The Forest

By Lashanna Bryant All Rights Reserved ©

Thriller / Horror

Chapter 4

Chapter 4

From then on Sammy began acting very strange. He hardly ever talked anymore, it was like he became a mute. He hasn't tried to play in the forest or even go near it. His appearance has altered as well. So youthful with his years he usually would have very pink cheeks, but now...he was pale. His lips were white like snow angels on Christmas morning. His short, blonde hair seemed dull and faded. His blue eyes were dark and had an unfamiliar gloom to them. He walked as if he had no life in him and when asked if he wanted to go outside he always responded, "No". I was beginning to get the idea that he could be very sick, but he has none of the symptoms. No pain.

He just stayed in his room. Alone, all the time. He wouldn't let anyone in, ever. He became destructive, breaking things in his room and smashing things against the wall. You could hear fast, frequent mumbling of words underneath his breath if you stand near his door. This was not the normal behavior of an nine year old boy. School was starting soon and my mother began to worry how he would interact with the other children.

"I don't know...he just... isn't himself. It's like he's changed." my mother said as she was pulling the weeds out of the garden floor. Sweat poured down her forehead and her black curls fell over her face. Her eyes looked dull, like a sadness had taken over her appearance and her bright green eyes. I believe that's where I get my eye color from. I am the spitting image of my mother. I was tall, black hair, green eyes. I had a very lean figure. My mother said I looked like my father, although I'd hope that even though we look similar I would never be like him in any other way.

"Maybe he's just not used to his surroundings yet. We've only been here for 2 and a half months. We aren't very close to any neighbors; he could just feel very... isolated. " I said, wiping the sweat off my forehead. It was hot out, even though it was August it still felt like it was June. The sun was like the loyal companion that I never wanted.

"I" she hesitated before she continues, "I went to talk to him last night and... and he... growled at me." she said, almost embarrassingly.

"Growled?" I asked

"Yes. It was so strange. That's not even the worst part..."

"What?" I answered, so afraid yet so anxious to know.

"He tried to bite me. Literally. Not in a playful way either, it was like...
he wanted to hurt me." she said in a whisper. Was she afraid he might hear her? Did he scare her that badly?

I stood silent in shock for a few moments. I couldn't comprehend what was happening. What was my brother becoming?

"I was so afraid. I left. I ran." she said. Her eyes almost appeared watery.

"I don't know what's happening" I said, or maybe I did I thought. My brother did say he met Jasper...there was a part of me that didn't want to believe him. Yes, I told him not to talk to him ever again...but there was no proof he actually existed. Sammy had a wild imagination and this Jasper person could just be a figment of it or a found piece of a scavenger hunt. This behavior could be conjured up out of boredom... or maybe something was truly going on and even though I don't want to find out, part of me does. Part of me yearns for the forest. This part of me I hide.

"I don't know what to do" my mother said, the water pouring from her eyes. "Something's not right. We need to do something about it"

"I know mom..." I responded, wiping her tears. "I know”.

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