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(Part Two) What We Did at the End of the World

By Kozma Mikayla All Rights Reserved ©

Scifi / Thriller


I don't know what to say here, make sure you read part one I guess. Enjoy.


“Riley, can I ask you something?” Adam asked as he stood up. Riley nodded, unable to focus on Adam with the corpse so close. Adam looked back at the house, his people were stripping it bare. “Did Angel ever tell you why we’re going after these people?”

Riley stiffened, he always forgot that not everyone knew. He turned all his attention to Adam. The only person who’d never said anything hurtful to him, the only person who was ever kind to him.
“I can’t tell you, I’m sorry.” He replied. Adam shrugged his thin shoulders and tousled his hair. “That’s okay, I was just curious.” He sighed. “I would tell you, I just- I can’t.”
“It’s okay Riley, really.” Adam insisted, losing his casual demeanour. Riley smiled weakly and looked back to the house. Angel was standing at the front door, watching him with her hands on her hips. “I should go back...” Riley had already started to move, but Adam grabbed his arm. He looked back to see the boy’s sky blue eyes pulling his soul out through his nose. “Do you think this is right? What we’re doing?” He asked. Riley shook his hand off. “Which part?” He replied. “All of it...doesn’t it seem kind of- wrong?”
“People would do it to us if we gave them the chance.” Riley repeated Angel’s words to Adam, forgetting that he had a separate opinion altogether. “So don’t give them a chance, yeah I know.” Adam huffed. “I want to know what you think, not what Angel tells you to say.”
Riley stood awkwardly, unsure if answering was a good idea. Angel whistled from the door, calling him back. “I really have to go.” He turned around and started back to the house. He wanted to turn back around and tell Adam he’d talk to him later, but he was too close to the others now. He had forgotten about the buried body until he returned to the mound. Somehow, Muhammad and Danika had managed to screw up putting the dirt back in the hole, it looked wrong; like all the love that had been first buried with the body had been dug out and thrown all around. Riley suppressed another shudder and joined Angel at the top of the stairs. “I did know him.” He reported. Angel nodded. “I thought so. I can’t believe those damn cultists keep coming so close to our territory.” Her voice was a snarl. “You still don’t know why it’s them, do you?” She asked. Riley shook his head. “They never told me, even when they were about to murder me they wouldn’t tell me.” Riley felt a cold rush over him. “Thank god for us, right?” Muhammad chuckled, Riley hadn’t heard him come up behind him. “Yeah,” he said airily. “Thank god.”

Once they had the house put into bags, they started the short trek back to their temporary campsite. It was in the forest just down the street from the large house, a perfect spying point. Marion watched as the bags were tossed carelessly into a pile. “We have so much damn stuff.” He said in German to his wife, Florence. “But are we ever going to settle down and use it? No.”

Florence nodded, she had felt outcast since the first day, while her husband found friendship among the brutish thieves, Florence only found fear. “I know what you’re thinking.” Marion continued. They spoke their mother language when they could, most people assumed they were insulting or plotting when they did. He looked down at her, her peach coloured hair and dark green eyes made her look like a small faerie lost in the woods. “I know you don’t like this, I don’t either.” He looked around, no one was paying them any mind.

“This is temporary, when they found us, I had no idea what to expect. But this is good, darling. They trust me.” He grabbed her small hands and cradled them in his. “I don’t want to stay with these people Marion.” Florence pleaded. “You know what’s out there.” He argued. She nodded, dropping her hands from his and wrapping her arms around herself. Before the chaos, Florence only ever wore dresses or skirts, so the tight jeans and black sweater she was in now made her feel cold and industrial. “I do know. But I’d rather face that than stay here, these people have no souls.” She spat. Marion pulled her close to him, her ear was against his chest, she listened to his heartbeat instead of his words. “They will keep us alive until we’re strong enough to be alone, then I promise you we will leave and never cross them again.”

Florence closed her eyes and let the heartbeat fill her ears. She wondered if his heart would become like theirs, cold, she hoped not. Marion was all she had in the world.

Damien was not questioned when he returned without Christopher. He spoke for God, all words from his mouth became absolute law among them. He floated to the centre of the group, a space was carved around him before he spoke. “God thanks you for your patience, as do I.” He said. “He is, however, displeased. Much like myself, he is disappointed that a fixable soul was lost to us.”

A murmur of agreement broke out among the cloaked figures. “However, we have no time to regret. The demons are stalking these people, hunting them slowly only to murder them for material gain. We cannot let this happen.”

He turned once in a circle, taking in the hooded and tired faces of his followers. “These demons know we have pursued these people in the name of God, but his word is not on their ears. They are savages, they know only death.”

“Damien, Riley lives. Surely that must attest to their mercy?” A woman asked in a husky voice. “Riley was cast out by God, their stopping us from returning his soul to heaven was an unforgivable sin.” Damien replied sharply. The wind whipped at their cloaks, but they spoke as if they were the only sounds. “Why do we not simply kill the ones who cannot be saved?” A man asked. “That is not God’s will, he wished to test their faith before he makes his final choice.” Damien answered. “They accepted our first and second token and passed the first test, now comes time for another.” He continued.

“What does God wish for us to do?” Another woman asked. “Sodom and Gomorrah were ruined by the sins of men, so God destroyed the cities with fire. The flames of the damned cleanse the souls of all men, so we must act as God demands.” Damien replied. There were no protests, no questions. “We must wait.” Damien added. “Immediate action is not permitted.”

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