Major Arcana: sex, love, and Tarot

By FionnaGuillaume All Rights Reserved ©

Romance / Erotica

Chapter 12: Temperance

It was the kind of week that made her head spin. Rosemary didn’t know how it happened, but Friday night was there before she even registered the time that passed. Sinking gratefully into her apartment loveseat, she tried to organize the jumbled events in her mind. Sunday had been at Parsley’s, talking (about Mom, mostly) and helping in the garden. Then a full workweek – Latysha was out sick, so Rosemary had double the planning to prepare for a substitute. She saw Thyme for dinner twice, chatted with Fabricio about art school over the phone, and met Josh for a quick fuck after work on Tuesday. The frenetic pace kept her moving all day and passed out all night. She hadn’t so much as opened her mail.

Only when she put her feet up on Friday did she realize she hadn’t drawn a Tarot card all week. Grumbling, she sighed, staggered into the kitchen to pour a generous glass of wine, and dragged the Tarot bag back to the couch. Tonight she didn’t have energy for anything but delivery pizza, wine, and a mindless TV show. Especially because tomorrow would be an early start, heading to Portland with Josh… to a sex club, apparently. She shivered in anticipation at the thought.

The card she chose was Temperance. On it was an angelic-looking woman dressed in an airy gauze gown. She held one cup aloft, one lower, and poured an impossible stream of water directly between them. The water was clearly meant as a metaphor, since it seemed to be flowing in both directions at once, and also swirled in the middle as real water never could. A metaphor for what, Rosemary had no idea. And she was too tired to ponder it now. Shoving the card into her purse, she drained her wine glass, pushed aside the plate of greasy pizza crusts, and shuffled off to bed.

When her alarm rang at 8 am, she leaped out of bed and hurried around, throwing clothes into a bag and taking a quick shower. Josh would pick her up at nine, and Rosemary wanted to be ready for him. Her pulse raced as she thought about what they would do today in Portland… and tonight. It was their first weekend getaway together, and knowing Josh, it would involve some serious sexy times.

He arrived in his sleek sports car, punctual as always, and greeted her with a wide smile.

“Good morning, beautiful,” he drawled. “Ready for a long ride south of the State line?”

“Well, if you put it that way…” Her lips quirked into a cheeky grin, and Josh laughed. He pulled her into a brief, heavy kiss before leaning back into the driver’s seat.

“Oh, you’ve been thinking about this all week, haven’t you?” he said, teasing in his tone, but his eyes dark with arousal. “So have I.” His free hand trailed up the side of her thigh, slipping between her legs for a quick, breath-catching moment before pulling away. “Later,” he murmured, “Later.”

The drive from Seattle to Portland was directly south on I-5, the impressive interstate running from just above Mexico to the Canadian border. Rosemary gazed out the window, watching Seattle’s downtown high rises give way quickly to thick, lush evergreen forest. They got stuck in a little traffic around Tacoma, but after passing through the city there was nothing but wide open road, small towns, and Christian Rock stations. They laughed about the music selection, pressing the ‘Seek’ button repeatedly until something tolerable came on. The ride was long – almost four hours, with traffic – but joking with Josh made it go so much faster.

It was early afternoon when they cruised over the roaring Colombia River, frothy white beneath the bridge. Once across, they were officially in Oregon (as proclaimed by the welcome sign at the state line). They’d driven without stopping, and Rosemary was beginning to feel peckish. Josh must have been, too, since he pulled off the highway before downtown and drove to a little corner restaurant.

“Not 2:00 yet, so we’re still in time for brunch,” he said, putting the car in park. “They make a mean omelet here.”

The waitress was slim, tall, and wore her hair died three wild colors. Her eyes were set wide and heavy, but they sparked with interest when she noticed Josh. She smiled, drawing attention to her nose ring. It, combined with her far-apart eyes, gave her a decidedly bovine air. Of course, I’m just being uncharitable, because Josh is giving her that smile like he knows her already, Rosemary thought, disgruntled.

“Hey,” the waitress said, sliding her eyes all over Josh’s body as she handed him the menu. “Haven’t seen you in a while.”

Josh chuckled. “Yeah, well, you know. It’s kind of a long drive from Seattle, even knowing how awesome the night will be.”

She batted her eyelashes, giving him a sly grin. “You’re in town this weekend, though?”

“Oh yeah.”

“So… I’ll probably see you tonight. You two,” she added, finally deigning to look in Rosemary’s direction.

“That’s right,” Rosemary said in a clipped tone.

The waitress didn’t even pause. “It’ll be the usual for you, right?”

“Oh yeah. One Lumberjack omelet, extra ham.”

“And bacon,” the waitress added, marking it down. “I know what you like.” The way she said that made Rosemary’s hackles rise on the back of her neck.

“And you?” asked the waitress, turning sullenly toward her.

“I’ll have whatever you suggest,” Rosemary said. She grinned sweetly, coating her voice in syrup to disguise her nasty thoughts. That girl really does look like a cow, though, with that thing in her nose! “I’m sure you have excellent taste. In omelets and in men.”

The waitress’s eyes widened even more at that. Then, shrugging, she marked it down on her pad. Casting one more long look at Josh, she sauntered away.

Josh seemed utterly oblivious to Rosemary’s annoyance. He took a long drink of water, smacked his lips, and stretched luxuriously. “Ah, it’s good to be here!” he proclaimed, a huge grin on his face.

“You must come here a lot, if the waitress knows you.”

“Oh,” he chuckled. “She’s a regular at Bonobo, is all. That’s how I found out about this brunch place.”


“Yeah, that’s where we’re going tonight. Club Bonobo.” He leaned in, fixing her with that megawatt smile. “You know what bonobos are, right?”

“Some kind of monkey?”

“Oh no.” He shook his head, clearly enjoying himself. “They’re in the great ape family, like us. I read somewhere that humans have 98% identical DNA with bonobos, that’s how close we are.”


“And it turns out, bonobos are way different from other kinds of apes. They don’t beat their chests, or fight, or howl to solve problems. Instead, they have sex.”

Rosemary almost choked on an ice cube. “What?” she sputtered.

“Yeah.” Josh chuckled, enjoying her surprise. “Whenever a bonobo has a problem, he – or she – just finds the next nearest bonobo and fucks it out. No conflict, no violence. Everybody ends up happy. Pretty smart, right?”

“Smarter than us, I guess. The best humans have come up with is bombing each other.”

“I know. Plus, bonobos enjoy all kinds of sexual activity. Group sex, oral sex, homosexual stuff, masturbation… all of it. Some scientists think that’s why humans are so sexually adventurous, because we have similar traits with bonobos. More so than with chimpanzees, or gorillas, where the sex is way less fun, more restrictive.” He shrugged. “No coincidence that bonobos are way less aggressive, right? If you’re happily getting laid, there’s nothing to fight about!”

The waitress brought their food then: a huge stuffed omelet for Josh, and a smaller one – with a side of hash browns – for Rosemary.

“Thanks, babe,” Josh said, smiling easily up at her. Cow-face winked at him, rolling her hips as she walked off. Before Rosemary could get grouchy again, Josh turned to her and added, “Do you know, Portland has some of the most highly educated servers in the country?”

Rosemary shook her head.

“Yeah! It’s true! People get masters degrees, PhDs, whatever, and they move here and end up waiting tables. Just because they want to live in Portland. Jessie, over there, has a master’s degree in finance. Never guess that, huh?”

“I guess that’s why they call this the city ‘where young people go to retire.’”

“You got it.”

After brunch Josh drove into the city center, where he’d reserved a gorgeous hotel room. Rosemary felt a little awkward, knowing it must have been an expensive reservation. She pushed down the discomfort, though, and complimented him on the choice.

“Great place,” she said.

He chuckled. “Thanks. Of course, we won’t be spending much time here.”

Rosemary’s cheeks colored, thinking about their plans for the night. It was just early afternoon, though. With the wide, immaculate hotel bed beckoning from the corner, she wondered if they might take some time to enjoy it first…

“So,” Josh said, brusque, “I’m gonna show you the best of Portland. Ready to head out?”

“Don’t you want to… relax here a bit?” Rosemary wheedled. The look in her eyes must have communicated her meaning, because Josh smiled, stepped over, and slid an arm around her waist. Briefly, he leaned against her, grinding his pelvis into hers for a short, hot moment.

“Not yet,” he murmured. “I want to save all my energy for tonight.” Leaning in, he brushed his lips over her ear to add, “You won’t regret it.”

In lieu of afternoon delight, they went to a bookstore. Not just any bookstore: Powell’s City of Books, established 1971 and a Portland highlight ever since. Unique in the world, it offered a huge and eclectic selection of books new and old, bestsellers and unknowns, in a dazzling warehouse-sized shop. Rosemary was instantly smitten.

They spent almost two hours in Powell’s, browsing and exclaiming over the offerings. In the end Rosemary couldn’t help herself; she filled a bag with nine books that piqued her curiosity, winced at the final price, and paid the bill. Despite the new hole in her bank account, the satisfying weight of the bag on her arm more than made up for it. Josh, gentlemanly, offered to take the bag from her, and she accepted. At that moment, Rosemary felt a surge of true affection for him. He’d brought her to this fun city, to a beautiful hotel, her now-favorite bookshop. He was sexy, friendly, and generous. What else could she ask for in a man?

As dinnertime rolled around, Josh drove to a park completely ringed with food trucks. A hipster band with crazy long beards was playing Bluegrass revival, families laughed together over dinner, with kids and dogs running around the green space. Rosemary clapped her hands and laughed, delighted. It was such a charming scene.

“Oh! This is perfect!” she exclaimed, earning a deep laugh from Josh.

“I thought you’d like it. Just take your pick,” – he gestured out to the dozens of trucks – “Pretty sure we can find something for you to eat here.”

With such variety – everything from traditional Mexican, to Italian subs, Cantonese food, burgers, Mediterranean dishes – Rosemary settled on Korean barbeque. Josh got a gourmet hot dog, with all the fixins. They ate, laughing and talking, as the sun went down.

“The club opens at nine,” Josh said, checking his watch. “Let’s head back to the hotel to get ready, yeah? You’ll want to dress to impress.” He said this with a meaningful raise of his eyebrows. Rosemary hoped the clothes she brought were impressive enough.

Her uncertainly was assuaged as his eyes widened, when she came out of the bathroom wearing her party dress. It was elegant from the front, black with cutouts at the waist covered by shimmery silver mesh. The sophisticated boat neck gave way, in the back, to a daring scoop that skimmed all the way down to the curve of her ass. Silver beading held the dress together behind her neck, but otherwise it was a sexy free fall.

Josh swallowed.

“Too much?” she asked, teasing, knowing he loved it.

“Not at all,” Josh said, shaking his head, eyes warming as he smiled. “You look amazing.”

“You don’t look too bad yourself,” she said, casting an appreciative glance at his slim jeans, tidy checkered button-up, and freshly coiffed hair. “This sex club had better be worth all the fancying up.”

“Only one way to find out,” he said. Offering his arm, he led her down through the hotel lobby and back to his car, headed for Club Bonobo.

The building itself was nondescript. A plain gray structure on the northern edge of town, with no identifying features besides a discreet sign by the door. Josh knocked and a doorman answered. Just like in an old speakeasy! Rosemary thought with glee. Is there a secret password, too?

Apparently not, just an entry fee. Josh paid – as usual – and hung up their coats at the check station. He slipped his car key into his inside coat pocket, giving Rosemary a wink and whispering, “It won’t be safe in my pants. Those are coming off, tonight.”

Rosemary’s panties dampened at the thought. Barely able to contain her shivering excitement, she waited for him to guide her through the hallway, into the club. Dance music was pulsing through the walls, so she knew they’d get there soon. Rosemary wondered what she would find behind that simple black door.

“Josh! How are you, my man?” came a booming voice the moment they opened the door. A tall, heavily-muscled bald guy walked over and clapped Josh in a man-hug. “It’s been way too long, dude! How the hell are you?”

“Not bad, Tim. Not bad at all. May I introduce Rosie?” He presented Rosemary’s hand, which the man called Tim shook, his eyes sweeping over her figure with clear interest. “It’s her first time,” Josh added conspiratorially.

Tim grinned like a wolf.

“Well, once again you brought a hot Asian girl here to play. Nice. And nice to meet you, Miss Rosie. I promise we’ll show you a good time here at Bonobo.”

The exchange left Rosemary feeling shaken, and not a bit speechless. How do you respond to an introduction like that? Tim hadn’t said or done anything untoward, but his eyes spoke volumes about his hopes for the night. And after what he’d said, Rosemary had to wonder just how many ‘hot Asian girls’ Josh had brought to this club…

Before she could think too deeply, though, Josh was pulling her along, giving her the tour.

“This is the mingling space,” he explained, gesturing around to the comfy-looking couches, food buffet, and bar. It was an ordinary lounge, except for the large bowls of condoms – all varieties, Rosemary noted – and little bottles of lube scattered around. “Just a place to hang out, chat, get to know people. It’s nice. Low-key. Bathrooms – with showers – in the corner there. Down the hall over here are the playrooms. Rules are simple: door closed, window shade down, it’s private. Door closed, window shade up, they’re inviting people to look in. Window shade up, door open, everyone’s welcome to join!”

Rosemary glanced over at the hall of windows and doors, noticing several windows with light pouring out of them. Curious, she slipped over to one and glanced inside. A couple was in there, the woman bound spread-eagle on the bed with fancy leather cuffs around her wrists and ankles. She looked to be having a good time, her head thrown back, mouth open in breathless pleasure. A man sat between her legs, running a knotted cord slowly along the crease of her shaved pussy. Josh sidled over, his breath hot on her neck.

“Too bad their door’s closed. That looks like fun.”

Rosemary found her own breath quickening, her body rising with desire at the sight of the bondage couple. She wondered if that was Josh’s plan for them, and how she’d feel to know people were watching them, enjoying the show. As she watched, increasingly excited, Rosemary decided she liked the idea.

“Come here,” Josh said in a low voice. “This is the place I really want to take you.”

He strode down the hall to another door. This, she discovered, was the source of the music. The walls were blank, no windows, and the door was featureless except for a small, tidy label: Orgy Room.

“Oh,” she said, eyes widening.

“Yeah. It’s my favorite.” Josh turned to her, wistful and demanding at once. “I love it in there. Would you come with me? God, Rosie, I would love to see you in there!”

His vehemence was off-putting, making her hesitate. Chewing on her bottom lip, Rosemary wavered. Josh seemed fixated on this, his eyes bright.

“Let’s, um, talk about it,” she said timidly. “Over a drink?”

“A drink. Yeah. Okay.”

Looking a bit crestfallen, Josh led her back to the common space. She scored a couple seats on one of the couches while he grabbed drinks from the bar. As she sipped, Rosemary watched the other couples and groups. They all seemed relaxed, friendly, and happy. It wasn’t threatening at all. She was just… surprised. An orgy hadn’t exactly been what she had in mind. Though, knowing what kind of place this was, she shouldn’t be so shocked.

After her third martini Rosemary’s nerve returned.

“I’ll do it,” she said, only slurring a little. “But I have shome rules.”

“Okay. What are they?”

“I dun wan’ ev’rybody touching me. Just you. They can all watch, or whatever, but only you get to toush.”

“We can do that. I promise, I’ll be the only one to put my hands on you.”

“And if I shay stop, we schtop?”

“Of course.”

“Well, okay.” Rosemary drained the last sip of her cocktail. “Lesh go then.”

Josh practically hauled her out of the couch in his eagerness. Her head swam pleasantly as he pulled her along toward the door to the orgy room. The alcoholic buzz held her in a state of fuzzy unawareness, so when she found herself inside the room it came as a muted shock.

People were everywhere. Fucking in every imaginable way. Rosemary’s mouth gaped open as she stared from one writing mass of limbs to another. In one corner a woman was getting fisted, the guy almost up to his elbow, and the woman was loving it. A threesome was happening right in the center of the room: a girl on her knees, getting fucked from behind while she swallowed another man’s dick. One group was impossible to define – she couldn’t even tell how many people were involved – it was such a mess of hands and thighs and cocks and lips and pussies, all banded in black latex harnesses.

“Wow,” she murmured.

“I know, right? This is like our personal porn cinema. C’mere. I’ve already thought out where we’ll go.”

He led her to a red divan along the wall. It was covered with a practical layer of plasticized fabric, but comfortable nonetheless. Rosemary stepped out of her heels and swayed on her feet as Josh nibbled along her shoulder blades. She closed her eyes, centering in the moment, gathering herself for what she was about to do. An orgy room, for fuck’s sake! When she reached behind, her hand connected with Josh’s hard cock, already hot and erect. He’d opened the fly of his jeans to release it, and she closed her fingers around his shaft. He sucked in his breath, then exhaled with a moan.

“Can I take off your dress?” he whispered.


Her eyes still closed, she felt him slide the fabric past her hips, his hands gliding along the curves of her waist as he lifted the dress over her head. Rosemary wore no bra. She raised her hands to free the dress and felt her breasts lift, her nipples tightening in the cool air.

“Holy fuck, you are hot,” came a gravelly voice.

Rosemary’s eyes snapped open. It was Tim, the big bald guy who’d greeted her and Josh at the door. Of course he’d been dressed then. Now he wore nothing but a cock ring around his thick erection. In spite of herself, Rosemary’s eyes were drawn to it. He stimulated himself with long, even strokes, and she licked her lips, admiring the way his skin moved beneath his hand.

“So, you here to share, Miss Rosie?”

“Not today, Tim. Sorry,” Josh said. He grabbed her breasts in his hands, a gesture of casual possession. “She’s all mine for tonight.”

“But you’re free to watch,” said Rosemary. Even as the words came out she was shocked at her own boldness. Did I really just say that?

Tim chuckled. “I can live with that. Catch you around, Josh.”

As he strolled away, Josh turned her around and pulled her into a deep, full-tongue kiss. He pinched her nipples, giving her breasts a squeeze before releasing them and traveling down to her hips. He hooked his thumbs beneath the band of her panties and slipped them off, leaving her entirely naked in a roomful of strangers. With steady pressure, he laid her down on the divan. Rosemary kept her eyes screwed shut. She didn’t want to know who was watching, who was devouring her naked body with their eyes. At least, not yet.

Josh’s tongue connected with her clit, making her gasp with surprise and pleasure. Holding her eyes closed, she tangled her fingers in his hair and guided his mouth exactly where she wanted it. His hands wandered across her thighs, squeezing them tight, stretching her apart. A vague awareness tripped across her mind – gratitude that she’d remembered to shave that afternoon – before Josh dipped down between her folds and obliterated all thought. Rosemary felt the wetness dripping from her pussy, coating the crease between her thighs and buttocks, probably shining all over Josh’s chin. Her inner muscles clenched around a growing orgasm. Shifting her hips, she began to moan wantonly, forgetting for a moment where they were.

As if he sensed her rising climax, Josh pulled away. Rosemary opened her eyes with a sob of frustration, to find him staring down at her, his eyes dark with lust, undoing the buttons of his shirt.

“Do you want me to fuck you?” he said in a growl. He shrugged the shirt off his shoulders, revealing his smooth, muscular chest. Rosemary’s fingers ached to touch him. She wiggled on the couch, closing her legs coyly, even as she pinned him with a meaningful smile. Her eyes traveled down his body as he slipped out of his jeans. God, this man was hot. Even knowing all sorts of interesting things were going on around them, her drunken eyes could only focus on him.

“What do you think?” she answered.

Josh chuckled, shaking his head in admiration, as he grabbed a condom from one of the scattered trays. She watched as he rolled it on, sheathing his length in gleaming latex. He stepped up to her and grabbed her legs, opening her for him again. She shivered with delicious anticipation as he hovered just at her entrance, teasing her with several dips between her folds, until she was writhing and heaving at him, trying to force him inside. He finally put her out of her misery, with a shout, driving all the way in with a single thrust.

Rosemary’s alcohol-infused body was hyper aware and deeply relaxed. She felt every inch of him going in, and she shrieked with the joy of it, the intense fulfillment of having a man buried deep within her. Her muscles felt heavy; she didn’t move, just lolled sensually on the divan while Josh slowly fucked her. It was a show for the eyes of others. Her awareness was just sharp enough to notice watchers – several lone guys jerking off to the scene; some couples taking a break, stroking one another while they observed. She’d never had sex in public before. Rosemary found it surprisingly titillating. Her head rolled back, eyes half-lidded with pleasurable abandon.

“I hoped I’d find you in here,” said a low, feminine voice.

Rosemary blinked at the newcomer. With a jolt of surprise, she recognized the waitress from that morning. Jessie, the cow-face with the shiny nose ring and tricolor hair. Now, though, she was definitely not dressed for work. She was barely dressed at all. Her torso was draped in elaborate body jewelry, a tumbling mass of chains dripping from her neck and shoulders, and wrapped around her waist. Two clips held a pair of swaying chains to her nipples, which were deep wine red and shockingly erect. On her hips she wore a leather harness with slick metal buckles, kind of Steampunk-looking. And attached to the harness was a black strap-on dildo, which she fingered deliberately.

Josh looked over his shoulder at her. His face split into a grin, and he stopped fucking Rosemary – to her fury – to exchange a fist bump with Jessie.

“Hey babe!” he crowed. “Damn, am I glad to see you! I’ve been waiting all day for your gorgeous cock.”

Jessie’s mouth widened into a smile, highlighting her nose ring even more. Her hand twisted the tip of the dildo in a meaningful gesture. “So, the usual for you, again?”

Josh shook his head, chuckling. “Baby, you know me too well.” Turning back to Rosemary, he fixed her with that unflappable grin before pushing deep into her again. “Rosie, this is my absolute fucking favorite thing in the while world. Being in your pussy, and having her in my ass, is beyond mind-blowing. I’m gonna fuck you so hard, you won’t believe it.”

Vaguely, Rosemary realized she could just say no, get up and leave. But he was still inside her, and it felt so good, and she still had a pleasant buzz from the cocktails, and it was an orgy, after all… Before she could make up her mind, it was already too late. With brisk efficiency, Jessie scooped up a handful of lube from a bottle hanging off her harness and stuck her hand between Josh’s ass cheeks. He grunted, his rhythm interrupted as she did her thing. Rosemary stared, fascinated, as Jessie worked her hand around there for a while, then pulled back, got more lube, and slathered up her dildo. Without another word, she arranged herself behind Josh and, guiding with one hand, eased it in.

Josh bellowed and cursed, his words a jumble and his eyes squeezed shut, mouth open in delectation. Rosemary felt his cock throb inside her, though he didn’t move. He was rigid, his whole body hard and tense, like he was holding himself back. Only when Jessie was all the way in him, her hips pressed against his ass, did he finally relax. She pulled back a bit, and he slid out of Rosemary just a fraction of an inch; when Jessie thrust back in, he pounded into Rosemary too.

It was like being fucked by Jessie, through Josh. Rosemary’s poor befuddled mind couldn’t wrap around it. She felt like the star of a porn video, and the odd part was how much it turned her on. Lots of people were watching now. Their eyes trailed all over the trio: Rosemary on her back on the divan, Josh kneeling between her legs, and Jessie standing behind, pumping hard. It was fucking hot. Josh’s balls slapped against her ass in time with Jessie’s thrusts. He hadn’t been kidding, either; his cock was so thick and hard, it felt bigger than ever, filling her up to the edge of discomfort. Rosemary just curled her hands around the edge of the couch, held on, and let it happen.

The pleasure for Josh must have been unbearable, because soon he was tensing and clenching his teeth, clearly trying to hold back his orgasm. His cock throbbed, spurring Rosemary to tighten around him, holding him in. She wondered, blearily, if this time he would finally finish inside her, like she wanted him to. But she should have known better. With a shout, Josh tore himself from her body. Bracing his weight on one arm, he ripped off the sagging condom and clutched his erection with fierce energy.

“Bukkake!” he called. “Bukkake!”

Murmurs arose from the watching crowd, people repeating the word, some of them shifting excitedly. Gradually, men began stepping forward to gather around them. Rosemary felt like someone else. Floating in a haze of drink and sex, it all seemed to be happening around her, not to her. Even as her eyes flicked from one erect cock to another, she felt only minor interest, as if it was indeed just a crazy porn movie.

“Is this okay?” one guy asked. He leaned down near to her face, his expression sincere. Which was funny since he was grabbing his cock. Rosemary made a noncommittal movement with her head, somewhere between a nod and a shake. It must have been good enough, though, because the guy nodded and grinned, then straightened up. His dick was inches from her cheek.

At that moment Josh exploded. His semen burst out with the force of a breaking dam, spraying all over Rosemary’s belly. She gasped at the warm, slippery texture of it; the hedonistic thrill of watching his cum dribbling across her skin. The whole time, Jessie kept pounding his ass, until the last spasm ravaged him, and Josh was finally spent.

His orgasm triggered the others. Like corks popping off champagne bottles, releasing sprays of bubbly into the air, half a dozen guys all blew their wads. Rosemary couldn’t look away. With her eyes wide open, she watched as they spurted cum everywhere on her body. Semen dripped from her breasts, trailing down into the dip of her navel, pooling beneath her ass. Some splashed on her cheeks, in her hair, and all over her neck. She was totally covered with the mingled spunk of strangers. Without being quite sure why, she trailed her fingers through it, wondering how many different men she was touching. She cupped her breasts and flicked her own nipples, finding them hard and erect, responsive to her touch.

Josh’s hands and mouth were between her legs then. Sensitive as she was, Rosemary orgasmed in seconds. With a screech, she pinched her nipples hard and arched up into Josh’s face. Semen poured down beneath her, sticking to her back and buttocks as she thrashed. Her mind was gone. Nothing remained but the sparks of pleasure jackknifing through her body, and the slippery film of semen all over her skin. When she came down, Rosemary was breathless and limp. She moaned, unable to find words, unable to put together any coherent thoughts.

Her gaze settled on Josh’s face. His eyes were dark and unfocused, his lips slack. Though he’d just bathed her in his cum, his cock was already half-erect again. “More,” he mumbled, “More.”

“Josh?” Rosemary managed to say, through heavy lips. He didn’t seem to hear her. Falling back on his knees, he rolled until he came in contact with someone else. Jessie, as it turned out. She’d removed the dildo from her harness, revealing her outfit in all its crotchless glory. Josh simply buried his face between her legs and went to town.

Rosemary lay there, stunned, as the semen began to dry into a crust on her skin. She was nearly down from her buzz and starting to feel inhibited again. I mean, I am lying on a couch, naked, in a roomful of strangers, watching my date eat out another woman. Oh, and I don’t even know how many guys just ejaculated all over me! Now I finally know what bukkake is, I guess… What the hell am I doing here?

By the time that thought formed in her mind, Rosemary was officially done with orgies. Probably forever. On shaky legs she stood, swaying a bit to find her balance. Her black dress, panties, and shoes were nearby. She bent to gather them up. People still looked at her from time to time, but mostly their attention was on other activities by now. Josh didn’t even seem to be aware that she had moved.

“I’m going,” she said. He didn’t budge from Jessie’s snatch. Feeling suddenly overwhelmed, Rosemary clutched her clothes to her chest and hurried from the room.

The entrance to the bathroom was just a short way down the hall, so Rosemary didn’t have to walk naked through the rest of the club, thank God. Not that any of these superfreaks would mind! Probably happens every night. She almost sobbed with gratitude to find the ladies’ empty. Three generous shower stalls clustered along one wall, and Rosemary stepped into one with enormous relief. The water came out hot and strong, reviving her.

She spent over half an hour in there, scrubbing herself over and over until her skin felt clean and squeaky, completely free from slippery remnants of cum. She washed her hair twice for good measure. Still damp, Rosemary dressed, squirming as she encountered the cold reminder of passion in the crotch of her panties. Her hair was wet, but she didn’t care. Rosemary’s only priority now was to get out of here. To be alone.

She strode through the common area and claimed her bag at the coat check.

“Actually, my boyfriend left his car keys in the pocket of his jacket. Could you get them for me, please?”

The attendant was helpful, at least, handing over the keys without comment. Bundling up in her cozy evening coat, Rosemary squeezed the keys in her hand as she headed out the door. It took a while to find the car; the parking lot had filled up considerably since they’d arrived. Eventually she located it and slipped gratefully inside.

For a brief, thrilling minute she considered just driving home alone, leaving Josh here to pick up the pieces. Rosemary knew herself too well, though. She knew she wouldn’t actually do that. With a deep sigh, she settled back into the passenger seat and began mulling over her thoughts.

The image of Temperance came to her then: a strong, steady woman, pouring water seamlessly from one chalice to another. Everything about her was controlled. She didn’t waste a single gesture. Her world was clear and balanced.

“That’s what he’s missing,” Rosemary mused aloud. “Balance. Josh doesn’t have it. She doesn’t spill a drop as she moves the water from cup to cup, but Josh can’t bear to even try filling one up! All he wants is more, but without balance, he’ll never get it. A guy like that isn’t what I need. I need… Temperance. In my life, and especially in my relationships.”

With a pang, she realized what she truly had known all along: Josh was not husband material. Not even long-term boyfriend material. After tonight, he didn’t even seem like fuck-buddy material, not with his control issues. For once in her life, Rosemary realized she was about to dump a guy before he broke up with her.

The drive back to Seattle was quiet. Josh, tired from his late night, seemed content to turn up the radio and keep his attention on the road. For her part, Rosemary was pondering exactly how she was going to phrase what she had to say. It wasn’t going to be easy.

When they pulled up to her apartment Josh turned to her with a smile.

“So, did you enjoy our weekend getaway?”

“Yeah. I did.” She twisted her fingers in her lap, unsure whether this was the right moment.

“You okay?” Josh queried, his eyebrows drawing together.

“Yes. But, Josh, this has to be it.” She sighed as she said it, hoping he would understand.

He didn’t. “What?” he said, confusion written all over his face.

“I mean, this is it. It has to be over between us.”

“You’re kidding.”

“I’m not.” Throwing up her hands, Rosemary turned to face him. “Look, I had a great time with you, okay? We had fun, we had some seriously good sex. But that just isn’t what I want. I’m looking for a real future, and you, well, you’re always going to want more than I can give on my own. It just won’t work.”

Josh stared at her in disbelief.

“So… you’re breaking up with me.”

“Yeah. I am.”

“Wow.” He shook his head, speechless for several moments. “I don’t think a girl’s ever broken up with me before.”

If anything, those words sealed Rosemary’s decision. With an attempt at lightheartedness, she chanced a smile. “Well, I can understand why. You’re a really fine guy, Josh, but there’s a first time for everything.” She leaned in and placed a light kiss on his cheek. “Bye. Good luck out there.”

She left the car with her overnight bag in hand. Though she didn’t hear the engine revving back to life, Rosemary didn’t look back. That part of her romantic explorations, she decided, was behind her now. For good.

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