The Forest

By Lashanna Bryant All Rights Reserved ©

Thriller / Horror

Chapter 16

Chapter 16

I believed that my mind was playing tricks on me. As I walked out of the door way into the back of the school building. I had to consider that idea. That I was going crazy. This could also just be a dream. That could be taken into consideration as well. I felt that cool uncomfortable summer breeze moves through me. It felt like it was like an unfamiliar arm brushing against my shoulder. I jumped as if someone were behind me at the feeling, but of course there was no one there besides me. I tried to piece together what didn't make sense. That in itself was a challenge because I could hardly piece together anything else.

I slumped to the ground and sat there staring at the floor. Where was I to go first? Also, if I figure out where I want to be …will the answers even preside there? That I didn't know either.

I heard something from around the corner. I instantly jumped because I was afraid it was a school official. To my hopeful surprise it was two of the football players that I saw just moments ago. I didn't think they saw me because they didn't acknowledge me at all. I found a bush in my far right side and creeped behind it so they couldn't see me. They were just talking. I couldn't see their faces because they were facing the other direction. I believe it was the same blonde haired one, Sam, and his black haired friend. I tried to listen to what they were saying, I wanted to know why they isolated themselves to have a conversation that wasn't around the rest of their friends.

"Do you think he knows? Do you think he followed us?" the black haired one asks softly.

"I think his curiosity will get the best of him soon enough" Sam responds.

"Do we kill him?" the black haired one asks in a voice that sounded very eager.

I began to shudder. Who were they talking about? One of their other friends? Should I do something? There's already so much to do. I feel obligated to tell someone. Someone could get hurt. Who would believe me though?

"No. We catch him. Do as we were told. We won't be the ones getting rid of him" Sam responds with a sternness.

"What will happen if we don't succeed?" the black haired one asked with a wince.

"Then Jasper will kill us" Sam responds.

I felt like my eyes would pop out of my head as they got wider at my realization. They were talking about me. Jasper sent them to capture me. He wants to kill me. I stopped breathing because the more the silence grew the more I felt they could hear me.

He has taken over my brother. Stolen his life and now he wants to take mine away. He didn't get to live his life the way he wanted so he has to take Sammy's life. He has to take it so he can start over in the house he grew up in. He wants...he wants closure. The only one stopping him from getting what he wants I am his barrier. I am the shield. I need to longer exist so that he can get what he wants. My brother's soul.

"We won't let that happen. Jasper will get what he wants. Very soon" the black haired one pronounced and my heart pounded against my chest. I didn't know where to go or what to do. I surely could not hide behind this bush forever. I slowly backed away from it and still watched them through the cracks of the bush. There was another corner behind me that lead to the left side of the building. If I could make it there I could run and they wouldn't know I was there.

I kept backing away further and further. They still stood there. Quiet and still. I kept going and going and the more I went back the more the worry seemed to disappear. As I was close to reaching the corner I felt something stab me in the left foot. I let out a groan and fell to the ground. I covered my mouth but it was too late. They heard me. I saw them turn around to face me. They were no longer the way they looked in class. Their eyes were black like marbles and dark scars covered their faces. Black sludge flowed out of their scars and their hands were almost a green color. The black haired one...or whoever that was...his veins on his hand were so prominent and covered in blood. His nails were dark he had been digging out of a tunnel. I felt tears in my eyes as I began to understand. The black haired one killed Elizabeth that first day and now she is gone forever. Imagine wat he'll try to do to me.

I tried to pick myself up but whatever had stabbed me in the foot was causing blood to soak my sock. I could hardly stand on it. They were walking towards me. There was a pole next to me, it had the school mascot on a flag, and I grabbed it shoving myself up onto my feet. I bit my lip at the pain and ran despite it. I wanted to scream so loudly. They were coming closer and I was hardly getting anywhere. We were on the left side of the building now and I felt I had to do something...even if I didn't want to. I ran and I kept running with my heaving breaths. I was losing consciousness. I ran towards the front of the building. The stairs were the hard part. I had to drag myself by the railing with each step. I could hear them behind me. I was struggling to pull through until I felt someone stomp on my left foot.

Sam grabbed me with such force that my head smacked into the railing. Everything started to become dizzy. I wasn't seeing straight. They grabbed me but I fought them away. Throwing punches and hitting things that I wasn't sure if it was them or the railing. I dragged my body again by the railing, barely able to see anything. I felt the black haired one rap his arms around my neck. I knew he wasn't supposed to kill me, but I didn't think he'd be too scared to try. I tried to breathe, but his grip was too tight. As I tried fighting him away, fighting back and forth, he banged his body against the railing and a piece of it came loose. We both came sliding to the other side of the railing as it came loose. He still had his arms around my neck. I reached out my hand far enough to grab the piece of railing on the ground. I took it and smashed it against his head.

His grip became loose on my neck and I gasped for air. My vision was still weary and I could hardly move. I made me way up the stairs by crawling. I know I didn't want to do this, because I wanted to figure more things out. To discover who was at the window...but it was too much now. I banged my hands against the school doors over and over again. I could hardly breathe and it didn't help. I needed to be okay so I could save my brother. I heard a door crack open and a started women yelled and rushed over to me, "Oh my god! Are you okay? How'd you get out here?". I couldn't answer her. She looked like an officer from inside the school. She talked in her walkie asking for help at the main entrance.

I turned to look behind me. Surely this could be unexplainable, with a disgusting body lying on the ground. Luckily I did not have to explain because when I turned around...the black haired demon's body was gone and Sam had disappeared.

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