The Amity Incident

By CM_Weller All Rights Reserved ©

Scifi / Adventure


The mucus the frog excreted may prove useful for burns, but the problem of farming it seemed labyrinthine to T'reka. It was not her problem to solve. Her problem was as large as this island-continent and the entirety of all the varied species therein. She left the frog in its new, larger, observation tank and automatic feeding system so she could go out and gather more plant samples. And dirt samples. And ocean samples. She extracted some animal specimens from her traps for analysis and monitored her fourth day living in the middle of a toxic hell-hole.
There was evidence of mammals in the trees and the forest floor!
A tuft of fur - sampled with the help of awkward climbing and -yes!- dung underneath.
T'reka took care to document all footprints not her own whenever she found them. So much to do. There was a lifetime's work just in the area immediately surrounding her camp.
Which meant there were more lifetimes waiting just outside it.
And she had the privilege of sampling all of it.
For science!

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