ZETA -The First Estate-

By Mason Lane All Rights Reserved ©

Scifi / Erotica

Chapter 36

Morning found Zeta warm and curled up in bed when the sound of Justus shaving in the bathroom nudged her to start waking up. She laid on her back half opening her eyes and stretching her arms above her head feeling the warm glow in her body.

Justus walked in and asked if she would like breakfast in bed. She propped against a pillow and said “Yes, good morning, that would be wonderful,” and ordered two eggs over easy, toast with blackberry or grape jelly, crispy bacon, and orange juice.” She was feeling like a woman in love but repressed telling him so. “It’s all been so fast and I was a bad judge of Benton,” she rationalized her holding back any verbal declarations.

“Aakifah has arranged for the charter jet to be ready to take you to San Diego in three hours my precious,” he told her as he sat on the bed and kissed her good morning.

Then on the crest of a strong impulse she looked right in Justus’s eyes and told him, “You know, I’d like to, no I’d love to have you come to San Diego with me and stay in the condo and meet Carol. What do you think?”

“I don’t have any outing to attend to right now, so let me think about it.” Zeta kept looking into his eyes and he said, “I’ve thought about it and I can, I mean I’d love to go with you, and I’ll leave my little brown bag here.”

Zeta was excited and hugged and kissed him. “I’m learning more about you all the time, and now I know a SOG can be spontaneous.”

“Some of us are, but there are others as non-spontaneous as a grouchy grizzly bear coming out of hibernation.”

Zeta enjoyed her breakfast in bed, dressed, packed her bag and ran down the spiral staircase. She gave an affectionate massage to Triton while thinking to herself, “I’m sure glad this amazing creature is on our side,” recalling what she saw happen in just a few seconds to a powerful Alpha Vee last night. She visited with Aakifah as they sat comfortably on the large U-shaped red leather conversation pit couch. Justus came in the living room and sat down by Zeta. Aakifah excused herself to do some things.

“So how was breakfast and how are you this fine morning?” Justus asked.

“The breakfast Aakifah prepared was just scrumptiously delicious. I’m a little sore, though.”

“Oh I’m so sorry, I just got carried away, I mean you were so amazing and …”

“No, no, not that way. My knees are just a little sore from, well the kneeling on the tile. Next time I should use a pad for the knees. Maybe we should keep a pad in the shower,” Zeta said with a wink.

“Holy cosmos, she’s already thinking about the next time. This is some well-endowed human female, and with quite a dynamite libido,” Justus spoke to himself, feeling quite pleased.

“Justus, I have something I need to ask, I hope it isn’t too personal of me to ask.”

“You know I love questions. And I don’t lie.”

“Ok, let me put it bluntly. You have an amazing penis. It’s unique the way it creates added erection in places. You know what I mean?”

“Yes, I think I do.”

“And those lovely new places match up beautifully with, ah, with my lovely places. Just how does this happen.”

“Strangely enough, it’s as new to me as it is to you.”

“What? Now that’s a new line. It’s as new to me as you?”

“Yes. First, let me say I think you may have a mistaken idea that I’ve mutated into human form and mated at the rate of a cosmic rabbit.”

“I guess I assumed you’d done it many times over the six thousand years since SOGs got the hots to mate with human females.”

“That assumption is a long way off the mark. And as I told you, me being in human form can be fatal, which requires a lengthy and challenging time for a SOG to re-coalesce in the other dimensions. You know time is flexible and six thousand years of time are not the same here as in the other dimensions.”

“Yes, I do understand that.”

“I’ve only had two mates before transmuting this time. Once in Egypt and then again in Germany. Both relationships were terminated by the cruel hand of fate. I hope this time will be better.”

“I appreciate you correcting my exaggerated assumption,” Zeta replied as she thought to herself, “Wow, I’ve had more sex partners than Justus, I feel like a Cougar,” smiling to herself.

“Every time a SOG transmutates, experiences transubstantiation, there are possible mutations, just as risky possibilities exist with any kind of reproduction, birth, or quantum physics interaction. What my penis can now do to give you very specific sexual stimulation is new to me Zeta. When I said I’d give you something more, I was planning more but didn’t know what was going to happen until I felt it happening.”

“Really? I must be the luckiest female on planet Earth, unless this happens with other SOGs.”

“So you do like it? It feels exquisite to me Zeta. I don’t know about other SOGs and their penises.”

“Do I like it, do I like it? For Christ sakes Justus I love it! You had me howling like a female lioness in heat last night. It makes me wonder why those anatomical cock features weren’t included in the original design,” Zeta gushed enthusiastically. Then to her amazement, she felt the warm tingling already stirring between her legs in her pink lace panties.

She consciously tried to stop the arousal wondering how she could be getting hot and bothered so soon after last night’s Olympic sex. She touched his hand, got up, and went out into the kitchen and poured a small glass of orange juice she didn’t really need. Justus leaned back on the couch, thoroughly enjoying the beauty of her walk.

Zeta returned to the living room and sat down to sip her orange juice. She looked over at Justus and noticed he was watching her with a strange look in his eyes. “Justus, are you feeling ok?”

“I don’t know. I’m having this sensation. Actually, sensations that I’m unfamiliar with.”

“What do you mean?”

“When you were walking into the kitchen, my stomach felt weird, and I’m sure my heart jumped or skipped some beats, which it never does.”

“Oh you’re probably just getting turned on, I mean after all it has been a few centuries since you’ve mated,” she laughed.

“No I know what aroused feels like, this is more. It’s quite different.”

“Well, what else are you experiencing?”

“I get sensations in my body when I think about you, and up into my chest and face when I see you.”

“And you’ve never had sensations like this before, never, right?”

“Yes, never.”

Zeta wondered if Justus was falling in love with her. “He sure has been passionate, sweet, and a complete gentleman with me every minute we’ve been together. Is it possible?” she said to herself. “Maybe your new improved toy has over stimulated your nervous system,” Zeta teased.

“My new improved toy?”

“Your lovely morphing hard-on?”

“Oh, yes, that may be a possibility.”

“Well let’s see if we can figure out what these sensations are about. You’re not pre-maturely aging are you Justus? You do need to pay attention to your heart health.”

“Transmutation is never without potential peril. I certainly hope it’s not a transmutation mutation that accelerates aging,” Justus wondered aloud.

“I also hope it’s not. There is a genetic premature aging condition in humans called progeria that Carol studied. But do these symptoms, these sensations just occur in relation to me?”


“Well, we’ll see what happens. You look very healthy. By the way, do you ever go to a doctor?”

“Oh no, it would just be a waste of both our time, they couldn’t treat me. I will either heal from a trauma wound or a toxin, or I’ll die. I’m completely resistant to harmful microbes. Physicians usually did more harm than good back in Egypt and also in Germany during the Inquisition. They’ve come a long way but they still can’t be of any medical benefit for me.”

Zeta didn’t hear him say much about being Mr. Teflon regarding microbes. She was wondering if Justus was experiencing love sick feelings, and was falling in love with her?

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