The Forest

By Lashanna Bryant All Rights Reserved ©

Thriller / Horror

Chapter 32

Chapter 32

I started to feel a heavy pain in my chest. It built over time as this event unfolded in front of me. I never thought that all of this would come together in such a disturbing, blood turning manner. I wanted to yell, scream, throw things. I wanted the world to feel my anger and hurt. Instead I simply closed my eyes and hoped that we were in the car again. I imagined us in the car, but instead of stopping in front of the house I push my foot on the pedal and speed past it. I drive away further and further until I couldn't see the house anymore. I wish I had a choice. I wish I had control in that moment. I wish I could go back and change the outcome. I could go back and save my brother before he even needed to be saved.

Although, if this didn't happen to would've happened to someone else. I would not dare wish this type of pain on my worst enemy.

"I can't believe's too real" Suzanne says with anger in her voice.

"...What now?" I ask Kimberly, the dead women. The reason the forest is dark and sad. Her body along with the ones that lurk the forest. Their anger attaching to all surfaces as if we were metal and they were magnets.

"I came here to help show you. Jasper wants you dead. He's playing mind games with you. He doesn't intend on giving your brother back...and I'd say in the condition he's in you do not have much time to help him" she tells us and I feel so weak that I lean against the wall.

"What condition?" I ask, "What does that mean?"

"I don't think going into detail will be of any use to you in this moment" she explains

"So, how exactly are you going to help us?" Suzanne asks patronizingly

"I know the way to stop Jasper. I know what he wants"

"Why would you want us to stop your son?" I ask with confusion

"His will not rest. He is filled with anger and resentment. He hasn't received the closure he's desired. I turned him…I made him join me in the forest. I did not want him with another you know how that makes me feel? Seeing my son with another family...calling someone else mom? Seeing him get verbally and physically abused? I was horrified. I had him join me because I could not take it any longer. I wanted to protect him. His father is full of rage, you know that. It was only a matter of time before Jasper knew the truth. I didn't want him to destroy himself. He wants your brother so he can relive his childhood, however if you get rid of the reason his childhood was ruined he can move on" she tells us, with urgent eyes.

"So, what exactly are you saying?" I ask her, although I thought I knew where her plan was intending to go.

"His father. He killed me and so many other people...if he is dead and he suffers just like the rest of us Jasper can let go"

"Why can't Jasper kill him himself?" Suzanne asks

"His soul cannot leave the forest...much like mine it has to attach to someone or morph into something. We however cannot remain in that changed state for a long period of time. We don't have enough power to do that. That's why he needed Sammy's soul in the first place" she says and I remember something Caroline told me.

"We...we have to kill Jasper's father?" I ask her, even though in my head it was just a statement. It was almost engraved into my brain. Kill William. Kill William.

"Yes, if you do this Jasper can rest knowing his father will be gone. There's only one that may cause a problem" she says sorrowfully

"What is it?" Suzanne asks

"William's location as of right now is unknown. He escaped prison a month ago, and police haven't been able to find him. However, they did leave them clues" Kimberly tells us with a mysterious look in her eyes. Her cold, dead eyes.

"I don't understand...he left clues? It's like a game?" Suzanne asks with a frown.

"Well now we know where Jasper gets it from" I say under my breath.

"He left letters and objects that are key on how to find him. They're connected to the family members of those who he murdered, or so the police think. They haven't uncovered his exact location as they have been coming up short whenever they look for him" she replies

"So, you think we can find him?" Suzanne asks

"I definitely think you'd have a better chance at finding him. I think you'll have a little more motivation" she says and takes a glance over at me.

"Where are we supposed to get these clues? I am guessing they're police evidence" I ask her

"They're in the police station files. They have them stored as they continue their investigation" Kimberly says and turns to Suzanne, "I'm pretty sure you know where they are. I am positive you've seen that police station millions of times"

"You don't understand. My father - he will literally destroy us if he catches us at the station. We wouldn't be able to explain it to him and even if we did…he'd probably burst our skulls open before we could"

"Looks like you're about to hit a rough patch then" Kimberly says, although by the tone of her voice it sounds like she's definitely heard and felt far worse.

"Matthew, I don't think this is safe" Suzanne remarks to me.

"Do you not remember where we are? I think we left safe a long time ago" I tell her and she lets out a heavy sigh.

" I know...I just don't want to have to hurt my dad" She responds sorrowfully and twisted at the same time.

"So ...if we're going to do the hell are we going to get out of the place where no one leaves alive?"

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