ZETA -The First Estate-

By Mason Lane All Rights Reserved ©

Scifi / Erotica

Chapter 29

With the meal finished Zeta excused herself and went to one of the bathrooms to freshen up and Justus did the same. Justus was waiting when she returned and smiled appreciatively, enjoying her sexy high heels clicking walk, across the large terrazzo living room. He extended his hand, a gentle invitation to dance once again.

They picked right back up where they’d left off on the Latin Club dance floor. Soon Justus had his hands around her swaying hips and Zeta’s thigh was again between his legs. She was pressing her pubic mound against him, and she could feel his growing erection. As he kissed Zeta tenderly, she became hotter and wetter, and she was hoping for an invitation into the bedroom.

“Would you like to make love Zeta?” he whispered in her ear.

“Do you have protection?”

“I can’t get you pregnant unless I release my sperm. I’m somewhat different in that way from a human male. You might call it an inherent Kama Sutra gift. I derive great ejaculation pleasure and save the sperm only for reproduction. I’ve never had an STD, and if you’d prefer to wait, I’d be glad to get tested.”

Zeta thought for a moment and said, “You haven’t lied to me yet,” then took her hand and gripped him, hard and throbbing, while they kissed again and their tongues tasted and explored. She slowly moved Justus over and had him sit down on the couch, unzipped his slacks, and began to caress his erection.

Justus was moaning, and Zeta relished giving him pleasure and taking control. His penis was delightfully long, rock hard and thick. The Latin Club foreplay had her already aching to be entered and filled with virile lovemaking. Zeta realized how sexually famished she was and selfishly thought, “I hope this SOG isn’t one of those minute men.”

“Which way is the bedroom?” she asked, and Justus pointed. She took his hand and led him into the room. Standing by the bed, she took off her cocktail dress and then her panties while Justus removed his clothes, shoes and socks. She removed her bra and turned slowly around. He gazed in wonder at this California beauty, adorned only in high heels. He came over, caressed and kissed her erected nipples, her mouth, felt her wet mound, then dropped to his knees and with his hands around her shapely ass, began cunnilingus. “Oh my god Justus don’t make me come yet!” He continued more delicately so she could restrain her orgasm.

When Zeta’s thighs started to shiver and quake, he picked her up and laid her on the bed. Zeta had never been this turned on. Her whole body was sexualized. “I need you in me now,” she gasped in a passionate, demanding tone. “I’m dying to be inside you Zeta,” he whispered as he moved between her legs. She was on her back with her knees up as he kissed her and his cock stimulated her clit erection. Then Justus rubbed his swollen penis head in and out, lightly up and down, over her juicy labia lips, while she continued moaning and moved her hips in erotic gyrations.

Gently, he started to enter her throbbing femaleness with his steeled hard-on. He teasingly pushed his penis head deeper, in and out of her tight cunt. “Fuck me, Justus!”, she cried “Fuck me now! I want all of you in me.” Zeta was amazed at how bossy she’d become. She’d never even been verbal during sex before. Justus continued Zeta’s agonizing ecstasy. Her clit erected even more, engorging with blood. Zeta realized for the first time in her life, she had a hard-on.

Finally, he began thrusting deeper and deeper filling her. “Oh Justus, shove that dick in me, don’t stop!” Justus complied with her request, and she experienced her first screaming orgasm. It only made her want more.

So, for almost an hour, Justus continued pleasing Zeta while he pleasured himself in her heavenly insatiableness. Zeta had lost all sexually verbal shyness and she expressed her pleasure and desire freely. Then she finally stopped him, eased him off her, rolled over on her knees, arched her ass, and said, “Now I want you this way.” Justus vigorously did as instructed, until Zeta had another powerful orgasm. “I had no idea just how sexually famished I was,” she exclaimed to herself.

Zeta laid down and rolled over on her back. Justus laid by her side and kissing her face said, “I think there’s something more you’d like.”

Zeta immediately said, “Are you serious? Something more, like what?” realizing she still didn’t have complete trust in him and wondering what more there could possibly be?”

“Oh I think you will enjoy it immensely, Justus promised.”

Zeta took a couple of deep breaths and then said, “There’s something you need to know Justus. Screaming fuck me during sex is not something I’ve ever done. You make me crazy Justus. Cray, cray, crazy. This something more isn’t anything kinky or sadomasochistic, is it? Absolutely no drugs, bondage, or S&M stuff Justus!”

“Definitely not my precious. I would never do anything that could possibly hurt or harm you in any way. Just give you pleasure.”

“Justus, I, there’s something I need to do.”

“Sure, what is it?”

“I need to pee.”

Then they each went to one of the two bathrooms. Justus finished first and waited down the hallway near the bedroom door. Zeta came out wearing a very sexy smile and walked slowly ahead of Justus to the bedroom displaying her incredible posterior beauty. “Zeta, you still have your heels on.”

“I know, they’re so comfortable and perfectly designed,” she elaborated, turning in a tight circle as Justus absorbed the beauty of her firm breasts, small waist, athletic ass, and shapely legs, all displayed atop her new high heels. When I was a little girl, I’d tromp around in my mother’s high heels and dream about strutting in a pair of magical high heels. Maybe my dream has come true?”

“You’re my dream come true Zeta.”

“Just why do men find high heels so attractive, so sexy?”

“I think it’s because they’re like a perfect frame on a master’s oil painting,” he postulated.

Justus took her hand and started to slow dance like they had at the Latin Club. The penthouse was a corner unit, and the New York City lights sparkled like diamonds in the night. As they held each other and danced, Zeta pressed herself again against him. Then he picked her up and laid her on the firm super king-size bed.

The need for foreplay was nonexistent now. Justus then moved up over her and gave just an inch or two of himself with each penetration. It didn’t take long and Zeta was aching for deepness. She was kissing his neck and shoulder when suddenly he pushed deep into her and kept himself there. He was quiet, and Zeta could feel his penis glans throbbing.

“Is this the something more surprise you promised?” she asked in an excited breathy voice.”

“Yes,” he answered softly.

Justus kept himself deep inside Zeta and moved just enough to make her want more. Zeta could feel something happening. She wasn’t sure at first. Then she realized his erection was doing something she didn’t know was even possible. Near the base of his penis, she felt an engorging happening. As it grew larger, she could feel it pressing against her Gräfenberg spot, called the G-spot named for the famous German gynecologist Dr. Ernst Gräfenberg.

Zeta had never experienced a G-spot sexual experience, not even with her vibrator. Now she was becoming very aware of her G-spot being stimulated and forming small erected ridges. Justus began gently moving in her swollen lipped vagina and she loved how he was pleasuring her G-spot. With knees up, legs apart, and ready for all the erotic pleasure Justus could deliver, she was cruising on an entirely new gratification voyage. Zeta was no longer a G-spot virgin.

Then Justus stopped moving again, and Zeta immediately felt the area above his penis, the base of his pubic area, swelling and pulsing. The erectile effect there produced a concave raised area that provided perfect sensual stimulation on her clitoris.

Zeta kissed Justus hard and frenched his mouth as he began thrusting in and out of her. Each time he penetrated her with his morphed penis, her G-spot and clit erected and enlarged more. With every plunge, her trinity of sexual parts, vagina, clit, and G-spot, received more erotic stimulation. Zeta was raptured in an ecstatic Nirvana body love massage. “Now this is intelligent design,” her scientific mind quickly quipped.

The penthouse was totally sound proof insulated or Zeta’s loud pleasurable moans would have carried into the adjacent rooms. She held off as long as she possibly could and then came while screaming, “Oh my god, Oh, Oh, Oh, fuck me, Ohhhhh my god!” For over a minute her orgasm ran through her body like a 9.0 seismic Richter scale earthquake.

Justus was very pleased with Zeta’s orgasmic response, and the erotic satisfaction he received. He slowly withdrew his cock and laid next to Zeta. She was catching her breath and waiting for her heart rate, that was beating like an Olympic sprinter’s, to return to normal. They laid side by side for a while, and Zeta finally said, “But Justus you didn’t come yet, did you?”

“Oh I was greatly pleasured, it was wonderful. Just amazing!”

“Well, Justus that was indescribable! You have quite a unique penis. I’m a synergistic person, and I think there’s something more that you would enjoy.”

Zeta rolled atop Justus, straddled his legs, took his relaxed member in her hands, and gently started to give oral love to him. Soon he was the moaner as Zeta sucked and licked, making his penis ache as he arched his back while she pleased and teased him. Then took him out of her mouth, and French kissed him while giving her pussy a pole dance on his hard-on. Justus was immensely impressed with her athleticism.

Then she went back to doing her something more. His penis veins were pumped, and Zeta felt them throb in her mouth. He started to moan, and she bore down with her lips over his glans. His back arched higher, and she knew his ejaculation explosion was coming. He orgasmed hot and powerful while Zeta said to herself, “This is like trying to hang onto a fireman’s hose.” He shot into her hungry mouth, and she drained his every last drop. “My lord, that was quite a gourmet meal,” she mused with satisfaction.

She laid beside him, and their bodies slowly cooled down. “Zeta, that was a super, something more,” Justus said as he put his arm around her. “I might as well tell you. You took my virginity with that something more.”

“You don’t say. And you’ve been around for such a long, long time. You are full of surprises Justus. Quite honestly I’ve never been that crazy about fellatio, but I think you’ve stirred something up in me. And I liked your Kama Sutra skill set.”

“I loved your skill set Zeta.”

“There’s no possible way I could get pregnant with, well from the something more I just gave you, is there Justus?”

“No. It would be rarer than a virgin birth.”

“Seriously Justus, right now I don’t have any biological imperative to be carrying a little growing Nephilim inside me for the next nine months. Is the gestation period the same for Nephilim?”

“You’re safe, and yes the gestation period is the same. And I didn’t release my sperm.”

They reposed on the bed together absorbing the Big Apple’s unique evening magic. It was like there was no penthouse glass window and they were floating high in the night. Completely exhausted, for now, of their carnal energy, they chatted peacefully, holding hands, and cuddling. As they were falling off to sleep, Zeta asked, “Was that actually a, well, a vampire, in the trench coat on the subway steps?”

“We call them Vees, Zeta,” Justus answered holding her closer.

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