The Forest

By Lashanna Bryant All Rights Reserved ©

Thriller / Horror

Chapter 11

Chapter 11

Suzanne looked at me with sadness, sadness that has formed over the years of dealing with losing her brother to the mysterious hell that is the forest. I replayed his name in my head. Jasper, Jasper, Jasper. He wants my brother to suffer just like him. He wants to take away his life, and possibly get rid of us, his family. I don't know why he's doing this. Has the presence of my brother reminded him of who he used to be? Or has he made an enemy of me because of my life, because at first we were happy and we had hope, but that's over now. We have no hope now for a happy life in this house, at least I don’t.

I started to tremble uncontrollably, much like the first day here, when Elizabeth was pronounced dead by sheriff. In a way, I feel dead. We, my family and I, symbolize Elizabeth. We were excited and eager to discover what was inside our new house away from our father and Elizabeth was eager to discover was what inside the forest. We both ran into problems; we both ran into something we weren't prepared for. Sadly, Elizabeth is dead, that's our only difference, but it may not stay that way for long

I was trembling at the idea that this house could have a longer history than what it has been led to have. How many lives have been taken? What did the Forest want? What was inside? I stared at the darkness filled with trees and felt sick to my stomach.

"Suzanne. What - what are we supposed to do?" I pled with her.

"We? I can't get even more involved in this Matthew. My dad can find out. This can end badly"

"You don't understand, I need you. You're the only one that knows anything about this - my brother, this house, everything. My mother won't listen to me, she's in denial, I need you. You're the only way I can get my brother back. Please" I tell her, holding her hands tightly. I've never felt so hopeless before. "I. Need. You" I say again, staring into her eyes, eyes that screamed with worry.

" I couldn't stop my own brother... " she continues, tears filling her eyes, "I couldn't save him. How can I help save yours? I'm useless"

"Don't say that. You aren't useless. There must be something we can do"

"Where is your brother?" she asks me, and stops crying abruptly.

"In his room. Why?"

"T - turn around" she whispers, her eyes widening.

I felt a chill roll up my spine. I didn't want to turn around. I turned my head to look behind me. My window was opened mid-way, but I don't remember it being open at all.

"Was that always open?" she asks me.

"" I answer and I wish it could've been a yes, so I wouldn't feel like something was in my room... or someone. I stared at the damaged window from Suzanne and I's first encounter. I was waiting for something or someone...anything, but what I hoped to be nothing.

"Matthew?" I hear a voice yell from the window. I knew the voice.

"Mom?" I answered back. Did someone get to her? Did she need help?

"Mom?" I yelled again, now running in her direction. I heard footsteps behind me moving into the opposite direction.

"Suzanne wait. Don't go"

She turned back to me, obviously leaving because of my mother's unexpected arrival, and said, "I'll be back. Trust me". She runs down the empty street and I pray she'll come back.

"Matthew?" I hear my name again and the lights turn on in my room. A head peeked out of the window and I let out a breath of relief when I saw it was her. She was okay.

"Mom?" I called back again, coming closer to the house, stepping over the flowers in the garden.

"Matthew, what are you doing?" she asks angrily at my sudden disappearance. I thought she was going to bed.

"Uh...just getting some air"

"With a flashlight?" she asked, I hadn't realized I still had it in my possession.

"Yeah. It's really dark out here"

"Matthew, why is there a hole in your window?" she asks, examining the broken glass.

"Playing catch with Sammy. I threw it up too high. Went right through. I'm... sorry" I say, lying over and over again.

"Ugh. Matthew, be careful next time. Come to bed now, you have school tomorrow" she demands.

"Okay" I say and she pulls her head out of the window. Before I reach for the door I look back at the empty street and say, "Please come back Suzanne. Please”

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