ZETA -The First Estate-

By Mason Lane All Rights Reserved ©

Scifi / Erotica

Chapter 51

The several hours on top of Wizard Island’s volcanic cone were passing quickly for Zeta. “Justus, I think I’m sensing those vortex waves like I did in Sedona.”

“Yes, you are, and I should warn you they come in very intense cycles here. Just relax. They produce massive amounts of negative ions from the lake, far more than along the ocean surf in San Diego. You will find yourself on one of Mother Nature’s highest highs.”

“Oh, that is intense,” Zeta said feeling a surge and looking at Justus, “Should I stay in night vision?”

“Yes, unless you just want to watch neutrinos.”

“I hear a very low hum sound, what is that?”

“The vortex causes a harmonic vibration with the crater’s edge. Now it’s important just to observe, take in all you can, move slowly, and do not make any loud noise or yell, no matter what.”

“What? why?”

“You’ll see. The salient point here is for you to absorb the experience with quiet observation, and whatever you do, do not make noise or yell.”

As Zeta was contemplating Justus’s sobering words, she thought she saw Rigel shining brighter. But it wasn’t Rigel. The increasing blue brightness was much too low in the sky for Rigel. As she watched it in the distance over the crater’s south edge, she thought, “It’s the lights of a plane coming in straight at us.” Then she realized as she watched that no aircraft’s lights would be this color or bright.

The blue light continued towards the edge of the crater. It seemed to Zeta to be several hundred feet above the crater’s edge. She could feel her body becoming highly energized by the negative ions being released from the lake by the surging vortex. As the blue light passed over the crater rim, she could see it had a spherical shape from which the bluish glow radiated. “Justus,” Zeta said in a hushed voice, “What about any other people who might be in the park and the park ranger. Can they see what’s happening?” “No, and you wouldn’t be able to either without your new night vision. No one’s here now but us.”

The glowing sphere continued slowly moving over the lake and towards Wizard Island. It came within several hundred yards and stopped at about the same height as the crater’s edge. “What is this Justus,” she asked in a hushed tone. “Just watch, there’s more to see.”

Zeta tried to estimate the sphere. From this distance, she could see it was huge. She guessed it was three to four times the size of a hot air balloon. It silently moved lower and closer. “I’m getting that sensation like the first time I saw Close Encounters of a Third Kind in a movie theater,” she told herself. “Is this thing dangerous Justus?” “Only if you make noise or yell. That could present a hazard, and that’s the salient point Zeta,” he answered.

She felt like she was having an out of body experience while remaining totally aware. The sphere did something. Zeta’s brain couldn’t compute what it did, just that it did something. Her brain had no reference. Zeta almost let out a startled shriek of fear, but she remembered the salient instruction point and muzzled the fear within her. She was simultaneously mesmerized and terrorized.

Justus took a few steps away from Zeta towards the glowing blueness. He lifted both his arms above his head in what looked like a greeting to Zeta. “This is no time to walk away from me now Justus,” her inner voice pleaded. Her impulse was to move closer to Justus and walk up next to him, but a stronger instinct vetoed that idea.

Zeta now made sense of what had startled and frightened her. The blue glowing object was no longer a sphere. It was morphing into an elliptic shape

with a transparent pyramid form on top, near the front. The unidentified object was dark blue in its depth, with an azure blue comprising most of its mass. The edges radiated brilliant white and golden flashing rays. This was the most amazing sight Zeta had ever seen, far beyond anything she’d could have imagined.

Then it tilted forward, Justus lowered his hands, and it returned to perpendicular. Justus raised his hand, and it tilted again. He lowered his hands, and it was back to perpendicular again. “Holy mother of Jesus!” Zeta spoke to herself, “This isn’t an object, it’s, it’s, a, something, some sentient creature. A big, very big beautiful conscious creature.” Then Zeta was more overwhelmed when she saw gigantic translucent wings reaching out like a hovering hawk from this celestial entity overhead. “Can I even trust what I think I’m seeing!”, she gasped within her mind.

“Zeta,” Justus said in a tone of voice she’d never heard from him before that commanded complete seriousness. He was looking straight ahead at the thing. “You are looking at Lucifer. I want to introduce you. Just lift your arms up.

Zeta raised her arms up, and Lucifer turned towards her and tilted forward. “Now lower your arms,” Justus said. Zeta did, and Lucifer returned to perpendicular. “Can,” Zeta barely got the word out, “Can I ask you something Justus?” she said in a shaky voice.

“Certainly, but please keep your voice low.”

“You mean Lucifer, like in the, well you know, the well know Lucifer?”

“Yes, this is that Lucifer, who travels between the OD and Earth quite freely and at will.”

“The same one that was chatting with the good Nephilim Jesus in the Gethsemane Garden?”

“Yes, the very same one. Lucifer has incredible morphing ability.”

“But I thought that…”

“Let’s be careful what we say. We’re not having a private conversation Zeta.”

“Oh, yes, I see.”

“Remember like it says in the ancient scripture Lucifer was the most beautiful of all the angels.”

“I don’t think was is the right word. Still is the most beautiful.” Then Lucifer tilted forward, then back.

“I think you scored a point with Lucifer Zeta.” Like I was saying, all Lucifer wanted was more knowledge and power. Lucifer wanted to advance in the OD with more equality and not have it continue as a totalitarian theocracy. The OE never accused Lucifer of doing anything evil. All the blame game against Lucifer came from humans later.”

“Humans have never required any outside influence to assist them in being evil?” Zeta interjected.

We SOGs witnessed the whole event and how it led to war in the OD. The battle for knowledge and power still continues everywhere, on every level, and in all Universes.”

“Seems like hardly anyone, anywhere, wants ever to relinquish, or even share power,” Zeta commented noticing her fear had vanished like the moon.

“So does the OE know you SOGs are on favorable terms with Lucifer?” Zeta asked.

“Do parents know everything their kids are up to, what they’re actually doing? Lucifer and we SOGs have had a good quid pro quo alliance relationship for eons.” Now Zeta let’s be very still, the SOGs are coming in.”

“What’s coming? Who’s coming?”

“SOGs, Sons of God. Just remember this salient point. I’m the host. I’m the only transmuted SOG that will be at this gathering here tonight. The SOGs know I’m transmuted and vulnerable. They will be very protective.”

Around the edges of the crater small glowing light blue spheres started appearing, hovering just over the rim of the crater. First there were two, then six, then twelve, then twenty-four and finally forty-eight. Zeta was trying to absorb what was happening and take it all in. She was feeling the powerful vortex surges, the presence of Lucifer, and the growing energy force of the SOG’s. “And Justus is hosting this. Hmm. He must possess some rank in the OD he’s not revealed to me. I’m glad I took the Advil. I can see how this could cause a migraine headache,” she thought to herself.

When all forty-eight of the SOGs were over the crater, Justus asked, “Would you like to do the honors with me?” Not completely sure what he meant, Zeta said “Sure,” faking it like this was something she did every February. “Let’s lift our arms.” Justus and Zeta slowly raised their arms together, and the SOG’s moved in towards Lucifer forming a large oblong circle around Wizard Island and Lucifer.

“If you hear a loud noise, like an electric transformer exploding, don’t scream, it’s just a SOG eliminating an Alpha Vee. They’re blood and energy suckers, and they love to crash a private vortex energy party.”

“Alpha Vee, where, here, now?”

“Yes, they’d love to try and get in on this and suck the vortex energy generated by the gathering.”

“Well, thanks for the heads up Justus.”

The energy increased within the circle and Zeta went into a state of complete blissfulness. She laid down on her back in a state of total relaxation and absorption. Lucifer was radiating beauty beyond description and was clearly, as the ancient scriptures recorded, the OE’s most beautiful creation.

Suddenly, a ray shot out from one of the SOGs across the lake to a place on the inner crater slope. It looked like a laser beam and caused an explosion. Zeta was surprised the blast only slightly disturbed her, and her only reaction was, “That’s one toasted Alpha.” There would be two more toastings before the gathering event ended.

Zeta had lost all track of time when she saw Justus lift his arms, Lucifer tilt forward and back, and then began morphing into the sphere she’d initially seen. The blue sphere floated out and over the crater rim, then disappeared in a flash over the southern horizon. One by one the SOG’s also went over the crater rim and flashed out of sight.

There was a peaceful stillness over Wizard Island. Zeta blinked her eyes several times and was bathed in a colorful world of madly racing neutrinos. Her ability to see them faded and a star filled sky with its companion moon appeared.

“May I help you up,” Justus said taking Zeta’s hand. “Take a minute or two to get your bearings and we’ll take a cautious moonlit hike down the cinder trail. Our helicopter taxi will arrive soon to take us to Klamath Falls and our connection with Christian. “How does your head feel?” “Surprisingly decent given what it’s just been through,” Zeta said looking like she’d had laughing gas at the dentist.

“As they made their way, gingerly descending the volcanic cinder and broken lava trail, Zeta asked, “So what would have happened if I screamed?“

“The SOG’s are rather trigger happy when it comes to Alphas interfering at a gathering. A transmuted SOG always hosts the event, and I don’t think any SOG had previously brought along a human guest. If you weren’t a scientist, I sure wouldn’t have invited you. Something like that could make a normal person permanently schizophrenic. A SOG hearing you scream could have perceived it as something endangering me, and zap, Zeta gets toasted.”

“So I’m not a normal human being, is that what you’re saying Justus?”

“Normal as in scientifically illiterate, which is the current normal for most humans.”

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