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Purge II

By Nicholas Black All Rights Reserved ©

Thriller / Fantasy


THERE IS A PLACE OF NEAR constant darkness. This is the place where all souls go after they have lived out their many lives on Earth. When their soul is sufficiently experienced, deemed capable, they must make the most important choice of their existence:

Whether to wait for the Grace of God, or to cross the black desert known as the Torn Valley and enter the Gates of Hades. Whichever choice a soul makes, is completely their decision.

In the darkness of Purg, filled with lost and wandering souls waiting for the Grace of God, the constant winds and rain can reduce even the most courageous of souls to weeping, empty spirits. There is no telling just how long a soul might have to wait for the Grace of God to be bestowed. Perhaps a day, perhaps a century. But souls must choose of their own free will. To go to Heaven or to cross to Hades is a decision that is not predetermined. The darkest of monsters can stay in Purg waiting for Grace; and the most saintly of men can crossover to enter the gates of Hades.

To protect them in this dark place are the Protectors—fallen angels, who are, themselves, trying to repay their mistakes by working as custodians in the city of Purg. It is the Protector’s job to keep the peace, and not to allow the demons that come from Hades to lure souls across the Torn Valley. Inside the walls of the city of Purg there is divine protection for souls who wish to remain there. But once a soul has crossed the black desert of the Torn Valley, that protection is gone. If one were to die in the Torn Valley, there is no resurrection.

Neither God, nor Lucifer will offer such.

If a soul does decide to cross the Torn Valley, they will pass the Three Spears monument. It is there that, long ago, four Angels were kidnapped. In a dark and violent celebration three of those captured angels were impaled on three wooden Spears to commemorate Lucifer’s victory and triumph over the darkness.

Now, the forces of Hades—led by Lucien—are preparing for the final battle between good and evil. In a war that will spill over onto the earth plane, both sides are gathering their strength, building their forces, and every soul counts.

Hades’ newest arrival is instrumental in this battle, and his place among the forces of Hades has been foretold.

Lucifer waits in his garden, plotting the end of all things.

The Protectors of Purg gather their strength to protect the souls that choose to wait for the Grace of God. And somewhere . . . a fourth angel will rise to fulfill his destiny.

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