Trapped by the Devil

By Hannah Lynne All Rights Reserved ©

Thriller / Romance

Chapter 19

Dark consumes me. It’s been hours since Eric locked the chain around my ankle. I’ve been stuck on the floor next to the bed unable to move. The house has been awfully silent until finally the sound of the doorknob turning shoots my slumped body up and alert.

The rooms to dark for me to recognize the figure walking in. At first, I thought that it was Eric but when it rushes to me and gets closer to me I realize that’s it’s Andrew. His arms wrap around me as I break out sobbing into his chest.

“It’s okay Edlynn. I’ve got you now.” He looks me up and down noticing the chain that is rubbing tight against my skin. “We need to get this off of you.” He says more to himself than to me.

I hear the sound of steps coming up the stairs and I whimper hiding my face in Andrews’ chest.

“It’s okay Edlynn, it’s not him.” In walks a young girl I’ve never seen before. She is defiantly younger than both Andrew and Eric. She looks like them though. I stare at Andrew confused trying to race through my memories. Eric told me he had a sister but she died but this girl seems to look like she could be there sister.

I’ve pulled away from my thoughts when I feel Andrew shake my shoulder. “Edlynn, do you have any idea where he would keep the key for this?” I only shake my head putting the thoughts about this girl aside as I think.

“Wait, what happened to Eric?” I ask looking at him. He only shakes his head, getting up and beginning to search the room for the key. I didn’t notice the young girl leave the room but she comes back in with a key in her hand.

“Andrew here, try this one.” She says rushing over to him handing him a key. He runs over to me putting the key into the lock. The chains come off showing bruises that have formed from me pulling on the chain.

Andrew wraps his arm around my shoulder helping me up. He keeps his arm around me helping to support me as he helps me down the stairs and to the car. He helps me get into the car settling in next to me. The girl gets into the front seat and starts to drive away.

Andrew wraps his arms around my waist pulling me onto his lap. I lay my head on his chest and close my eyes listening to his steady, calming heartbeat. He rubs my back as tears flow getting his shirt wet.

“Shhh, everything is okay now. I’ve got you.” He squeezes me closer to his chest and I let the tears stop but my body unconsciously continues to tremble.

He continues to whisper sweet nothings into my ear trying to help me calm down. Slowly, the trembling stops and my breathing slow. My eyes closed and the darkness pulls me into a deep sleep.

I wake up laying on a bed. I try sitting up but my body’s stiff. I jump as arms wrap tightly around my waist.

“It’s okay Edlynn.” A familiar voice whisper. My body calms after recognizing the voice. My stomach growls and I hear a chuckle erupt from his lips. I grin and lean my head back against his chest. “Looks like someone’s hungry.” He smirks and let’s go.

Getting up he puts his hand out for me and after I take it he pulls me to my feet. He pulls me into his arms and my face into his chest. I giggle when he tickles my sides.

“Okay come on princess. We need to get you some food.” I nod in agreement leaving his arms but taking his hand in mine pulling him down the stairs and into the kitchen.

“I wanna help,” I say after we both reach the kitchen. He chuckles a little but nods his head.

I’m standing next to the counter trying to crack an egg into the bowl with the pancake batter in it. Andrew wraps his arms around me taking hold of my hands and helping guide me through the process. This is my first time doing anything like this.

After the eggs are in the bowl and he helps me mix it in, I stick my finger into the batter tasting just a bit of it. Andrew gives me a slight glare that I ignore and get some more on my finger.

“You know that’s not g...” I cut him off by spreading some on his face then sliding out from under his grasp. Giggling I run through the house trying to hide from Andrew.

“Oh princess, where are you?” I blush at the new pet name. He checks everywhere around me but where I’m at, hiding behind the couch. I know that he knows I’m there but when he yells boo I still jump hitting my head on the back wall.

Immediately his face turns from having fun to serious. “You okay?” He asks and I can sense the worry in his voice.

“Yeah, I’m fine. Come on let’s go finish making food. I’m starving” I stretch out the last word messing around with him. He runs off to the kitchen and I follow him. He finishes off making the pancakes while I sit on top of the counter swinging my legs out of boredom.

“Andrew you are taking foreverrrr.” He chuckles turning around with a plate full of pancakes and another with some eggs on it. My face lights up as he sets it down on the table. I hope off the counter going to sit down.

“Anddd breakfast is served, my lady.” He says causing me to chuckle. He takes a seat across from me and we begin eating having a little bit of small talk while eating.

Once our plates were almost finished Andrew looks up from his plate. His face isn’t his joking one that he was just wearing a few moments earlier. His face turned serious.

“Edlynn there are some things we need to talk about.” He says seriously and I only nod my head looking down at my lap.

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