ZETA -The First Estate-

By Mason Lane All Rights Reserved ©

Scifi / Erotica


Over a year had passed since Justus’s disappearance and Aakifah had concerns about the likelihood of Justus ever returning. Zeta and Triton were free of any such worry. Being Nephilim, Christian and Chief Hartley assumed Justus had returned to the OD.

Chief Hartley stopped by to see Zeta and Aakifah to explain that it typically takes seven years for a missing person to be declared dead. For a court to do it earlier, evidence would need to be produced proving the person is not alive. “With no credit card use, complete lack of any other financial transactions occurring, testimony from credible citizens, and a thorough private investigation report, the time period could be shortened. It’s a difficult situation for those left behind. I’m just glad we’re not in Italy. It takes twenty years there.”

After Chief Hartley’s visit, Aakifah decided she needed to talk to Zeta, and she asked Zeta to come into the office off of the great room.

“As Mr. Marcus’s wife, there’s something I think you need to know. I realize you have your own substantial wealth, but as his only heir there’s something I’d like to show you.”

Zeta immediately wondered if he’d made some bad investments in the stock market or was upside down in his real estate holdings.

“You remember our discussion about my financial concern about St. Michaels and Mr. Marcus’s other philanthropist causes?”

“Yes I do,” Zeta replied becoming more concerned.

“Well, he left instructions with his accounting firm that if he was missing for more than one year I was to be made privy regarding Mr. Marcus’s full financial picture. My concern was ridiculously frivolous. Here, look at this,” Aakifah said as she took out a file and opened it on the desk.

Zeta walked over to the desk, and Aakifah turned the open file to face Zeta. She carefully looked at the pages one by one. They were financial reports from Price, Silverman, & Foust, the largest accounting firm in the world. Zeta’s feelings of concern were swept away by a rush of disbelief as she checked and re-checked the number of zeros on the various reports. “My god, he’s, he’s worth billions!” she exclaimed to herself.

“There are also substantial holdings in several safe deposit boxes in Switzerland and the Cayman Islands containing gold and jewels,” Aakifah said to a stunned Zeta who took the file and sat down on a small sofa in the office.

“For someone with this kind of wealth, Justus is very frugal Aakifah.” She carefully avoided the word was.”

“Yes, this is true. He has some very interesting aspects to his personality.”

“So I’ve noticed. Yes, indeed Aakifah, I’ve noticed.”

After several minutes of conversation Zeta graciously thanked Aakifah and told her she hoped Aakifah would be with them as part of the family, forever, and they warmly hugged each other. Aakifah wasn’t prone to emotion but deeply touched, several tears ran down her face.

Later that evening Zeta walked outside by the pool area where Carol was enjoying a beautiful starry moonless night sky. Although not a very materialistic person, Zeta had to admit she didn’t mind adjusting to the idea of stupendous wealth. She felt ecstatic but also realized she’d been feeling amazingly energized even before Aakifah told her about the phenomenal inheritance.

As she walked over towards Carol she was acutely aware of just how good, how terrific, how naturally high she felt. It was like the adrenaline rush that came after surfing a great wave, but even more intense. An invincible force, a sensation, pulsing throughout her body.

“Hi Zeta, it’s such a beautiful night. I love this cool high-desert evening air. It’s so relaxing.”

“Oh me too, I feel fantastic. Like I could run the 440-yard dash in sub world record time. Like I could surf the planet’s largest wave with ease. Like I, like …, Carol something strange is happening to me.”

“Maybe you’re experiencing a manic episode?”

“I don’t think so. My mind is clear, not confused, racing or agitated. It’s a completely physical sensation I’m having, throughout my body.”

“Ok, we’re both scientists, let’s try an experiment. Maybe Justus gave you more than a super sperm and two beautiful twin girls,” Carol teased. “From where you’re standing, leap up those two levels of stairs onto the landing. Come on, Ms. Energy, give it a go.”

Zeta paused for moment, did a half squat and with her newly found force against gravity, leapt up and landed gingerly on the landing. “Well, holy shit,” Carol gasped.

With the delighted look of a child taking its first steps, Zeta looked around and then leapt up onto the balcony overlooking the pool area. Then uttering, “Oh yeah!” she jumped back near Carol.

“Oh my god, Justus did give you something extra.” Remembering the story Zeta told about Justus in Kingman, Carol went over, picked up a piece of round river rock almost the size of a baseball, and handed it to Zeta.

“Go for it!” Carol exhorted.

Zeta’s eyes gleamed as she took the stone, executed a windup like a San Diego Padre pitcher, and hurled. The rocketed projectile hissed through the Arizona atmosphere, leaving a glowing contrail.

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