The Amity Incident

By CM_Weller All Rights Reserved ©

Scifi / Adventure


"Yard and a half. You know us too well."
"Here's to three more yards, tomorrow."
"How many yards in a mile, again?"
"I dunno. Anyways, it's time we headed home. We got enough haul for at least fifty more credits."
"What're you doin' with yours?"
"Saving it. You?"
"I want some clothes, so I'm waiting for some good ones. How about you, Susan?"
"Baby room for the house."
"What? Nothing for yourself?"
"Eh. I got just about everything I need already. I mean. I've already got a horse, coming."
"Ugh, the horses are going to be ages."
"Maybe, but mine's worth the wait."
"Are you ready to be a horse-mommy?"
Laughter. Though her arms were sore and her back ached and her pack was heavy with samples, life was good. Momma had already passed many of her previous milestones and, from what the doctors could tell, she might yet pass all of them.
And yet, she dare not let herself hope.
I have everything I need. I can't ask for everything I want. Not here. Not now. And definitely not yet. "I could be a horse-mom." she allowed. "And then we can get around a lot quicker."
"With a baby in tow?"
"No, when they're grown, Shanice."
"Doy," added Kori. "We can't get around with babies in tow."
"Dang, that's gonna do things to the path. At least until the horses are grown enough to eat on their own."
"Maybe we can ask to use that plant retardant they used to clean out Wiwazheer," suggested Shanice.
"Shanice," said Susan. "Have I told you lately that you're a genius?"
"Might have a bit of trouble from the grownups," said Kori.
"Yeah, they might take over while we're busy with the baby horses."
"Yeah, them."

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