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Chapter 20

President Dawson slept in late, until almost 6 a.m. He was tired, but last night was fun, watching the election returns, counting the Electoral College votes.

He won again, as expected. He only wished his father were alive to see him in office. That was his biggest regret.

His wife was still sleeping. Let her sleep, she deserved it. What a gal, Donna. Stuck with him through all these tough years. Well, just four more years of this life and then they could start taking it easy, writing books, riding horses in the country.

Donna had some kind of event mid-morning, something to do with kids or something. She loved children. He wanted her to look refreshed so he moved quietly to make sure she wouldn’t wake up.

Dawson glanced over at his nightstand, which was lit up with messages, including dozens marked “urgent.” Well, the world didn’t stop just because the United States held an election.

He called up a few screens and was relieved to see most of them were congratulating him for his big win. Fine, those could wait.

He skimmed through an early draft of the national security briefing he’d be getting in a few hours, then looked over a draft of the daily economic briefing. Everything seemed fine, so he…

Wait a minute, he thought. What’s this? He opened up one of the sections on the economic briefing, and read a few sentences.

“UK reports more unrest in its financial sector. Major banks including Barclays, Lloyds and HSBC spooked by rising proportion of non-performing loans. Boards of seven top tier banks recommending tightening measures. Credit crunch feared. Backchannel word through the embassy shows there is fear this could translate over to reduced purchases of U.S. Treasury securities, short and long notes. Next auctions are 10 days out.”

Hmm, Dawson thought. The UK getting cold feet about buying up U.S. debt? He’d have to keep a close watch on this.

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