Is God Refuge for You?

By Terry Palmer All Rights Reserved ©

Thriller / Adventure


The theme for The Little White Church on the Bluff takes a radical turn from merely helping the country overcome darkness and adversity through a step of faith. Now that step of faith is challenged by a threatening force of darkness which seems to think it is bigger than it really is. Will Ted and Rita draw closer in love, overcome the disaster and threat as a sniper takes aim...

Chapter 1

“Seven days? Really?” Rita tossed her light brown hair to the side in shock. She faced a grim Ted who stared toward the northwest skyline. “Seven days?”

Ted didn’t change his gaze. “That’s exactly what the angel said, you know, the twin blasts of heat and cold.”

Rita turned to the northwest with him. “Imagine, twin blasts. One as an icy finger of God in a seven state wide blizzard. Then, the other, a rip in the great cauldron under Yellowstone Park, enough to blast energy right into the blizzard so strong that the weather satellites can see the thermal lift through the rolling blizzard.” She twisted her lip in nervous stance. “Wonder what that looks like. What’ll the people do?”

The quiet angel once again stood before the storm, passing Strength and Warning to those faithful gathered below. “Rest in His Strength. Prepare the way for this sunset will be no more for seven days, until the time of Calamity is accomplished. Then you will find His Way open before you, for I AM will be with you to Heal this nation.”

Ted understood vision as he stood on the bluff, surrounded by those he cherished, drinking in God’s Blessing. He dropped his hands as he turned to Rita. “That’s it. The battle’s on.”

Rita didn’t turn with him, instead focusing on the northwest horizon. “When will it get here? Like I said, I’ve never seen a blizzard of this capacity especially when mixed with tons of ash… I fear for this country.”

Stephen and Carrie, who did those amazing videos for the group, looked up at her remark. Carrie tucked a wild curl back into place as she stepped up with Rita. “I just got a glimpse of the storm through the network feed before we came over here. It’s bigger than anything I’ve ever seen. Can’t imagine adding as huge a thermal effect to that much cold fury as the Yellowstone volcano. The weather experts are on edge on this one, not knowing what we know.”

Stephen nodded as he put his long arms of love around Carrie. “Yeah, but the nations refused to stop, refused to acknowledge that God is…, is in control. They’re about to find out.”

Ralph held Elise close to him, even in their retirement, feeling her fright as she looked at the horizon. He grimaced as his business mind clicked on. “You know as well as I. This is what you’re mom and dad had a vision about and for which they arrived at their plan. The entire warehouse complex is set up just for this moment. I think it’s high time we turned away from this storm and focused instead on our response, for we have hundreds of volunteers, tons of equipment and supplies given to us to use for His Good Will. To not just bring relief, but to take on the darkness wherever it cares to give battle, for the Glory of God.”

Ted put his hand on Ralph’ shoulder. “That is exactly what we’re supposed to do, for I have received vision. Listen people. We’ll not see this sunset for seven days, until the days of Calamity are accomplished. For us it is a time to prepare, to gather and get ready, for when His time is done, then His Way will be open. It is His way, so go, prepare in the Name of the Lord. Just like when the city of Ravenna, just below this bluff, was destroyed by the earthquake and flood and God provided refuge.”

Rita leaned against Ted as they walked back to the church. Her long light brown hair lit up in bright reflection of the last rays. She turned to him with the quiver of a pout on her lips. “I don’t understand at all. Explain it to me again.” She looked into his eyes, wanting him to grab her in his tight bear hug. “Not just about the storm, but, you know, about us…”

Ted sighed as he stopped with her. “Come on, back to the bluff with me.” He curled his fingers around hers as they walked back. She could see him muttering to himself, then nod and smile as he turned to her. He pointed toward the horizon. “Tomorrow we will know and feel what the nation is feeling. For seven days this storm will rage in full fury upon the land, sweeping all before it, for God is in those clouds, reaching Judgment upon an unbelieving people just as in the days of old. God will open His storehouse of hailstones, each one over a hundred pounds and each one with a designed path of destruction. For it is time…, yet His Compassion is great so that those left behind will find His Way.”

“That’s us and many others, with His Word in one hand and a hot meal, or portable generator with these tons of supplies in the other. That’s our way but…” He turned from his rant to bring his face close to hers. “But we have seven days to turn these volunteers into teams, but also…, to turn us into a team before Him for we will enter these days together. Side by side throughout His days, you and I, together in our hearts, our hands, our minds, our spirits, for that is also His way…”

She sprang into his arms, shaking with her emotion. “Ted, you mean it, together always? I was afraid that this storm and whatever else would come between…, no, that’s just my silly little girl talking… “

Ted kissed her quivering chin, tracing the soft line up to her lips and held her there. “Well I just happen to love that silly little girl talking…” When he pulled away, his shoulders dipped as he turned away and sighed. His eyes told his torment. She realized that Ted knew a greater part of the story. She stood next to him in question. “It’s going to be worse than you told that crowd, isn’t it?”

Ted murmured again and squeezed her hand as he shuddered at what he saw. “Jagged hailstones bigger than an exercise ball, some more than a hundred pounds, ripping through rooftops, smashing cars, trees, anything they hit. Then worse, snow and ash piling up in drifts taller than most people, leaving a mark upon the land, not just this land but across Europe and east from there, and back again, over and over, enough to stop this country in its tracks. So they’ll stop and know…, of the great I AM, The Almighty God. Then worse again, for it will also give a sort of lead to darkness, for that foul stench of darkness to lure more peoples, more countries to its false promises.”

Ted smiled again as he looked into her eyes with a wink. “You were right, you know. A ways back you said that our reaching out to the people around us in faith might be a testing, a training of sorts. Well, here it is, coming in full fury. But all is not bad, for it’ll give us time, you and I, to, um…” He looked away, flooding bright crimson before her.

She giggled at his unspoken message. “Ted!” Then she melted into him, murmuring, “Yeah, more time for this…”

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