Trapped by the Devil

By Hannah Lynne All Rights Reserved ©

Thriller / Romance

Chapter 6

The next few days were horrible. Eric treated me like I was nothing. It’s been a week since it happened where I freaked out in bed. The first two days he would get mad and hurt me over everything. Slowly throughout the week, he stopped hurting me but I still remember everything he did from each scar and bruise he left.

It’s a Friday night and we are sitting at the dining room table eating dinner. Andrew is still here but he skipped dinner tonight. I ate silently not knowing how he is going to act towards me right now. He is so unpredictable on how he acts, especially toward me. We both finish eating and he stands walking slowly over to me. He takes my hand and pulls me swiftly to my feet. “Edlynn sweetie, it’s time for bed.” He says softly walking with my hand in his to the stairs. He leads me upstairs and to his bedroom. I let go of his hand and start walking to the end of his bed to my spot on the floor but I feel his tight grip on my arm. “Sweetie, where are you going? You’re sleeping on the bed, with me.” He sounds like this is how it’s always been between us and I just did something out of the ordinary. I vigorously shake my head not wanting to sleep on the bed and make everything worse.

He keeps his tight grip on my arm and his other hand moves swiftly to my chin lifting it, forcing me to make eye contact with him. His rough hands and tight grips sent chills down my spine as I worry I irritated him. “You young lady, are going to do as I say and I told you to lay down on the bed.” His deep, husky voice echoes through the room. He leans down and brushes his lips against mine but I briskly move away from him. He looks away and I can almost feel the fiery flames fuming off of him as he storms off to the closet. Only moments later he comes out wearing only a pair of black boxers. In his hands, I see one of his t-shirts that he throws at me. I take it into the bathroom changing out of my current clothes and slip the long black shirt on. It smells just like him and it makes me smell like him too. I shudder silently and see that the shirt doesn’t have anything on it, it was just a plain black shirt that is very big on me. I swiftly braid my hair so it’s out of my face and I walk out of the room seeing him already laying in bed. The main lights are off but the two antique looking lamps on the side of the bed shine bright enough that I can see him, and he can see me. I slowly walk over and lay down on the very edge of the bed, if I move any closer to the edge I would fall off. I face the wall away from him and try to close my eyes but can’t. I hear an annoyed sigh and him moving closer to me. He wraps his strong arms around my waist. I feel the panic build up in my body but I just try sitting with it knowing there isn’t anything I can do. I jump but not very far due to his arms around me. His smooth lips glide across the back of my neck as he tries to tease me with small, soft, sweet kisses. I feel him pull me closer to him and farther from the edge of the bed. “Eric, w-why are you doing this?” My voice comes out shaking as the panic slowly starts to slip through. I try sitting up which he lets me but he sits up too. He pulls my tiny flame onto his lap and against his body. My body begins to tremble as the panic builds up even more from our closeness. “Because I love you.” I faintly hear as his head lowers and he places a gently kiss on the top of my head. I try to wiggle and squirm in his grasp causing his frustration to rise.

“Stop moving.” He slowly whispers in my ear. I can tell that he is trying his best to hold in the anger that I had started to brew inside of him. His voice sent shivers down my spine as I stopped squirming and try my best to stop my body from trembling. He lays me back down and lays down next to me. He pulls the blanket over both of us then wraps his arms around my waist, again, pulling my body to his, forcing me to put my head on his chest. He slowly runs his rough hands through my hair, making me feel relaxed but that bit of panic feeling still stayed inside my stomach making me not feel too good. I let my eyes close and slowly sleep takes me away.

I wake up to someone shaking my shoulder. “Five more minutes.” I groan, pulling the blankets up and over my face. I hear a soft chuckle and I peak out from under the blanket. “There’s that pretty face I enjoy seeing,” Eric says while smiling at me. I see that he’s already up, dressed, and ready to go. I slide out even more from under the blankets and sit up with my back leaning against the headboard. I yawn as I look him over. He looks very professional wearing a dark gray button up shirt tucked into black dress pants with a black leather belt around his waist. He has black dress shoes that look brand new and shine when the light hits them. I look up and see his black hair slicked back, out of his face. I’d be lying if I didn’t say he looked super handsome right now. The shirt tight enough around his arms to show off his muscles but not so much that it would be uncomfortable and the way he smiles at me just makes me want him to hold me in his arms but then I remember the bruises and scars he caused me and I push any good thoughts about him away. “Eric.” I pause trying to think of what exactly I want to say. “Eric, where are you going?” Darn it, dumb question. He probably works, now I seem like an idiot. I mentally scold myself for asking a stupid question.

“I have to get some work done but wanted to make sure you were alright and knew I was leaving before I left.” He says gently as he sits on the edge of the bed and reaching over for my hand. He squeezes it softly and I realize his hands don’t seem as rough today as they were yesterday. A small smile appears on my lips which cause a huge smile on his. “I’ll be fine. Is Andrew going with you?” I ask casually still smiling weakly at him. I can’t resist, he’s being so sweet right now. He only nods his head but his eyes portrayed that he was annoyed with my question. The look quickly disappears when he sees my small smile fading away. He gently brings my hand to his lips and kisses it gently causes me to let out a tiny giggle and a smile as his soft lips tickle my skin. “Bye Edlynn sweetie, I’ll see you later.” He says getting off of the bed and walking to the door. He opens it but before stepping it he turns and smiles at me one last time and I can’t resist smiling back at him.

Once the door closes behind him I lay back down on the bed still having the lingering feeling of tiredness so I decide to fix the feeling by going back to sleep. I lay back down resting my head on one of the soft, cozy pillows and pull the duvet blanket over my body and melt into the bed. Sleep quickly took over me as I lay in the most comfortable places I have ever slept in, in my whole life.

I look around the dark forest. I see four other people around me all huddled behind a tree, hiding, but hiding from what. I try to silently walk over to them but Mother Nature decides to be against me and make a twig snap right under me. In an instant, the people took off running but I still don’t understand why.

I stand there, in the middle of a dark, dense forest, with trees surrounding me. I look around confused. Why were the people running? What were they running from? Should I run too? And suddenly all my questions were answered.

I turn behind me to see three large figures running toward me. They seemed masculine but I didn’t stay long enough to confirm my assumption. I bolted running away from the figures as fast as I could, but it wasn’t fast enough.

I screamed once as I hear the sound of them getting closer to me but I continued to run, run, run. Suddenly arms wrapped around me and I scream thinking this is the end.

I shoot awake screaming. I can feel someone’s arms around me like they are cradling me to their body. My head is pressed against their chest and I just snuggle into it tears falling down my face and soaking into the person shirt. My hands grip their shirt tightly as the tears just continue falling. “Shhh, you’re okay. It’s all okay.” I keep hearing, kind, safe, reassuring things whispered into my ear but the tears still continue flowing. They begin rubbing my back and I can feel my bodies tension relax a bit and tears slow. My breathing slows and the tears stop falling. I pull away from the mysterious person who’s arms I’m in expecting it to be Eric but instead, I’m met with someone else softly smiling at me. Eric’s brother, Andrew, is the man who rescued me from my horrible nightmare.

Andrews P.O.V

I just got back to Eric’s house after dealing with some boring business crap. Eric’s still out working but I finished what I needed to do so I decided to head back to Eric’s house and take the rest of the day to do whatever I want. As I’m walking up the stairs to my room I hear a scream. I’m almost positive I know exactly who it’s coming from as on the floor I was heading, which is where the scream emerged from, it’s mostly bedrooms and only two of which are being occupied right now. One is Eric’s and the other is mine.

I rush up to Eric’s door using my vampire super speed and quickly open it. I’m looking around expecting to see blood or someone hurt but instead, I find Edlynn laying in bed. She doesn’t seem to be awake but she also seems to be in a state of panic, nightmare, I quickly think to myself. I rush to the side of the bed after closing the bedroom door and take a seat on the edge of the bed. I notice she’s covered in her own sweat and tears are falling down her face. I slowly and carefully wrap my arms around her and pull her into my lap holding her against my chest with my arms around her waist. She shoots awake with a scream and I pull her tiny fragile body closer to my chest. She snuggles her face into it and I start to run small circles on her back. I lower my head down to her ear and whisper, “Shhh, you’re safe. It’s okay. It was just a dream. I got you.” Over and over again. I can smell the sweet smell of her shampoo in her beautiful hair as my head was close to her. I feel her hands tightly balling up parts of my shirt and her tears wetting my shirt but none of that mattered. All that matters to me in this moment is that I can comfort her and make her feel better. The sweet flower like smell of her hair is gone as she pulls away from me. I give her a soft, kind smile but she just looks at me confused. “Andrew?” I hear her voice choke out mixed with nervousness and confusion.

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