The Forest

By Lashanna Bryant All Rights Reserved ©

Thriller / Horror

Chapter 44

Chapter 44

 "We need to get out of here" Suzanne pleads to me, shaking my shoulder. 

    Did I pass out? It was still dark out, but the rain had finally ceased. I tried to pick myself up, but my head was spinning and my jaw still sprang with pain. 

    "Matthew, we need to get out of here now before someone finds us" she says and raises me up onto my feet. 

    "We can take Cassandra's car she said, we need to get back to the forest" she explains to me and I never thought the words "get back to" and "the forest" would ever be in the same sentence. 

    We made our way into the car and I felt sick and dead inside. Suzanne kept looking over at me in a sort of panic. 

    "I killed a man" I say out loud, even though it was supposed to be in my head. 

    "You saved so many lives. He can't hurt anyone else anymore" she told me, but I was long gone in my thoughts. All I asked myself was, will the Jasper nightmares finally stop or will my murder of William take it's place? 

    We arrived at the house and a vehicle had already parked itself in front of it. 

    "Damn it..he's everywhere" Suzanne groans and with that I realized it was Sheriff's police car, although no one was it in. 

    "He's hiding..." I say, and make my way slowly out of the car as Suzanne follows. I did not care where he was or what he planned on doing to me. I just wanted to get what I was owed - my brother. 

    We made our way towards the back of the house. I had done what Kimberly told me to do. Jasper should be at peace now. He would be with my mother and I once again, but what was I supposed to do? It was dark and the forest was quiet and still. 

    "Jasper!" I screamed, "I did want you wanted!" 

    I wanted to scream louder, so loud that everyone would hear me. 

    "William is dead, now give me back my brother!" I screamed again, tears of frustration flowing down my face as nothing was happening. 

    With the tears in my eyes my vision was blurred, so when someone grabbed my arms and pulled them together behind my back I shock in surprise. 

    "Get off of him dad!" Suzanne yelled, trying to pry her father's hands off of me. 

    "He's going to be locked away forever like his lunatic mother!" he yelled, loud enough in my ears that they throbbed in pain. 

    "Jasper!!" I screamed one last time, almost like a cry for help and the lightning struck again. We all became silent. My heart felt as if it was going to jump out of my chest. The fence rattled and shook violently. The pebbles on the ground started to roll and jump into the air. It felt as if there was an earthquake, but our own personal one - only one that we could feel. 

    I was terrified. Was it all a lie? Was Kimberly telling us the truth? Is this even real? I couldn't understand anymore and I needed to know. If death was here to come get me, I was ready. I just could not take the painful agony anymore. I pulled away from Sheriff's grip and ran towards the fence opening. 

    "Matthew!" Suzanne called after me

    I ignored her, and stared into the darkness filled gap. I expected death to greet me in his long dark hooded cape and take me away after summoning this demon. I closed my eyes, however when I opened them again I could not believe what I saw. 

    A small hand clawed into the ground, pulling back it's fingers into the gravel filled dirt and I knew he had finally come home. 

The end?




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