Deceptive Beauty

By Dawn White All Rights Reserved ©

Romance / Adventure


Agent Marcus Marshal sat in his high-back leather desk chair with his fingers interlaced behind his head, and just stared at me. There was something in the pit of my stomach as I waited for him to say something, anything to me. I was almost positive that I was in there for my first-solo assignment as an ATF Agent. I’d always want to follow in my Father’s footsteps. But, he had big boots to fill. He was an ATF senior special agent.

Chapter 1: Indecent Requests

Agent Marcus Marshal sat in his high-back leather desk chair with his fingers interlaced behind his head, and just stared at me. There was something in the pit of my stomach as I waited for him to say something, anything to me. I was almost positive that I was in there for my first-solo assignment as an ATF Agent. I’d always want to follow in my Father’s footsteps. But, he had big boots to fill. He was an ATF senior special agent.

Agent Marshal cleared his throat snapping me out of my daydream. I smiled at him and said, “I heard you wanted to see me?”

He smiled at my nervous question and looked down at the papers on his desk. “As you can tell Agent Quinn, we’re getting a lot of heat from upstairs about the outlaw activities from the motorcycle club, Sinister Sons Syndicate, over in Savannah. Someone, or the club itself is part of a huge sex trafficking ring of underage girls. They make them prostitutes and drug mules. If they don’t comply they kill them. I need you to try and infiltrate the leader by any means necessary.” Agent Marshall said the last part, “Any means necessary,” in air quotes. The look of shock was evident on my face.

“What the hell do you mean by any means necessary?! Obviously I’m a woman and there is no way I can get to the table. The only thing this leaves for me is…” After saying the last word, he smiled and shook his head in response.

“Hell NO, I won’t be a whore! You expect me to fuck everyone in the club and hope and pray that Gavin, the President will want to tag me and give me some info during pillow talk after!”

Agent Marshal smiled and answered my angry questions. “We don’t expect you to be a whore, you won’t have to sleep with everyone. We have Gavin’s little brother Lucas as our confidential informant. He isn’t part of the club so Gavin won’t talk to him. But, Lucas said he can introduce you. Gavin has been lonely, lately. He’s tired of the same whores, in the clubhouse. He really just wants an ol’ lady.”

My mouth hung open in obvious shock. I jumped up hoping to stomp out of there, and stopped when I did a half turn and saw the picture of Gavin on the far wall to my right, he was at the top of the pyramid. He was gorgeous! His short black hair was just long enough for me to run my fingers through. His eyes were a mesmerizing shade of very light blue, his arms were covered in skulls, eagles, barbed wire, and a bunch of other tattoos that make up his tattoo sleeves that just add to his mysterious sexiness. My heart started to race. I was about to stomp out of there until the picture caught my attention and now held it. Agent Marshal noticed and stepped up beside me. I looked over to him and his shit eating grin pissed me off. He knew by my flushed cheeks that I was reacting to the picture of Gavin on the wall.

“As you can see he isn’t bad to look at. At least we’re not sending you after Hammer, his Vice President.”

I look where he pointed and cringed at the picture. Besides being about 250 pounds, he had a large mean scar running from his right eye down to his chin. It looks as if it should have been stitched, but instead was just bandaged.

“Let’s say I agree to doing this, if they catch me, you know they’ll kill me.” He shakes his head in response. “They won’t catch you, they are in an arms turf war right now with the Banshees from Atlanta. His attention is caught up in that.” I looked at him wide eyed only to raise my voice.

“So you’re sending me into the middle of a turf war? You know what! Whatever! Let’s get this done. When do I meet Lucas and figure out the rest?”

After the words left my lips I was shocked, that I was so willing to just accept my fate. The probability of me being discovered is immense. I know I will be caught and I will probably be killed. No matter whose ol’ Lady I become. Club Justice is concrete.

He nodded and walked back behind his desk as he said. “I’ll call Mia in the special ops department, and tell her to set you up with everything you need to get the job done. She has a certain expertise when it comes to this job. Go straight there and head on out.”

After I had left Agent Marshals’ office I rushed to the bathroom. Straight into the stall I went. I can’t believe I just lost my lunch. I seriously don’t know how I’m supposed to act. Gavin is like the epitome of the perfect man for me. Yet I’m sent to bring him down because a confidential informant says he’s running illegal shit out of his mc. The frustration was far beyond anything that I expected when I decided to take this job. I’m not sure if it’s the fact that it’s my first job or the fact that I was going to actually hopefully get to sleep with Gavin. Honestly, I’m excited about both. It’s been a while since I’ve been laid. That sounds horrible but the truth. I’ve always known of Gavin, but had never seen him. I swear it’s as if someone walked into my dreams and planted my fantasy man in my lap.

I walked over to the sink and washed my face off. I guess it’s a good thing that I didn’t wear make up to work. I have to meet Mia Meritt in the “Special Ops department” for the proper outfitting for my new position. As excited as I am, I’m not looking forward to the outfits that are going to be required of me.

Just because I knew that the outfits were going to be bad doesn’t mean it prepared me for what was actually in store for me. Or rather what was actually in the store room waiting on me? After I walked into the special ops storeroom, my senses were accosted by the smell of old leather, and CLP, the gun oil for our undercover, filed down pistols, and tray after tray of full magazines. Mia smiled at me when I walked in the door as if she was sizing me up. The frustration was evident on my face as I realized the leather and trampy clothes in the corner were actually for me! Can you believe it? They want me to dress like a tramp. I crossed the threshold and realized there was no way she was going to primp and pamper me to my liking. This wasn’t going to be another day in the beauty salon. I took that moment to look around. It was as if everything was laid out for a surgeon to quickly fix his patient. I had completely forgot my manners.

“Hey Mia, Agent–“

She quickly interrupted me.

“Yes I know Special Agent Marshal sent you down to me. I’m to outfit you and show you the ways to the best of my knowledge. I’m pretty sure you didn’t know, but I used to be the wife of the president of the Jacksonville Hells Angels Chapter. I had already gone to school in forensics and had met my husband. After a whirlwind romance I got married to Rotze in Jacksonville, we were married for two years before I took this to the side.” She lifted her shirt to show me three bubbled bullet holes. Turned around and said, “And the exit wounds were from the 9mm, illegal hollowed point rounds. A rival gang fighting a turf war over the prostitution border lines for the next county. When Rotze found out I had been shot he went into a rage, brought five brothers with him and shot and killed everyone at the clubhouse. Rotze and four others died. I was saved when Rotze put me on his bike and sent me towards the center of town.”

I could hear her voice cracking and see the tears were welling up in the corner of her dark brown eyes. She was stunning but broken. I never saw a heart break in front of my eyes, until this very moment. I stepped forward, plucked a tissue out of the holder and handed it to her. She pulled her shirt down to hide the marred kiwi sized holes on her left side. I placed my hand on her shoulder in a comforting gesture. She quickly wiped away the smeared mascara and pulled her mid-back length hair over her shoulder. As she tossed her tear filled tissue into the black waste basket, I noticed she still had her wedding band on. Even more, she had a very large one on a chain around her neck. That had to of hurt, I couldn’t imagine losing someone I love, standing up for me like that. I don’t know if I could ever move on.

She smiled, grabbed another tissue, wiped at her red nose, and pulled me into the chair. She tossed her tissue into the garbage, turned me around to face the mirror and put a smock over my suit. She pulled my hair out of my tight bun on the top of my head so fast that I felt the throb from having my hair up for entirely too long. A hiss escaped my mouth when my waste length black hair cascaded down my back. She stepped back and admired my long hair. Probably more like was thinking what she could get away with doing to it. I cut her off at the pass.

“I prefer it long but if you need to cut it, it’s no problem, it’s just hair, and it’ll grow back.” I smiled at her as she grinned at me in the wide mirror.

Clearing her throat she said. “Don’t worry Darling, I got you covered. The guys are kind of stuck in the eighties without actually being in the eighties.”

She turned as she said the last word and walked to the sliding smoky glass doors in the far side of the room. Opened them and started pushing hangers to the side for approval. Stopped at a pair of ripped jeans with zippers going up both sides. They were entirely too low cut for my liking but would do for the occasion. She pulled them from the hanger and folded them over the back of the chair at my side. She walked back over and started pulling jeans that all looked about the same size and piled them over the first pair. My eyes grew larger after I stopped counting at twelve different kinds of jeans being folded over the chair. My mouth fell agape realizing that there were more jeans over the back of the chair than I have in my entire wardrobe. Seeming satisfied with the amount she pulled she turned her attention to the filing cabinet inside of the closet. She opened drawer after drawer and stopped at the third one down and started grabbing shirts of all colors. There just seemed to be one thing missing with these shirts. They looked like they were only half made. Like the bottom half was never finished, than I gasped, when I realized they were half shirts.

I reached down and touched my flat stomach. Thank god I hit the gym every day. Unfortunately, I will have to wear these out of here and other than my hiring agent and the people who did my background check, the rest of the force didn’t know I had large tattoos under my clothes. Hence the fact I always wore long sleeves. I guess they will know now. I actually wondered if this is one of the reasons why they chose me. Mia snapped her fingers at me and smiled. Her beautiful full lips spread in a perfect grin. She stepped back up behind me as I followed her with my eyes in the mirrors. She stepped up behind me and touched my hair. Grabbing her scissors from the countertop under the mirror she looked back then remembered her water bottle.

I was turned around, primped, crimped and I swear tucked into everything you could possibly imagine.

Mia broke the silence by saying, “Done.” As she twirled me around in the mirror.

My reflection shocked me. She cut my black hair only a few inches in the back. She gave me full bangs to cover my smallish forehead. It had just the right amount of body to it. It looked silky, smooth, and so touchable. I looked down at myself and blushed as I realized I was exposed in every possible way. My large C breasts had more cleavage than I was ever used to showing. My stomach was bare from two inches below my bra. My jeans hung low on my trim hips. The boots she picked for me look like a cross between a combat boot on the bottom and a right below the knee boot. They looked hot I must admit. I turned to look at my ass, as I just realized I have a hole in the back of my pants right below my ass. I turned beet red when I now understood why she said I had to wear fishnets under my pants. As much as I felt exposed, I had no complaints. If I was a man, I would fall for me. My make up was so artfully done, as if I was going to be walking on the set of a Hollywood movie.

My thoughts are derailed as I hear a whistle and look in the reflection at the door at the far side of the mirror. Agent Slater was ogling me from the doorway. I turned quickly and tried to grab the apron to cover up my nearly naked body. Mia laughed, and pulled it from my hands, and hung it on the hook on the cream wall next to the wide mirror. He broke my discomfort by saying, “Come on Rebecca, I’ve seen more before. You’re actually dressed more now than when we had our weekend up at your cabin in Blairsville, GA last summer.” I didn’t even know I could blush the way I did. “Slate, come on, we said we weren’t going to discuss what happened when we dated. That was over a year ago. What the hell are you doing here?” I tried to be as stern as possible but the fact my boobs were hanging out and I felt half naked didn’t help my argument any.

“Well I just wanted to see the agent they chose to be a whore for the ATF, should have figured it would be you. You’re the only one that could pull it off. Good luck being a biker whore!” With a boisterous laugh he turned and walked away.

“Asshole!” I took three steps out the doorway into the hall, tapped Slate on the shoulder. The moment he turned I balled up my fist as tight as I could and slammed it into the bridge of his perfectly straight nose. Blood gushed down and out. He quickly grabbed his nose as his eyes watered. It felt good to break that bastards’ nose.

I laughed, and said. “That color red looks good on you. Maybe next time you won’t speak to a lady like that, Asshat!”

Mia bust out laughing behind me. Turning I stepped back into her room, closed and locked the door. I could hear the commotion in the hallway, just feet away. I don’t think he wants everyone to know little old me broke his nose. I looked down at my hand and noticed the lovely shade of purple starting to well up on my knuckles. Hissing I said to Mia.

“I think I broke my hand on that bastards face. I hope this doesn’t derail the plan.”

Mia looked startled at me, thought for a second then responded. “No it’s perfect. Gavin has a huge thing for battered women. If you say that your old man beat you and you’re looking for safety he’ll take you under his wing. Which will make it all the easier to get to the info you’re after!”

“Oh shit! Then I’m happy I broke my hand. But I should probably get over to medical and get it casted.” I gave Mia a quick embrace, unlocked the door, and stepped out closing the door behind me.

“Rebecca wait!” She said as she ran up behind me. Turning I face her waiting to hear what she has to say.

“Sometimes hatred is the only thing I have to keep me warm at night. Don’t turn out like me Rebecca, be careful out there.” She said as she embraced me tightly.

Walking through the halls was very interesting when all the men you have worked with for 3 years are hooting and hollering at you. Guess I’m back in grade school.

The Dr’s at medical thought it was hilarious how I was dressed, they thought it was even funnier that I broke my hand on Slates’ face! I swear I had to tell the story like five times, before they finally gave me pain killers and put a stupid plaster cast on it. Unfortunately it might have to be re-broken when I get the cast off. Guess what that means? Yay, a new cast for another eight weeks. The annoyance of the situation clouded my thoughts and I almost missed my cell phone going off. I tossed my purse on the ground, and rummaged through with my bad hand, forgetting I quickly fumbled for the phone and swiped my finger across to answer.

“Rebecca here.”

A deep voice sounded on the other line. There was a distinct sound of a loud motorcycle engine in the near background. Straining to hear I finally piece together that it was Gavin’s brother.

“I’m supposed to meet you and bring you to my house. My brother is coming over tonight for dinner. I’m sitting in the parking lot, I’ve already grabbed the bags Mia said you had to have.” His sarcasm could be cut with a knife it was that thick.

“I’m coming out now.”

Tossing my phone into my bag I quickly shouldered the strap and moved as fast as my newly medicated body would allow me.

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