Trapped by the Devil

By Hannah Lynne All Rights Reserved ©

Thriller / Romance

Chapter 10

“Eric? Eric, what are you doing?” I shriek as I curl up into a tiny ball in the corner of the room. I watch Eric knowing that he’s angry and I’m fearful of what he’s going to do. When he’s angry he’s unpredictable. Tears are falling down my face like a waterfall as Eric makes long strides coming towards me. I push my back up further against the wall wishing I could just disappear. I squeal as he grips my hair pulling me up to my feet. I struggle up to my feet and yell at the sudden pain.

He doesn’t say anything as he pulls me across the room by my hair. He throws me down onto the bed and turns around opening a drawer to the dresser. I try keeping my eyes on him scared of what he is doing. “Eric, Eric please tell me whats going on?” Tears are still streaming down my face blurring my vision.

“Why don’t you shut your pretty little face-up!” He growls out at me. I slowly start to move off the bed trying to be as quiet as I can but I’m not quiet enough as the mattress squeaks as my weights shifted off of it. Eric turns around staring right at my. I look down at his hands to see a gun pointing right at me. “E-e-Eric?” I crock out staring down the gun. He steps closer to me with a wicked grin on his face.

“Someone trying to escape from me?” He chuckles walking closer to me as I try to run to the large windows that lead out into the gardens. “Oh silly you. You aren’t escaping me, sweetheart. Your mine and I’ll do what I want with you, even if it’s this.”

The sound of the gun rings in my ears as I shoot awake. I look up to see Eric staring down at me. his body towering over me as I lay on the ground. I can see half of his face so I quickly look around noticing I’m in a different room. The last thing I remember was him dragging me out of his room. This room is dark, there are no lights on. The only light comes from two small windows on either side of the room. The windows are too small for a body to fit through and by the amount of light coming through I can tell it’s night. I can see Eric and a chair that is across from me. I slowly try to sit up but then I realize my hands are tied together and to a pipe. I slump back to the ground as tears stream down my face. I turn my attention back to Eric trying to see if he looks angry or not.

“Whats going on? What am I doing here?” My shaky voice comes out just barely above a whisper. I stare at his face through tears trying to understand. he looks different, different from what I have ever seen him look like before. His eyes are dark, pitch black, his skin is a very light pale color making him look like a ghost. I start questioning if this was real or if it is just another dream.

“Sweetheart, this is no dream, it’s a nightmare.” His voice comes out low, harsh, and nasty. I stare up at him confused. “C-can you read my mind?” My voice shakes as I keep my eyes on him. He only chuckles and turns around. My whole body starts to tremble as I think back to my dream. “Eric please just tell me whats going on.” I uneasily say. He grips the chair and pulls it so it’s in front of me. He sets it down so the back of the chair is closest to me and then sits down facing me with his legs straddling the back of the chair. He gives me a wicked grin as he looks down at me. he still seems so much taller than me even though he’s now just sitting in a chair. I wiggle my hands trying to see if I can slip them out of the rope but that just got me an evil glare from Eric.

“Why won’t you answer m-me?” I whisper knowing that he’s still able to hear me. He keeps his dark, cold, emotionless eyes on me not even moving his body an inch. “E-Eric?” I whimper in fear. I have never seen him this cold, this emotionless before and it’s scarier than anything that’s ever happened to me. I don’t know what he’s going to do and I’m stuck tied to a pipe against a wall. I try to sit up a bit more against the wall while keeping my eyes on him as he watched my every move. My back rests against the wall and I gasp as Eric appears right in front of me with his hands wrapped around my neck. His grip tightens and I try to gasp for air and push him off of me but he’s stronger than I am. Black specks form in my vision as I try to keep looking at him scared that he’s going to kill me right here, right now. He lets go of my neck but pins me to the wall with one hand on my shoulder and his knee holding my legs still. He kneels over me as I gasp for air. His other hand moves my hair away from my neck and his eyes shift from mine to my neck.

“Eric n-no please.” I start pleading knowing he’s going to bite me.

“Don’t worry sweetheart this will only hurt a lot,” He whispers and licks my neck. I try to struggle against his grip but it just tightens causing more pain. I moan in pain and bite my lip squeezing my eyes shut trying to keep my tears in. “I’m sorry my sweetheart.” He huskily whispers and bites his long fangs into the warm skin of my neck. I scream and struggle causing it to only hurt more. “E-E-Eric p-please.” I murmur as I feel my body being drained of my blood. My eyes slowly start to close and I feel his fangs retract out of my neck and his tongue lick the blood off my neck as everything else around me turns black.

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