ZETA -The First Estate-

By Mason Lane All Rights Reserved ©

Scifi / Erotica

Chapter 32

In the limo, back to Ronald Reagan Airport Zeta asked, “So you’ve mated with some human females?”

“Yes, that’s true.”

“And you’ve never forced yourself upon any of them?”

“Never. It’s just not in my nature or personality. As I’ve explained some SOGs are not so well mannered. Every entity, in any dimension, has its individual character, even microbes.”

“Well, then you’ve been with a lot of females?”

“Not as many as you may think. I was still half a virgin until last night Zeta,” Justus responded with a look of genuine contentment.

“So, you want me to believe that Justus?”

“I don’t lie. SOGs don’t lie. They may be unchivalrous, rude, or crude, but lying is not a trait and completely unnecessary. You weren’t a virgin either when we met,” he jousted back.

“I was much more of a virgin than you,” Zeta fired back laughing.

“Ok, I’ll give you that, but it’s such a long time between mates for me. I think I should be judged a virgin with each new transmutation. And after last night with you, my thoughts are now only of you Zeta, and that’s the truth.”

Zeta had been teasing him with her interrogatory and now put her fingers around the back of his neck and kissed him. Justus held her, caressed her face, and Zeta started feeling stirred up and aroused again. Her hormones resumed pumping into her blood stream, and her body’s erogenous zones were warming. Then she suddenly stopped.

“Justus, I’ve got a few questions for you.”

“Sure, I love questions, especially from you, my astute, fabulous, and highly intelligent beauty.”

“I’m serious Justus.”

“So am I.”

“Ok, in your transmutated state you are physically vulnerable, is that right?”

“Yes, I can be injured or killed. I’m more physically regenerative and robust than a stock human, but I am vulnerable.”

“Stock human?”

“That’s just SOG terminology, nothing personal.”

“So I’m a stock human?”

“Exceptional, very exceptional stock.”

“So if you die what happens to you, Justus?”

“My flesh body decomposes and degenerates just like any human and the atoms are re-circulated here on planet Earth.”

“And that’s it?”

“No, my energy is dispersed back into the other dimensions, and then my arduous journey commences. It can take a few years or thousands of years to get coalesced and re-integrated in the other dimensions. So I prefer not to get killed. Then I can transmutate back to the OD when I choose. It happened once with a spear in my chest when Alexander the Great conquered Egypt for Greece. My wife was left to raise our five-year-old Nephilim son Sethos. After that, I vowed never to get involved in human military action again.”

“I’m so sorry about that Justus. So what happens to humans?”

“Their flesh body is also re-circulated as atoms, but their energy is dispersed, but not as a continuing entity. It coalesces with other dispersed energy in the three dimensions. Whether a SOG, an angel, a Vee, or an Original Entity, everything obeys the same laws of the Universe your Mr. Einstein discovered. Energy equals mass times the speed of light squared. Everything is either in the state of energy, or mass, or in transition. That’s true in a three-dimensional world or a ten dimensional Universe.”

“So we humans don’t go on as an entity after death?”

“Sorry, but you weren’t a continuing entity before birth. There are endless possibilities and futures even in the three dimensions. There’s a lot to be said for re-formation and variety. You’ll just have to believe what I’m telling you, or not. There’s no way to completely explain the other dimensions, with human language, in the three dimensions we are now existing.”

“Sounds a lot like reincarnation and that this three-dimensional human will have to settle for that, if that’s the best you can explain. It doesn’t make any difference if I believe you or not. What you say is either true or not, and right now you can’t prove it to me. But you also said that even the Original Entity is subject to the law of relativity.”

“Yes, I did.”

“And just what does that mean?”

“We SOGs use OE as an Original Entity acronym. This is my favorite hidden in plain sight of all the ancient scripture verses.”

“More Bible stuff?”

“This is the last, but I think the most phenomenal, given how off the mark the three largest organized religions have been. The OE, any OE, is the strangest of all entities. It’s inappropriate and inaccurate to call the OE an entity. It’s more like a causation.”

“What do you mean?”

“In the Bible book of John, the very first verse says, In the beginning, was the Word. Now, of course, this is an absurd thought. Your science knows the origin of the known Universe was a gravitational singularity, and then the Big Bang happened. In the beginning, there were no words for billions of years. The Greek word, which was translated as word, is logos that means discourse, speech, opinion, and clearly implies consciousness. The writer of this, and no one knows who the writer was, was saying the Original Entity was consciousness, and that is exactly what the OE is; consciousness that produces more consciousness. The so-called beginning, sensed by the ancient writer, was not a word, but consciousness, replicating consciousness. The beginning was when matter and energy became conscious.

“Well, that makes more sense than entities being created from a spoken word.”

“Universes create themselves, and destroy themselves, just as a solar system does. They begin and end, as a causation of the laws of quantum physics. It’s all very complex, yet quite simple to understand as energy equals mass times speed of light squared. And the equation always balances itself.”

“So consciousness can appear in a solar system, galaxy, or Universe, billions of years after the beginning, and the beginning cannot be a word.”


They arrived at the airport and quickly boarded, taxied down the runway, and were pushed back into their recliners by G force as the S-512’s thrust produced rapid altitude and supersonic flight. They were on their way back to Sedona. Once at cruising speed and relaxing Zeta said, “Justus, you’ve been very upfront about your intentions and interest from the beginning, and I’d like to know a few things.”

“Yes, I love questions as you know, especially yours,” Justus said swiveling his seat to face her.

“Have you loved the women you’ve been with?”

“I’m not sure I feel love the way humans do. I felt responsible for them, and I took good care of them, but from the emotional turmoil I’ve observed involving human love, I don’t think I have that kind of emotion.”

“You certainly feel passion if I’m any judge of that,” Zeta said with a grin.

“That’s for sure, I’m no Mr. Spock from the Star Trek movie, and I have a strong desire for you Zeta, but I want to be honest because I’ve seen many things beautiful and horrible when it comes to human love. It seems to make people quite unstable when it is too intense, demanding, or controlling. Human emotional love seems to be a volatile and unpredictable chemical condition.”

“I’ve seen both the beautiful and the horrible too, Justus.”

“In Greek, my most favorite language, there are six words for love. Eros sexual passion, philia deep friendship, ludus playful love, agape love for everyone, pragma longstanding love, and philautia love of self. So I have eros and ludus love for you, and I hope we can mate and have pragma love. And what about you Zeta?”

“Well, I can’t deny that we do have some chemistry.”

“Some? Just some Zeta?”

“We have chemistry, superb chemistry. I’d also have to agree about eros and ludus. I have no interest in taking a pregnancy test that turns blue, at least at this point in my life.”

“Like I’ve assured you, there is no rush, my patience is legendary.”

“As I recall your love making skill set is rather legendary,” Zeta lauded Justus just as her cell ringtone sounded Beethoven’s 5th. “I didn’t know there was reception at this altitude.”

“The plane is wired for Wi-Fi with a private network.”

Her caller ID showed it was her father. “Hi Dad. Oh, I’m just fine, I’ll be back in Sedona in a few hours. What!? What? Oh no, no!” Zeta was visibly shaken, and tears began to spill and run down her cheeks. “And when does he get home? Ok. How is Mom doing? Ok, I love you too, and I’ll be there soon Dad.”

“What is it Zeta?”

“My brother Mark has been severely injured in a suicide bombing in Afghanistan. We’ve just learned one leg was amputated, and he’s almost entirely blind in one eye. The military ophthalmologist surgical specialists were able to repair his cornea and iris, but the damage done to his retina and macula is not repairable. My parents are a wreck. First Briana dies, and now this happens to Mark. He will be home from the hospital in Germany in a few days.”

Justus went over and held Zeta, “I’m so sorry Zeta, please let me help in any way I can. There’s a charter Lear jet that’s available for your use anytime.”

It was another magnificent view as the S-512 flew faster than the earth’s rotation but Zeta’s appetite for scenery was now diminished. Justus told her there was a large bed in the rear of the jet, and she went back and laid down. Later Justus went back, “How are you doing precious?” Zeta had been crying softly and looked up saying, “Could you hold me a while, Justus?” Justus laid down beside her and held her. She felt frail as a small child. Then she turned around, and Justus wrapped his arms around her as they laid spooning. She fell asleep and then he returned to his seat. Zeta had experienced quite an outing, but the wretched news overshadowed the return flight to Sedona.

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