ZETA -The First Estate-

By Mason Lane All Rights Reserved ©

Scifi / Erotica

Chapter 38

At the hospital, Aakifah was examined, treated for shock, and a forensic medical specialist completed a forensic medical exam. She had some bruises on her arms and legs, and although the Alpha didn’t have time to do the rape, there was some external vaginal bruising. Swab samples tested in the lab would later be noted as “Damaged DNA or of an unknown origin” that the lab supervisor would officially record as “damaged or contaminated DNA swab samples.” Aakifah was given a strong five-day antibiotic as a preventative measure.

The hospital wanted her to stay the night for observation, but she insisted on going back to the house. “Not house my dear Aakifah, home. This is your home now.” Aakifah managed a small smile and Justus hugged her.

They drove back to the mansion and as they drove she said, “I never, I never knew such a man, such a human brute existed. So fierce and so evil, so rotten smelly, and hairy.”

“He’ll never bother anyone again Aakifah. Chief Hartley took care of that.”

“And I won’t be going out without Triton anymore,” she added.

“Yes, that would be the safest thing to do.”

Justus made her a light dinner of beef noodle soup and a tuna fish sandwich on rye bread with tomato. She ate most of it and then Justus told her, “A nurse will be coming to stay with you for a few days while I go to La Jolla. Just use one of the guest bedrooms for yourself and one for your nurse while I’m gone. I’m so sorry this happened to you. You’ve already been through so much in your life.”

“It’s not your fault Mr. Marcus, I just fell in love with an evil man, and I should have taken Triton with me today. Just because Kifat is gone doesn’t mean his friends couldn’t have come after me. I was feeling too safe.”

“Well this wasn’t anyone of your husband’s connections,” Justus said feeling he was to blame for the attack on her.

“No, this was a beast, a terrible beast. You know that monster was so powerful I was sure I would be raped and killed. When I knew I was going to die, you know what flashed through my mind?”

“No, What?

“My parents and my guitar, my guitar. You know how much I love to play my guitar. I thought to myself I would never play my guitar again, and my last note has been heard.”

“I’m looking forward to hearing you play again. You know my favorite is Recuerdo de la Alhambra, I feel transcended when you play it Aakifah.”

“Oh thank you, that’s so kind of you to say.”

“It’s true. Your playing is magical. You know you could have been performing on the world classical guitar stage, don’t you? An international performing star like Sharon Isbin, Andrés Segovia, or Liona Boyd.”

“Oh thank you. It was a hope of mine, along with my study of fine art, but I fell in love. My parents did not like him, but I’ve learned the hard way that it’s so true. Love can be incredibly blind. I was blind to the obvious. So much for my trained eye for fine art,” she said her self-deprecating humor.

The nurse arrived, and Justus showed her one of the guest bedrooms she could use upstairs. Then he called the jet charter company and made arrangements to fly tomorrow morning. As soon as he finished with the charter company, he phoned Zeta and told her Aakifah was ok and was back at the house. Zeta said she’d been at her parents’ home in Pacific Beach.

She gave Justus the family news that her mother was grieving bitterly over Briana’s death and Mark’s traumatic war injuries. She’d been spending a lot of time on her knees praying and asking why her prayers to protect her children went unheeded. Zeta told Justus her mother just kept saying why, why, why? Justus said, “Maybe one day she’ll have an epiphany and realize no one was ever listening to her prayers but herself. Then she’ll quit torturing herself trying to get answers from an ancient bogus source. The OE’s primordial indifference to organic creatures is legendary.”

Mark was in a wheelchair and had been fitted with a prosthetic left leg and was able to get up and down and around some, building up his endurance. “He’s already talking about getting one of those prosthetics made for running like the guy that shot his model fiancé’ in South Africa has, and he wants to compete. He’s also hoping his vision may return in his right eye with surgery. His attitude is absolutely amazing, he never was a whiner or complainer, and he isn’t now,” Zeta added.

“That’s great that Mark has such a positive attitude under the circumstances,” Justus commented.

“I think I’m going to ask Mark if he’d like to stay at the condo. Carol and Mark have always gotten along great, and it might be good for both of them. I know he’d like to have a bit more space from Mom and Dad. They love him, but Mom can be a little much with the hovering.”

“Yes, could be good for Mark as soon as he feels up to it.”

“And we’re expecting a one hundred year surf swell. A big swell producing gigantic surf, possibly the largest in one hundred years,” she said excitedly.

“That should be something spectacular to watch,” Justus replied.

“Watch? Not just watch, ride!”

“You plan to ride waves like that on a surfboard?”

“If the swell is organized, with spaced sets, and there are rideable waves, I’m in.”

“I’m sure you know what you’re doing and have good judgment, I hope. I’ll look forward to seeing the big waves. I certainly never saw any in Egypt, Germany, Morocco or Amsterdam. Morocco is known for some big surf, but it was small when I was there.”

“Well, this northwest swell originated from a massive storm in Siberia and is coming down from the north Pacific. They are calling it the Century Monster.”

“And how soon is it expected?”

“In just a couple of days.”

“Then you’ll have time to show me how to surf?”

Zeta laughing, “Why of course, a day to learn and one more to practice and you’ll be Monster ready.”

“Where I come from, I’ve surfed some fascinating waves. I’m sure there is similarity. A waveform is a waveform.”

“I’ve got an extra wetsuit and boards.”

“I don’t think I’ll need much of a wetsuit. I’m rather warm blooded.”

“The water temperature is sixty-two and dropping Justus. Check it out when you get here.”

“I’m leaving tomorrow morning, and I’ll be seeing you soon my precious Zeta.”

“I’ll pick you up at the airport ah, sweetie.”


“You are my sweetie, aren’t you? I don’t know what to call you. This has all been so fast you know.”

It’s true we’re not full-fledged mates yet, but sweetie, I ah,” Justus stammered.

“Can you live with sweetie, at least for now? I’ve never really been that great with, well, pet names.”

“Yes, I can live with sweetie. It’s fine with me precious. Is precious ok for you, for now, I mean?”

“Yes, precious is very nice. I’ll see you tomorrow Justus sweetie. Maybe I’ll try darlin’ with a sugar sweet southern belle drawl.”

“Oh, I kind of like that,” Justus said before saying goodbye.

Justus showered from the busy day and laid down to go to sleep. He usually fell sound asleep within a few minutes, but he found himself feeling restless, thinking about Zeta, having those strange new sensations, and not falling asleep. Thinking about the feeling sensations, he realized they were like a longing for something. Sometimes in the other dimensions, he’d have a feeling for a place, or a familiar entity, but this was much stronger. Finally, he drifted off to sleep.

He was up early, on the Lear Jet in the morning, and landed at the San Diego International Airport where Zeta picked him up in her Cadillac Escalade. They’d agreed it was too soon for Justus to meet her parents and she told them she’d fallen in love with the Sedona area and would be spending some time there.

“I see you’ve got the surf racks on already,” Justus noticed.

“Absolutely. Let’s eat first and then go check out the surf. You certain you want to try this?”

“Definitely. I love all kinds of waves. Electromagnetic waves, sound waves, ocean waves. Waves are integral to our travel in the OD, the other dimensions.”

“I see. SOG, OD, Vee. I suppose Original Entity is OE. And let me guess Neph is for Nephilim?”

“That’s good, real good. Acronyms are popular in the OD too. All intelligent entities prefer efficiency and conciseness.”

“I’d like you to meet Carol. We can meet, greet, and eat at the condo before we hit the surf.”

“Sounds great.”

They drove to the La Jolla Shores condo and checked the surf at Windansea beach. It was an above average surf day with head high sets and some bigger overhead waves. Carol was waiting at the condo and Zeta introduced her to Justus. Carol and Justus sat on the balcony enjoying the view and talking while Zeta made some delicious BLT multi-grain sandwiches with mayo and mild Vidalia onions. The conversation quickly turned to Carol’s work in genetics and DNA. She was surprised how conversant Justus was on the subject and the questions he asked about her research.

When he inquired what she thought about DNA scientists initially thinking that 98% of the human DNA genome’s 21,000 genes were inactive junk, and that now they recently discovered the so-called junk is the seat of crucial gene controlling activity, she did her best to speculate on where they’d gone amiss originally. He asked if she’d heard about XNA and she said she had but didn’t know a great deal about it. Did she think the three billion DNA human base pairs will present insurmountable problems with pairing? The conversation became more complex from there. Carol was aware Justus was probing the depth of her knowledge.

Zeta brought the tasty BLT’s out with a pitcher of ice cold tea. “So have you two found anything of interest to talk about?”

“Yes, we’ve been discussing an outline for a white paper to publish in the DNA scientific journals on the challenges of producing synthetic XNA,” Carol joked.

“Your friend Carol is quite the brilliant geneticist.”

“Justus has some surprising insight to the spiral helix world and unique ways of possible manipulation.”

“He’s unique alright,” Zeta said with a smile.

After eating and chatting about Mark’s recovery, beautiful La Jolla, and the expected epic surf swell, Zeta suggested they select their boards and get ready to head out. Justus insisted he only needed a wetsuit vest, so Zeta found one for him in the condo garage.

They strapped the boards on the racks, and all three got in the Escalade. Carol didn’t know how to surf or want to try but said she’d like to watch if they weren’t going to surf too long. “We won’t be long. Justus says he’s a fast learner so we won’t be over an hour in the surf.”

“We’ll drive up to Encinitas to Swamis State Beach Park. It’s an easy twenty-mile drive and the waves there line up more predictable than here at Windansea where wave peaks shift before breaking,” Zeta announced.

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