ZETA -The First Estate-

By Mason Lane All Rights Reserved ©

Scifi / Erotica

Chapter 44

Strolling along the edge of the shore they passed several high-rise beach condos with lights from the windows shining like cat eyes peering out into the Pacific darkness. As they walked hand in hand, the sound of waves fizzling out onto the beach, became quietness. Half way to Tourmaline State Beach Park and away from the condos Zeta said, “This is a good spot,” and she spread out the blanket higher up on the beach in the softer sand. “We can listen to the ocean breathing and look at the stars.”

They laid down on their backs. “Venus is already up quite high. It looks like she may even move into the crescent moon. So Justus what happened on your monster wave ride today, why did you wipe out?”

“When I, when we surf in the OD it’s all body surfing, we never use anything like surfboards. I thought I’d recalibrated everything for salt water density, but I was off slightly, as you saw.”

“This Santa Ana wind is fantastic, it would normally be chilly out here this time of year, but here we are in our shorts and flip flops.”

“It does feel wonderful, a perfect night.”

“I must confess, I lied to Carol back there.”

“Lied, lied about what Zeta?”

“She was worried we’d be too long on our hike and I promised her I wouldn’t go all the way,” Zeta said as she turned over, got on top of Justus and kissed him.

“Zeta,” Justus said when her kiss released, “I’ve got that strange feeling in my chest real intense right now and …”

“That’s good, and we can talk about it right after we go all the way.” She kissed him again, took off her shorts, removed his, and she told him, “I’m ready to be your mate, but we need to discuss a few things.” She kissed him passionately and added, “When we’ve finished.”

Justus was caught by surprise but was liking the surprise and thought to himself, “This ocean air sure makes her assertive. It’s the abundance of negative ions in the air from the breaking surf. This ocean salt air is marvelous!”

Zeta knelt down and began to feel him already responding. She licked him like a Popsicle on a hot summer day and holding his stiffening member in both her hands. Justus arched his back as he hardened and throbbed in Zeta’s mouth.

Zeta’s vagina was already wet walking down the beach, and it wasn’t from surf spray. She knelt over Justus and put the tip of his purple headed penis in her wetness. “We’re going all the way, Justus, all the way in,” and she began moving down on him. “Can you do that something special like you did before?”, she asked as she began slowly riding his pole up and down until it was finally all the way inside her. “Yes, I can do that, just keep doing what you’re doing,” he answered, enraptured in her passion.

Zeta moaned with delight every time she filled herself with him. Then she started to feel what she’d been thinking about all evening. His penis was swelling up in the area on his cock that went right over her G-spot with each stroke, while the base of his cock was also enlarging to stimulate her clit with each full deep penetration.

She looked around to make sure she saw nothing in the darkness. No humans, no moving shadows, no silhouettes, and for god sakes no Vees! “Oh yes, oh Justus, oh yes!” She could feel her SOG morphing with his incredible erotic enhancements. Along with her deep moaning she was releasing shrieks of pure physical joy and ecstasy. She composed her rational mind enough to gasp, “You’re not going to release your sperm, right Justus?” “Oh no, not until we’re mates, when we’re married.” Then he thrust harder as she screamed into the sound of the breaking waves.

“Do you want more?” he asked.

“More of what?” she said momentarily puzzled and catching her breath.

“More, Zeta!”

“Yes more, more!” she answered not knowing if he meant more thrusting or what?

Instantly she knew what he meant. The morphed erotic spots that matched her G-spot and clitoris enlarged more. “She moaned louder with more pleasure than she ever imagined possible as her juices oozed over his customized erection. Then his cock grew even more inside her. She started riding him harder than a National female rodeo barrel riding champion riding a hot blooded quarter horse. Up and down she rode, each stroke with perfect precision, from the tip of his swollen glans to the base of his morphed shaft.

Then she heard Justus starting. A low sound from deep inside of him that grew with each of her delicious engorging. She felt him harden and swell. She could feel his orgasm begin while his back arched high, and she knew the first hot spurt of ejaculate was on its way. He screamed out, “Oh, oh, Zeaaaata I love you!” and her orgasm began right with his first burst of cum. Her orgasm spread from her vagina throughout her whole body while they came together. She timed her thrusts with each spasm of his cock and kept him in her when he was finished. Her orgasm continued while they passionately kissed and their tongues entwined. She pressed her swollen rosebud gently against him till her quivering subsided.

She laid on top of him for several minutes while their breathing slowed and their heart tachometers returned to normal. Then she rolled over off him and onto the blanket in contented exhaustion.

After watching the stars for a few moments, Zeta said, “What was that you said?”


“I said, what did you say to me Justus when you were coming. Just a few minutes ago, what did you say?”

“Why, I, I said I love you. I think I screamed it.”

“That’s what is causing the strange feeling in your chest, the feeling when you’re missing me. You love me, or at least that’s what I think, hope it is.”

Justus thought several seconds, “Yes, it’s certainly eros, sexual passion, of the six Greek words for love, but also philia, deep friendship, ludus playful love, and pragma, longstanding love, I hope it will be. But it seems so much more than any one of those words for love.”

Zeta smiled and kissed him, “I hope it is so much more because I believe in you Justus, and I love you with that strange feeling in my chest too.”

Walking back down to Mark and Carol, Justus asked Zeta, “Now what are those few things you wanted to discuss?”

“I will be your mate, but I don’t want to have a male Nephilim.”

“But that’s all there’s ever been, male Nephilim.”

“I realize that. Why do we have to maintain the chauvinist status quo? With your intuitive knowledge of DNA and this new XNA, and Carol’s training and expertise with gene splicing, why can’t we produce a girl?”

“There would certainly be some risk.”

Zeta stopped walking, looked right into his eyes and answered, “Risk? Why your middle name ought to be risk, and if I’m to be your mate, well safe wouldn’t be an appropriate middle name for me, now would it?”, she challenged.

“What if the fetus was a male?”

“We’d abort. Maybe try again, maybe not. I’m no geneticist, but I know there’s a gene on the Y chromosome called SRY that determines the sex of a human. This gene tells a baby to be a male. Without the SRY gene, fetuses develop into girls. That’s pretty straight forward isn’t it?”

“Well yes, it seems possible, at least in theory. “Ok, what else do we need to discuss?”

“We keep our finances separate. In theory, we humans want to think we are lifetime monogamous, but reality records far different statistics, and you SOGs come and go like the wind,” Zeta said directly.

Justus continued looking straight at her, “Ok, I’m for trying to change the status quo, and you now have your own wealth .”

“So just what plan do you propose Justus? I know those wheels in your head have been spinning.”

“You move to Sedona to live with me. I’ll build you an observatory where you can search for any asteroids, comets, or meteors that might be on a trajectory to collide with Earth. Several years ago, Sedona was added to the list of International Dark-Sky Cities making it ideal for astronomy.”

“Why Justus that’s wonderful, light pollution makes good astronomy difficult, if not impossible.”

“It took Sedona fifteen years to qualify for that list.”

“You don’t need to finance an observatory for me.”

“I know, but I’d love to. You know, I have that love in the chest kind of love now,” Justus said beaming.

“Oh, that’s so sweet Justus.”

And I’ll build a lab for the DNA XNA work with Carol.”

“Oh Justus you really are a good guy, or good SOG or whatever it is you are,” Zeta exclaimed throwing her arms around him. “And there’s one more thing.”

“Really, what is that?”

“We forget the pet names. I just don’t think it’s us.”

“Ok, I agree. They’re forgotten.”

“Oh, and there is just one more thing.”

“And it is?”

“Didn’t I hear you say something about matrimony when we were, ah, well, going all the way back there?”

“Yes, I’d be honored if you wanted to marry me, we could have a prenuptial of course.”

“Hmm,” Zeta said as she mulled over his words, “I think I’d require a proper proposal. Mentioning it in passing while we were organ grinding on the beach in the dark, doesn’t count Justus.”

“Well there you are, and back on schedule,” Carol greeted the beachgoers coming in the distance. “Did you enjoy your little hike?” she yelled.

“Oh yes, it was wonderful,” Zeta said realizing her voice was overly enthusiastic.

As they gathered everything up to head back to the condo, Mark told them the couple that watched their stuff when they went out on the pier, said to tell them thanks for the brats and drinks. “They were a real nice couple, he served in Iraq detonating IED’s, got out without a scratch, that’s fickle Lady Luck for ya.”

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