ZETA -The First Estate-

By Mason Lane All Rights Reserved ©

Scifi / Erotica

Chapter 35

After returning to the mansion, they visited a while with Aakifah, and she retired to the guest house. Then Zeta said she was going to take a shower to freshen up after the desert outing. As they walked up the staircase to the master bedroom, Zeta went ahead of him giving Justus a sexy show. “I’d like it if you’d care to join me for a ride in that lovely shower built for two,” she offered.

She went into the master bathroom, undressed and went into the shower. A couple of minutes later Justus entered the bathroom and asked, “Does the invitation still stand?” “If you’re not feeling too tired, it sure does,” Zeta replied facetiously.

Zeta realized that these so-called outings made her very horny. On the way driving back, she found herself caressing his neck, arm, and thigh. Her body was imprinted with the memory of Justus in the Trump Tower, and she didn’t even try to deny she wanted to make love again.

Justus came in and started showering while his eyes feasted on this earthling female, strongly hoping she would want to be his mate, and bear his Nephilim child. Zeta also showered while enjoying the view of his well-sculptured body. It wasn’t the build of a steroid fed body builder but like a finely honed Olympic gymnast. She watched the warm water flowing over his head, down his body, and rushing off his penis that was slightly enlarged. “Evidently filled with hope,” Zeta tittered to herself.

She came over, kissed him, and took hold of his Mr. Hopeful. He immediately started to get an erection and Zeta became super turned on feeling him swell, erect, and harden in her right hand. She reached behind him and shut off his shower and said “I haven’t forgotten your special skill set you showed me in the Trump Tower. You still have that skill, Mr. Other Dimension Guy?” “Yes, I believe I do,” he told her as she stroked him.

She put her arms around his neck, then wrapped her legs around him and pushed her already swollen pussy against his upright pole. She spread her labia lips and moved her pussy half the length of his cock. He took hold of her waist and put the tip of his hard-on in her hungry juicy lips. She moaned and pleaded for more. But he slowly, inch by inch worked it in, while her hungry vagina savored it like a carnivore consuming a raw filet mignon.

Then he thrust deep within, and she moaned as he pumped her erotically aroused pinkness. She rode his cock, and her juices dripped down onto the tile floor, while Justus made love to her, following the rhythmic rise and fall of her sexual ecstasy. She could feel the special places on his penis enlarging over her G-spot and clitoris.

As she clung tightly to him with her athletic legs around his waist and her surfer fit arms around his neck, she bit and sucked on the side of his neck. “I think she likes me. She’s putting her mark on me like a she cat. That’s a good sign,” Justus mused to himself while enjoying the succulent carnality of his chosen female Goddess.

Then she held herself tight up against him, squeezed his cock hard with her cunt and then abruptly ended her SOG pole dance. She kissed him, played tongue tag, turned around, shut off the other shower, and went to the tile sitting bench and knelt on it displaying her erotically twerking ass and spread pussy which was begging for more of Justus’s skill set.

He stood there for a moment throbbing at a righteous forty-five-degree angle. Zeta continued presenting her jungle fever ass and to him with a pleased and devilish look on her face. “You’ve awakened the sexual Goddess in me, Justus.”

“This sure is different than Egypt or Germany,” Justus exclaimed in his internal dialogue.

Zeta’s knees were on tile but she was so pumped full of adrenalin and a plethora of other powerful sexual hormones it felt like plush carpet. Justus moved behind her, gripped her around the waist, teased her with his erection, then shoved it in and began fucking her hard like a pile driver. They could hear the sensuous sucking sound of her lips on his shaft, and Justus became more aroused seeing her juice oozing all over his cock.

Then on the underside of his cock, the erectile area began to swell more and stimulated her G-spot ridges with every stroke. Zeta began moaning and screaming “Oh yes, yes, oh my god,” and then louder as she pushed her ass against him, “Fuck me you son of God, fuck me hard SOG!” Justus reached around and caressed her swollen clit with his fingers. Her erotic areas swelled, and she cried out with ecstatic delight.

Then Zeta orgasmed and her body shook and shivered for a full minute while Justus exploded his hot ejaculate inside her, with no sperm just as he promised. She collapsed on the tile bench and he turned the shower on, rinsed them both, dried her off with a fluffy white towel, then himself, and gently carried her to bed and shut off the light.

They laid there quietly letting their metabolism and pulse rate return to normal. The soft desert night breeze inspired the sheer window curtains to dance in the full moon light. Then Zeta and Justus fell into a deep, peaceful sleep.

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