The Forest

By Lashanna Bryant All Rights Reserved ©

Thriller / Horror

Chapter 40

Chapter 40

 The ride to the station was surprisingly very quiet. No hostile glares of hatred or remarks of knocking my brains out. They were silent, more importantly Sheriff was silent. Although it surprised me, it frightened me more than it made the hairs on my arms stand up. It was like a confrontational silence to me. It can either mean two things, one that he believes that he had won the battle and he was confident that everything after this moment would go according to his plan. Or two, that he had planned something for me when I arrived at the station that could not be summed up in words but instead in actions. I pondered at the idea if the other officers sitting to both sides of me, I assumed they probably wouldn't this close to me if it weren't for the handcuffs, would try to aid Sheriff or aid me? Did they support him and if so, why? What were they gaining at my misery? Is this place so dead that any spark of a flame can send them into a frenzy for "justice"? I thought about that vigorously until I realized we were closer to the station than I had realized.  

    I wanted to become invisible, but apparently I was the only interesting thing in sight. As I was moved out of the vehicle eyes stared at me, eyes I had never seen before in my life. I knew I hadn't lived here long, but with my number of run ins with the police you'd think I'd recognize a face or two. Sheriff lead the way for me and the rest of the officers inside. As we entered some strolled off to other duties while others seemed too intrigued to stir away. I stared at the semantics of the place, it appeared so dead and almost nonexistent. The police officer, who was guiding me by the shoulder, did not seem to mind that I practically bumped into every chair and desk in the station. I glared at her, but she avoided my eye contact ultimately shutting me out. 

     They guided me into a place which looked to be an interrogation room. I did not understand the point of my "interrogation", I did nothing wrong. If the universe was right, I would instead be interrogating him. 

    "Have a seat Matthew" Sheriff says to me and I see out of the corner of my eye that the women who guided me in was leaving. 

    "You aren't going to leave me alone with him, are you? You'd just rather watch behind a one-way mirror for your own personal enjoyment?" I asked her. Even though she probably didn't care about what my body slide onto she more than likely wasn't in the mindset to harm me like some people. 

    "You'll be fine" she remarks and leaves, closing the door behind her

    I let out a sigh and catch that same smirk Sheriff gave me the very first day I moved here. The snake believes he has caught his prey finally. 

    "Are you always this insane or has this been new for you?" I ask, tired of the weird staring

    "You're the one that's insane here. You abducted my daughter and threw devilish things in her head" he responded 

    "She came to me. She helped me. Don't act as if I know nothing, I know everything! I told you that before" I scream at him, why was he trying to make me feel crazy? 

    "My family had moved on before you came here, and now healed wounds are being reopened" he claims 

    "Those wounds were never healed. You have no idea what we have seen. You have no ounce of a clue where we have been" I say to him, trying to prove myself. 

    "What are you talking about?" he asked me

    "We went into the forest"

    "That can't be true, no one makes it out of there alive" he says, rolling him eyes at me 

    "Okay, don't believe me…but if that were the case, how would I know about Kimberly...and the real story, not the one you lied about to Suzanne. The story of the fact that Jasper was not really your son, but instead the son of a killer - William" I say, declaring my evidence. He had never told anyone that, only him and Suzanne's mother knew that secret. 

    Sheriff stared at me with disbelief and fear in his eyes. They appeared to be watery and red. 

    "Who told you that?!" He asked in rage, eyes peering around to see if anyone on the other side would arrive and ask him if what I had said was true. 

    "Kimberly, she told us. She told us in the forest and how Elizabeth isn't really dead. You do remember Elizabeth, right?" I ask him, but he seemed too far gone to be really listening to what I was saying. 

    "How- This doesn't make any sense. My wife had to have told you, you are just messing with my head. Kimberly died years ago" He says, trying to rationalize the information in his head. 

    "You have to believe it because it's the truth" I continue, "My intention, from the very beginning, was to find out the truth - I never hated you, but you seemed to take a hatred of me. You're sick in the head, that I know to be true. You're also probably crazy, which is why you look like you believe all this. It takes a very crazy person to even come close to believing the words coming out of my mouth. We're all crazy, some just show it more than others. We can't hide from the truth anymore, no matter how insane it sounds" I plead to him, but he does not seem to be buying my words.  

    He stared at me, anger still whooping through his veins. He doesn't mutter a word. He gets up out of his chair and walks over to the door, opens it calling out for another deputy. 

    The same woman from before comes in, eyes filled with concern obviously had been listening to what I said. 

    "Lock him up" Sheriff said and I feared the soulless demon would always remain in his heart. 

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