The Forest

By Lashanna Bryant All Rights Reserved ©

Thriller / Horror

Chapter 20

Chapter 20

"We need your help" Suzanne says and Caroline looks mortified.

    "Who let you up here?" she asks deranged, "They can't just send anyone in here" she says out loud, but it seemed like she was talking to yourself.

    "Caroline, there's things I know you know about and no one else can help us but you" Suzanne exclaims and I take a seat because my foot is killing me still.

    "Aren't you missing? Wait till sheriff knows you're here" Caroline threatens and reaches for the phone. Suzanne gets impatient and rips the cord out of the wall.

    "Listen! You're going to help us and my father is staying out of this. You're going to listen to us...okay?" she yells and I worry someone would hear, but no one seems to come to check so I stop worrying.

    Caroline looked afraid. She most likely wasn't expecting her to do that ...and neither was I.

    "Caroline...could you just please hear us out? This is important..." I plead to her because I didn't know what else to do. It seemed like we were playing good cop and bad cop. I seemed to fit the category of good cop because Suzanne is the only one with the mobility to look like she could kill someone.

   "...I don't want to get involved ...I've seen what has happened to people who have" she confesses.

    "You don't have to include yourself in this madness. We just need answers ...answers only you can tell us. Once we have them we'll never bother you again" I say to her and she stares at me pitifully.

    "This is about your brother isn't it?" she asks and I shake my head yes.

    "....and what if I don't help?" she asks with a smirk

    "Then you'll be seeing me very often Caroline cause I won't give up. You run...I follow. You try to hide...I'll find you. You might as well not play this game with me" I say and I mean every word. My brother will come back. I don't care what has to happen in order for him to be okay again. I don't care what I have to do ...even if it means stalking Caroline.

    "Fine...I'll help" she says and finally caves in.

    "Glad you made the right choice" Suzanne exclaims, "I just wished you would've helped before...maybe this wouldn't be happening"

    I knew what she was referring to. If Caroline had tried to help when Jasper was in trouble maybe this wouldn't have happened. She could've saved a life. Instead she just let him sink deeper into his end.

    "I believe Jasper...if you trying to take over Sammy's body. I think you know that. I think you knew it was Jasper" I say trying to contain my anger, "He's only getting worse and I need you to help him. I need you to get rid of Jasper. He wants to take my brother's life so that he can relive his. He wants a second chance on living in the house he grew up in. I need you to try and help him"

    "What happened to you?" she asked as she glances at my foot

    "Jasper took over the bodies of teenagers ...and morphed them into something evil. They tried to kill me"

    "I believe he didn't do that. I think they were from the forest. Demons. They tried to kill you and they tried to fit in your society ...they are shape shifters."

    "Shape shifters?" Suzanne asks

    "Yes...Demons have the power to portray anyone they want. They can shape themselves into normal people"

    "Matthew...what if that's not Sammy? What if Jasper changed himself into him?" Suzanne blurted out

    "If that's true he can't stay that way for long …it'd be like he was holding off for something he was trying to preserve the body for a specific time." she says and I flinch at my realization. 

    "He's waiting to kill me" I say out loud and it replayed in my head

    "What are you talking about?" Caroline asks

    "He knows I'll never stop trying to save Sammy ...he feels like the only way to take his life is to end mine so they he'll have what he wants forever ...he wants to secure his place" I say and I feel sick to my stomach.

    "I'd have to be certain that Jasper has changed into him. I need to see him" she explains

    "What if it's true ...? Where would he have taken Sammy?" I ask in a panic

    "I don’t know but we'll figure it out" Caroline tells me.

    "We need you to come to Matthew's house tonight" Suzanne says

    "Tonight?" I ask

    "Yes. We need to fix this before my father comes storming to your house to ask you questions about anything. We need this to end soon..."

    "Okay...I can do that" Caroline says

    "Good. We are going to leave now, but you make sure you're there" Suzanne threats and Caroline nods in acceptance.

    "Just know what you're signing up for kids...this will be dangerous" Caroline says and I understood. It made me afraid, but I knew that her threats were serious. Jasper would not go down without a fight.

    Suzanne helps me up and we make our way out the door and this time I shut it. This time she doesn't get to slam it in my face.

    We make our way down the elevator and on the main lobby where the women smile at us when we sign out. We tried avoiding answering her questions about the "session" and left to get into the car.

    "That went better than expected" Suzanne says

    "Don't get too excited ...she actually has to show up first and I have to tell my mother that she's coming. Of course I won't tell her the real truth just that Caroline wanted to make a more...personal ...appearance to check on Sammy"

    "Sounds like the plan...what about me?' Suzanne asks

    "I are Caroline's assistant. My mother will believe it...only if it comes out of your mouth. She doesn't believe a damn thing I say"

    "Hmm. Okay...this'll work" she says, trying to convince herself.

    "Suzanne?" I ask and she lifted her eyebrows again like she did the first time I asked her something in the car earlier.

    "Yeah?" she responds

    "After this is all over...what are you going to do?" I ask. Her father is abusive and her family hasn't gotten over the loss of Jasper. Their lives are torn apart.

    "I don't know...maybe I'll just stalk you some more" she says and laughs.

    "It's not stalking if you like it" I say and it slipped out of my mouth so fast I couldn't catch it. She remained quiet, but I could see out of the corner of my eye her face became red and a smile spread across her face.

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