The Amity Incident

By CM_Weller All Rights Reserved ©

Scifi / Adventure


"Hi Momma." Susan flopped down on the neighbouring chair. Drink bottle in one hand and a bag of popped fluffnuts in the other. They were something of a native weed, though all the kids in the area were quickly stripping them for their fruiting bodies. "You okay?"
Su-speak for, Am I going to be crying with you again?
"So far, so good," Babs sighed. "If I feel anything at all, it's an intense craving for steamed greens."
"Bluh," muttered Susan. "Gross."
"Someday, you may not mind so much."
"Euw, Momma… You said the same thing about kissing."
"Only because you said the same thing about kissing."
"What'd the doctors say?"
"Everything looks okay. No red flags. No danger signs. And apparently colonial greens are full of iron, folate, and lots of other things that are great for me -us- right now. You're going to have to put up with me with them for a while yet."
"Yuck." Susan ate a popped fluffnut. "You wanna watch anything? Dad's doing a casserole experiment and he said t' go on without him."
"How about Infotainment Ivan? I heard you like him."
"I said I like the show, Momma. The show…"
"He is cute."
Infotainment Ivan had managed to break an arm and a leg inside the first week of building Wiwazheer, and then did his back in trying to be some variety of mule. Thus relegated to desk duty, he came up with a novel plan to keep the children on board entertained while their new world came to fruition. His shows were always insightful, informing, accurate and funny as all get-out.
He was sort-of cute, in the way that most young men were sort-of cute. But Susan was the sort of girl who watched things to learn and only ogle the host in retrospect.
Tonight's new episode was about some of the more populous bugs in the area. Which ones were dangerous. Which ones were safe. And, interestingly, which ones were edible, which ones were farmable, and which ones qualified for both.
Judging by the look on Susan's face, she was not yet ready to try any New Gaia Bug Casserole. Or Bug Stir-fry. Or, for that matter, Bug Anything.

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