have fun with those delicious Belgium chocolates.

“This is wonderful. Thank you,” I tell him. Alaric can be so sweet when he wants to be.

“Take a seat and let’s eat.”

Taking a seat in front of him, I wait until he has seated then start on the delicious looking steamed rice topped with vegetables and fish in front of me.

I sigh blissfully. The dish was mouth-watering.

“I take by your expression it’s good?” Alaric ask in amusement when he looks at my face.

I lick my lips and watch Alaric’s eyes darken to a midnight color.

“Heavenly,” I say then smack my lips together.

I hear Alaric grumble fuck it under his breath. He gets up from the table and reaches my side in seconds. Not knowing what he will do, I screech when he picks me up and carries me to his room.

“Alaric! What in the wor-” I start while hanging on to him.

“Shh. It’s ok,” he gently says.

He sets me gently on his bed and steps back. I stare up at him waiting for the order that would surely follow.

“Do you trust me?” He asks. His eyes are serious while staring back into mine.

“Yes, I trust you,” I tell him without any hesitation whatsoever. I knew that I can trust him physically not to hurt me. It was the emotional part that scared me. He could easily hurt me again.

“So why do you look like you swallowed something bad?” he enquires.

I sigh. I can never hide anything from him.

“It’s nothing. I do trust you Alaric.”

He didn’t look convince and probably knew it was a half lie. But he let it go. For now.

“Ok. You can stop me anytime you want this scene to stop, got it?”

I nod.

“I need the words, Sorcha,” he orders.

“Yes, I understand,” I say after taking a well-deserved breath.

“Good. I’m going to tie your wrists with some silk ropes and blindfold you. Is that ok?”

My eyes glaze over just thinking of all the stuff he can do to me when I will be tied up and blindfolded. He will have complete control.

“Is that ok?” He repeats.

“Yes, it is ok.”

“Good. Then let’s proceed. Strip off all your clothes.” His voice is silky smooth when he gives the command.

I scramble from the bed and begin taking off my clothes as fast as I can.

“Slowly. We have all night,” he tells me.

I take off my shirt and without hurrying take off my jeans. It took some wiggling of my part to get them down my legs. Alaric stayed silent the whole time. My hands climb up my stomach to cup my breasts which are covered by the bra I’m still wearing. Alaric eyes flare then brighten when he realises I’m teasing him.

“Take it off,” he says in a gruff voice. He adjusts his pants then settles comfortably on the door of the bedroom. Watching me.

My hands travel’s behind my back to take off my bra. My nipples were already hard and getting harder when Alaric’s gaze settles on them and stays on them.

“And now the panties,” he croaks out.

Both my thumbs take hold of the waistband of my panties and takes them off. I stand completely naked in front of Alaric.

He sucks in his breath.

“Now get on the bed. On your back preferably.”

I walk over to his bed with the black sheets that was currently dominating the room and settle on my back like he has ordered. He walks over to me and just stares. It reminds me of that night I asked him for help.

“Alaric?” I ask him softly. He worries me when he gets like this. I can never tell what he’s thinking.

“I’m ok. Let me look my fill,” he soothes.

“Ok,” I whisper.

His gaze softens when he looks into my eyes. He sweeps hair off my face then strokes my cheek. His head comes down to lightly kiss me on the lips.

“Let’s get started,” he whispers on my lips. I try to drag him back for a deeper kiss but he escapes my hold and chuckles. I watch him walk to the walk-in closet and look for the ropes and blindfold we will be using.

Not a minute later, he’s back.

Alaric climbs onto the bed and straddles me.

“Give me your wrists.”

I give him my wrists and watch him tie them up with a thick green silk rope.

“It’s green,” I say with some surprise.

“They reminded me of your eyes when I found them.” He finishes tying my wrists together then proceeds to tying them to the bedpost.

When he’s done, he sits back and admire his work.

“Are they tight?” He asks.

I tug on the ropes to feel them tighten a little on my wrists but they don’t hurt. They are pretty soft on my skin. Smooth and cool. The ropes feel good.

“They are fine,” I answer back.

Alaric smiles. He takes the blindfold that I haven’t notice was beside me the whole time and is about to cover my eyes when I stop him.

He arches an eyebrow and waits for me to continue.

“I want to see you undress like you were watching me.”

“It will be my pleasure,” he says before giving me a hard kiss and getting up from straddling me.

His shirt comes off first. I stare at all that bronze skin and hard muscles. It’s been so long since I have seen his body. He then takes off his pants and it’s hard to miss the unmistaken erection that his briefs are hiding from my view. Then, he takes off his briefs and I get a fantastic view of his erection. My eyes go wide. He was huge! Bigger then I can remember.

“If you don’t stop looking at me like that, we’re going to have a problem,” he says in amusement.

I quickly look up at him. He smirks at my expression.

“Now that as I am naked and you did all the looking you wanted, I think it’s time I blindfolded you. How about that?”

I don’t answer. I have since lost my voice when he has gotten rid of his briefs and I’m pretty sure he didn’t really want an answer to begin with.

He straddles me once more and blindfolds me. I can’t see anything anymore and I’m tied up. Completely at his mercy.

Alaric starts kissing up and down my neck. His tongue joins in and flicks out to lick my neck. I turn my head for him to get better access. When he reaches my ear, he whispers that he loves me. I shiver in delight.

He slides down my body until he reaches my breasts.

He takes my right nipple into his mouth and sucks gently. I arch my breast into his mouth for more friction. He accommodates my needs by sucking harder.

“Alaric!” I gasp out. I try to touch him but the rope around my wrists prevents me from going anywhere. Why did I even let him tie me up?

He chuckles at my enthusiasm.

“Settle down, Sorcha.”

“No. Give me more,” I demand. If only I can move my arms and direct him to where I want him.

“I will. It’s all about patience, my dear,” he tells me.

Alaric tweaks both my nipples then sooths them with his tongue. He kisses down my stomach until he gets to my drenched heat.

Waiting in anticipation is the hardest part. I can feel him breathing on me. The blindfold keeps me from looking at what is happening but it seems that my other senses are stronger.

I know that he’s right at my opening.

“You are so beautiful spread eagled and waiting for me,” Alaric says.

His fingers find the opening of my heat and pushes inside. He strokes forward then back. Lightly at first then harder. His thumb flicks over my clit which makes me moan loudly. He traps my little bundle of nerve with his thumb and index finger and rolls it around. He continues the pumping in my heat. Alaric gently squeezes my clit and pumps hard.

I scream in pleasure.

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