ZETA -The First Estate-

By Mason Lane All Rights Reserved ©

Scifi / Erotica

Chapter 54

It was two days later in mid-morning when Zeta walked into Justus’s meditation room, what Zeta considered his chapel. One entire wall was bookshelves with hundreds of books mostly about religion and philosophy. Titles indicated the works of Plato, Aristotle, Socrates, Kant, Descartes, Nietzsche, Shakespeare and many others. He also had a section where he kept his collection of the Beatles 12 vinyl studio albums, 13 EPs, and 22 singles. Justus was sitting in his lounge chair reading when Zeta walked in and asked, “So is that a new book, looks like a large volume?”

“Yes it is, it’s the Encyclopedia of Religions, it lists 4,200 religions. Just amazing all the different creation stories and myths that humans have devised.”

“So why are you interested in them?”

“I’ve watched how religions have been used for thousands of years to control human societies. No other method has come close to being so effective, sometimes for millennia. It’s been quite the phenomena and still is. Communists or Nazis could never maintain control for that long.”

The religions use fear, greed, ego, music, ritual, parental pressure, peer pressure, cultural influence, political pressure, human altruism, superstition, icons, incense, emotion, shame, guilt and any device that effectively propagate religious control. It’s fascinating. I sometimes wonder if ants and bees use religion to control the workers, Justus joked.”

“I think I’ve come to think the world would be so much better without any religion.”

“It will never happen Zeta, as long as there are the fertile soils of credulous children, ignorance, poverty, and humans desiring immortality. The religions will exist until the human species goes extinct. Some humans do good through their religion, but they would still do good without the religion.”

“I hope you’re wrong Justus.”

“Now here’s something that might interest you Zeta. Before the advent of science thousands of religions tried to offer explanations for disease, natural disasters, and the origin of life and planet Earth. That’s quite an undertaking for ancients who didn’t understand what causes disease, lightning, the rain, plants to grow, earthquakes, hurricanes, or a Tsunami. Now the three most popular religions promote the doctrine of one God, yet nothing could be further than the truth. There are endless Original Entities in the Universe. OEs are spread throughout the galaxies.”

“And your point is what Justus?”

“You might say it’s my anthropology hobby. Now and then I come across something in these ancient texts that hits a dead center bullseye. Like this, I came across just this morning in the Jewish Bible, or what the Christians call the Old Testament, Psalm 82 verse 1, God has taken His place in the divine assembly He judges among the Gods."

“Sounds like a gathering to me. A meeting of Gods.”

“Exactly, and that’s what actually occurs in the OD. This ancient writer somehow sensed the reality of the Universe far more accurate than the major organized religions of today. Just as Greek philosophers, Leucippus and Democritus, sensed and developed the theory of the atom in the 5th-century B.C.E.

“Something else I was wondering is just what was the gathering on Wizard Island about?”

“Just that, a gathering. All things and entities can potentially derive benefit from gathering. Atoms, molecules, single-celled creatures, tiny animals, fish, buffalo, lions, humans, all have the drive to gather. A vortex is the most desirable place for self-aware entities to gather because it is where the Earth breathes its energy in and out, invigorating, enlightening and enriching the meditative.”

“But you have experience and knowledge from the OD, why would you want to read a book or study anything Justus?”

“There is nothing to study like a book in the OD. Knowledge comes to an entity like the aerodynamics of flying comes to an eagle. No machine invented by humans can fly and maneuver like a bird. Did the bird study a book?”

“What about the knowledge and power Lucifer desired, and wanting to be like, or more like, the Original Entity?”

“That kind of knowledge and power is only given freely or taken away by force. Power is almost never abdicated voluntarily.”

“But enough of this, we are dining tonight at the Space Needle Restaurant in Seattle, flying out on the S-512 at 6 pm.”

“What?” Zeta said not sure she had heard correctly.

Justus said, “I know you love surprises, and you’ll love this one.”

It took a little over an hour to land in Seattle and then take a limo to the Space Needle. The panoramic view from the Space Needle observation deck at 520 feet was incomparable to any city. Nothing blocked their 360-degree panorama view of Seattle, Puget Sound, some small islands, volcanic Mt. Rainier and the Cascade Mountain range covered in Douglas Firs. Elliott Bay’s bustling waterfront was busy with pleasure boating and shipping traffic. Zeta and Justus leisurely walked around the entire observation deck and then walked down some stairs into the rotating SkyCity Restaurant for dinner.

For appetizers, they enjoyed delicious Dungeness crab cakes with fennel-apple relish, Madras curry, and parsnip purée. Their table was in the fourteen-foot outer edge ring of the restaurant that rotates, giving them a constantly changing panoramic view during dinner. The main entrée was world famous Meyer Ranch prime Angus tenderloin with wild mushroom-bacon fondue, roasted Brussels sprouts, and rainbow potatoes. Sipping a vintage California Napa Valley Merlot refreshed their palate while they savored the meal.

As they dined, they watched the golden sunset west of Seattle and as darkness descended the lights of the Emerald City began sparkling like Northwest jewels below. Then they split their favorite chocolate mousse dessert topped with melted Ghirardelli dark chocolate, whipped cream, and fresh strawberries.

Justus suggested they go back upstairs and onto the observation deck again and walk around to see the night time view. After they completed their hand in hand stroll Justus stopped, turned to Zeta, dropped to one knee and said, “Zeta I want you to be my mate, will you marry me?” Zeta was surprised and stunned. He took a small black velvet box from his dinner jacket pocket, opened it, and showed her the five carats Marquise shaped diamond flashing color and sparkling. “You never do tease, do you? When you say a surprise, you mean it don’t you? Yes, I will marry you, Justus Marcus.” Several people who were coming around on the deck saw the proposal acceptance and broke into applause. This was the second time bystanders applauded a proposal to Zeta.

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