Trapped by the Devil

By Hannah Lynne All Rights Reserved ©

Thriller / Romance

Chapter 27

“Please just leave me alone.” I weep as he throws me done on a bed.

“Oh shut up you stupid bitch. I’m giving you what you deserve!” He growls as he moves his large body on top of mine. I try to squirm around hoping to get away but it’s no use.

One of his hands grabs my wrists pinning them down on the bed above me. His other hand rips off my shirt as his hands explore my body. I dissolve into tears as I squirm around trying to get free.

The door squeaks causing his father attention to shift. I pull my legs out from under him, kicking him in his balls. I quickly move from under him and off of the bed. I try to run for the door not realizing the squeak was from Eric entering the room. Eric blocks my path out of the room.

“Oh, baby girl you are so going to regret doing that.” He snarls as he pushes me down to the ground. His father recovers and stands up next to Eric with an evil grin on his face.

Eric’s father begins kicking me hard in the side. I curl up in a ball taking each kick with a whimper. After he finishes my body is covered in bruises and blood. They both leave the room leaving me curled up body on the floor.

My body is too weak to move. Hours past and I’m still curled up on the floor. The door squeaks open as Eric emerges into the room. My eyes stay staring off into the distance as his footsteps echo throughout the room slowly becoming louder with each step he makes towards me.

He bends down and gently touches the top of my back. My body flinches my eyes don’t move. “Come on. Let me help you get cleaned up.” His voice was gentle, sweet almost but I know that it won’t last long.

I refuse to move so he gently grabs my chin pulling it towards him forcing me to look into his eyes. “Edlynn, I’m only trying to help. Come on. Let’s get you clean and fed.” I nod my head slowly as he slowly puts his arm under mine to help me up.

He helps me into the bathroom and sits on the edge of the bathtub. He turns on the water and walks out leaving it running. Only moments later he reappears with a t-shirt and some sweatpants in his hands. He sets them down on the counter next to a towel that he also grabbed.

After the tub is full he turns off the water and looks at me. His eyes look pained as he slowly pulls the bloody clothes off of my body. I don’t fight him as he removes my clothes and helps me into the warm bath.


“Look I’m sorry for what I did. I told myself I wanted to change and I snapped. I’m sorry. I really am sorry Edlynn.” He says looking at me with pain in his eyes. I can tell that he means what he is saying.

After I’m done in the bath and dressed Eric helps me out of the bedroom and into a different larger bedroom. He helps me onto the bed and walks out of the room. A few minutes later he comes back with a tray of food.

“Thank you, Eric.” I almost whisper as he sets the tray on my lap.

“No problem. If you need anything please let me know.” I nod my head and slowly start eating.

While I’m eating he sits on the end of the bed rubbing my leg gently. “How are you feeling?” He says gently.

“A bit better but still in a lot of pain,” I say softly as I finish up the food.

“Do you want some medicine to help the pain go away?” I nod and he slowly gets up heading to the bathroom. He comes back with two painkillers in his hand. “Here you go. I’ll be right back and get you a glass of water.” He disappears once again only to come back only moments later with water. He hands it to me and I take the medicine he gave me.

“Thank you, Eric,” I mumble. Small smile forms on his lips and he nods his head.

“Come on. You should try walking.” I shake my head not wanting to and feeling like I don’t have enough energy too.

“Eric I don’t know if I can. At least not on my own. My body still is in a lot of pain.” I said softly looking down at my lap. He caused the pain but there’s no one else here to help me so I need to keep him happy.

“I’ll help you. Scoot to the end of the bed and I’ll help you up.” He says as he stands and moves closer to me. I do as he says and he puts his arm around my shoulder to help lift me up.

Once I’m up a lot of my weight is on him but he doesn’t seem to mind. He helps me take a few steps then a few more till we are out of the bedroom and into the living room.

He helps me sit down on the couch and he smiles. “See you did great.” I smile a little bit back but it immediately falters as I remember his father. I frantically look around but don’t notice him. “Don’t worry. He’s asleep and I won’t let him hurt you again.” Eric says as he starts to walk away and into the kitchen.

“Thank you,” I say softly as he walks away. “Eric, can I ask, where are we?”

He comes back into the room and sits in a chair across the room. “Don’t worry yourself about that right now. It doesn’t matter. Now, what do you want to do?” I’m frustrated with his response but let it go.

“How about a game?” He smiles and nods.

“Sure. Sounds good to me.” He gets up and grabs a few games. We spend the rest of the night playing games and having fun. He really doesn’t seem like a bad man just one who can’t always control his emotions.

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