ZETA -The First Estate-

By Mason Lane All Rights Reserved ©

Scifi / Erotica

Chapter 33

Christian saw the flat top mesa in the distance, and then the runway atop the small flat mountain. Zeta was awake and was momentarily distracted from her grief by the breathtaking view of this extraordinary airport on top a mesa in northern Arizona red rock country. Landing there was unlike any other place in the world. The entire descent and approach were pure magical and surreal to Zeta. It looked like a perfect alien landing location in a Steven Spielberg.

They said their goodbyes to Christian and his co-pilot, got into the Tesla and headed to Justus’s place. Justus suggested Zeta could check out of her hotel and she, without hesitation, agreed with the suggestion. After that, she returned her rental car. When they arrived at the mansion they were greeted by Aakifah, and then by the polite and patient Triton, who welcomed them back with his unadulterated joy and love.

Zeta had decided she would stay a day or two and then return to the La Jolla Shores condo. They took their bags up the spiral staircase where Justus showed Zeta his large master bedroom with a large balcony overlooking the pool, guest house, and red rock desert acreage.

The bedroom had a large bathroom with an extra-large shower with two shower heads and a tiled seating area where a bather could sit down to wash their legs and feet. “I’m going to take a shower,” he told Zeta, “Or would you like to shower first?”

Justus went into the bathroom, undressed, stepped into the shower, turned on the water and began showering. It wasn’t long before a naked Zeta walked in the bathroom. Justus was busy showering when he looked up and saw her sitting in yoga lotus position on the large granite sink counter. “Take your time,” she yelled over the noise of the shower, “Or would you like some company in there?”

Justus turned on the other shower and opened the door. Zeta walked in, and he embraced and kissed her. They stood across from each other, each with the shower spray beating on their back. Each shower head was adjustable to give a straight spray or a variable shower vibrating massage. Zeta adjusted hers and said, “This feels wonderful Justus, thanks for the invite.”

He washed her back with a natural sea sponge, then she turned around, and he washed her breasts giving gentle attention to her erect nipples. “Oh, that feels so good,” she sighed, “I’ve never had anyone give me a shower sponge bath.”

Justus then washed her face, neck, arms, and then her legs. “Keep going please,” she spoke over the sound of the water noise. So he sensuously washed her derriere, and she spread her legs apart while he washed between her legs. Then she took the sponge and washed him all over. She bathed his genitalia carefully and then stepped back and enjoyed the shower massage.

After they toweled off and changed into comfortable clothes, Aakifah made them salmon lox sandwiches on ciabatta bread with cream cheese, tomato, and mild sliced red onion. They went into the living room area and were watching the local news when the local TV anchorwoman said, “There have been no further developments regarding the recent death of Coconino Sheriff Department Detective Clark Menser. Detective Menser was the subject of an Internal Affairs investigation at the time of his death which has been ruled a suicide by the county coroner. Detective Menser crashed his vehicle into a large section of red rock on 179 North while speeding over 100 miles per hour.”

Neither of them said anything. Zeta just moved her eyes to look at Justus. He just continued watching the TV as the anchorwoman talked about some traffic delays south of Sedona due to highway construction repairs. Zeta moved her eyes back to the TV. Then Justus said, “I need to go on a little local outing as soon as it’s dark. I’d like you to come along if you will.”

“Outing. That word has taken on a whole new meaning for me Justus. I’ll join you. What do I need to wear? Do I need to bring a spear?”

“Your jogging outfit would be perfect, not shorts, long pants. No spear please.”

The doorbell rang, and Aakifah went and opened the door. As Aakifah invited the visitor inside, Zeta’s heart skipped a few beats and sped up when she saw the visitor was a tall, lean man with black hair and a neatly trimmed mustache wearing a Sedona Police Department uniform. Justus walked over to him and shook his hand. They were talking, but Zeta was too far away to understand what they were saying. The conversation appeared cordial, the man left, and Zeta’s anxiety settled down some.

“That was Jeff Hartley, he’s the Sedona Chief of Police. I’ll tell you about him when we’re on our way. And Triton will be coming with us.”

“Ok,” Zeta said now feeling greatly relieved, “I’m gonna call Carol and see how she’s doing.”

Zeta went out by the pool and sat down on a poolside lounger and phoned Carol. Zeta told her about Mark and that she would be back to the condo in a couple days. Carol said everything was fine, and she loved living in La Jolla Shores. Zeta gave some highlights about dinner, shopping, dancing, Central Park and the John Lennon Memorial, taking a quick look in the subway, and seeing T-Rex at the Smithsonian. She skipped details like Justus throwing meteorites, a vampire on the subway stairs, and her new sex life.

“Zeta, now don’t try to put me on. I hear a bubbly sound in your voice you sure didn’t have when you left. Have you fallen for him? Come on now, don’t try to bullshit me girl,” Carol probed.

“We’ve gotten along very well, and he’s unique and interesting. I’ve had quite an intriguing time.”

“Knock it off. Quite intriguing my ass! You’ve slept with him. I can tell. You’re busted Zeta.”

“Ok, but it was only once. Just one time. I feel like you’re calling me a slut,” Zeta faked being embarrassed.

“Come on, level with me. You sound like a very euphoric slut. I’ll bet, he gave you quite a good intriguing time.”

“Well dear Carol, my best friend and trusted confidant, it was only one time. But, it was one unbelievable hell of a one time.”

“You are a slut, you little devil. I’m so jealous.”

“I want you to meet him, and see what you think. This has all been rather fast.”

“Fast? I’ll say it has. You two seem to cover a lot of ground quickly.”

After the sun produced another orange-hued Arizona horizon show, dusk made its lazy appearance, faded, and darkness arrived escorted by a gigantic full moon rise. Then Justus and Zeta, with Triton in the back seat of the Tesla sedan, headed out.

“So let me tell you about Chief Hartley.”

“I’ll guess,” Zeta injected, “He’s a Nephilim?”

“Why yes, how did you know?”

“I noticed a certain, very distinct vibe with Christian and I felt the same energy from Chief Hartley.”

“You are certainly one sensitive and perceptive lady my Zeta. You are the only human I’ve known who could detect that vibe,” Justus complimented. “That sensing capacity comes from the deepest part of your brain. It functions with electricity at the speed of light. Nurture that skill set well.”

“I will. I really will,” Zeta promised.

He turned east off 179 and drove slowly towards one of the most beautiful chapels in the world; the nearly 100 foot high Chapel of the Holy Cross built upon a 1,000-foot high red rock butte. On the front of the chapel is a large cross as high as the chapel, with the bottom of the cross going 40 feet below the butte ledge. In the daytime, there was a clear view of the majestic Cathedral Rock just a couple miles to the west of Highway 179.

“There is so much evil in the world Zeta. It’s like a chronic disease that can only be managed, battled, and held in check. I have my limitations and try to be the most effective with what I do within the limits that exist. The most vicious Vees are the Alpha Vees, who experience an even darker transmutation flaw,” Justus explained as they drove through the night to the Cathedral Rock area.

“Alpha Vees?”

“Yes, they are by far the most dangerous and destructive and along with me breeding another Nephilim, my purpose is to eliminate the evilest of humans and Alpha Vees.”

“And why are you in Sedona?”

“Because of the powerful vortexes here. The Alphas discovered long ago they increase their power and strength by bathing in the vortexes here. Chief Hartley is very helpful in providing information about Alphas that come into the area.”

“Bathing in the vortexes?”

“If we can locate the Alpha Vee that Hartley is sure is in the area, you’ll see what I mean.”

They drove up the steep asphalt road into the parking lot of the Chapel. Built in 1956 the modern architecture structure is a narrow building anchored into a 250-foot high spur jutting out of a thousand foot high red rock wall. It looks like something astronauts might expect to find on Mars built by long extinct ancient aliens. Senator Barry Goldwater had the political clout to secure a special permit to have the chapel built on public land.

In the stillness of the night, the full moon poured its muted light over the hushed desert scene. They got out of the Tesla sedan and Triton came with them. They looked up at the chapel and out over the area that is known for a powerful vortex.

“There is something I want you to know Zeta.”

“Of course, there’s always more to know with you, isn’t there?”

“Yes, it does seem that way. Triton is no ordinary dog.”

“Well, I can see that he’s very special.”

“I mean more than that Zeta. Triton came with me.”

“I know, he rode with both of us in the car.”

“I mean Triton came with me from the other dimensions. He understands every word we say.”

“Zeta looked at Triton, who was sitting near her, and Triton slowly nodded his head up and down in an unmistakable yes.”

Zeta watched the yes, and was quiet while carefully observing Triton’s noble face and eyes in the moonlight. Then she said, “Is that true Triton?” and Triton responded with another clear yes. Zeta waited a few seconds then asked, “Can you speak English or any other language to me Triton?” Triton shook his head side to side in a clear indication of no.” Then Zeta asked again, “Was that a no answer to my question?” Triton shook his head yes. Zeta felt a shiver go up and down her spine.

“Thank you, Triton. My, my Justus, you are full of surprises.”

“I’ve explained from the beginning that the natural and the supernatural are the same, and have many parallels and similarities. Do you think there would only be SOGs and what humans call angels in the so- called supernatural? Why would there be such immense variety of life on just one planet like Earth, and no variety in the other dimensions?”

“I concede that would not be logical. Even our best astrophysicists theorize about there even being parallel Universes, so it does seem absurd to think there wouldn’t be more, well, more …”

“Entities, entities of different types.”

“So, you’re telling me Triton came along, that he transmuted with you?”

Triton shakes his head yes.

“Oh, oh, excuse me Triton, I didn’t mean to be rude. Please forgive me for, well for, ah, I won’t do it again.” Triton gave a nod of acceptance of Zeta’s apology.

“Triton and I have been together for a long time. Humans have their special companions that are not of their species and we SOGs have our special friends in a similar way.”

“I’m not sure why, but all this is beginning, just starting not to seem quite as strange as I thought,” Zeta said.

“That’s because you are an astronomer and are also familiar with the knowledge and insights contained from astrophysics. It makes it easier for you to grasp the other dimensions, and you’ve seen and experienced some things that now have given you some empirical evidence.”

The trio stood quietly for fifteen minutes looking, listening, feeling and sensing. Then Zeta barely broke the silence, “I’ve been feeling the vortex flowing through me. It’s incredible!”

Triton nodded yes in agreement. Justus replied, “Sometimes a vortex can be, for me, like a B-12 injection for a human.”

“It feels wonderful to me,” said Zeta.

Then Justus said, “The vortex has no morality, no conscience, and no ethics. There is no discrimination. It can make the good and the evil both more powerful. Staying in it longer will give us no more benefit. Let’s take another ride.”

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