The Forest

By Lashanna Bryant All Rights Reserved ©

Thriller / Horror

Chapter 15

Chapter 15

I immediately stood up because I had the instinct to run. Did I know what I would run after? No. Did I want to know who was at the window? I'm not sure. I haven't been sure about anything. My mind goes blank and as all these thoughts are happening I forget to realize where I was. Everyone started to stare at me and Mr. Brown looked like he would slit my throat.

"Is there any reason you're standing up son?" Mr. Brown asked me and the hearing of the word "son" made me shiver. That's what sheriff called me.

"Um... sorry" I say, "I thought I saw something" and I sit down. The brown haired girl crunched up her face which made it look like she smelled something gross and uttered the word "weirdo". I tried to pay no attention to her as I had no time to worry about fitting in or being labeled a "weirdo". There were more important issues, like who was in that window.

"Now I expect you all to come to class on time...and in your seats...not day dreaming out of windows" he remarked and I felt my face turn red.

After a while of listening to him talk I noticed time was ticking a little faster. Soon first period would be over, but then what would I do? What if the person comes back? What if it's Jasper? What if it was Sammy and if it was, why was he here? I could imagine from all these questions my eyes swirling into a thousand circles.

My eyes must've been swirling for a very long time because all of a sudden the bell rung and I shook from the realization. Everyone started to get up to search for 2nd period. I felt like I had only one option, to leave now.

I know I shouldn't but the aching feeling I had inside me to find out who was at the window was too strong. Too strong to ignore or fight. I didn't want to fight anyway, I wanted answers. As I walked out the door way I purposely stepped in front of the brown haired girl so she'd have to wait for me to walk by to get through. She sucked her teeth and I laughed a little at my stupid move of a joke.

I wasn't very familiar with this building at all and there were cameras on all the corners of the halls. They'd soon notice my disappearance and look for me and I was sure of it because of this mornings event in the office. I turned to my left and noticed the same assumed football players from 1st period. They were laughing and instead of walking into a classroom they were walking towards an emergency exit. I couldn't help but wonder how loud the security alarm would be considering they have so many cameras.

There was a box on the right side of the exit door. The curly brown haired one punched it so hard it made a dent. The hallways got quieter and everyone started to disappear. I remembered the cameras, how stupid could they be to do this right in front of them? Then the other football player took a book out of his backpack and threw it at the camera. It fell to the ground and pieces flew everywhere. I hadn't realized I crouched myself up against the wall to hide myself.

They looked around to make sure no one was looking and I tucked in my head a little further. I didn't know what they'd do to me if they saw me. Plus, there were no cameras so no one would see whatever they'd plan on doing. One of them pulled the door open and I covered my ears from the expected sounds of alarm, but nothing happened. They all laughed at some secret question I apparently didn't hear and walked out the door way high-fiving each other.

I wanted to follow behind so that I could escape whatever was following me. I looked to my left and noticed there was still another camera filming in the corner. They were smart, but... they weren't that smart. To avoid getting caught too, I leaned my back up against the wall so that the camera couldn't see me. Some kid left a dark blue hoodie on the ground. I slowly leaned over, picked it up and threw it over the camera lenses. Now I could escape.

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