Blood on the Moon

By Belle Dowson All Rights Reserved ©

Romance / Drama


The saying goes when there is blood on the moon, the world will end. Hayley believed the world had ended, the mess she created in New York was over with. Unfortunately for her no one escapes Mafia boss, Luca Marcello. Luca hated her, he should have pulled the trigger, but the coward in him didn't. For him the world was gone, his moon was gone. The pair are about to cross paths once more, can they fix the broken pieces? Can they forgive and forget? And if they do will her past get in the way? Find out all her secrets, who makes it through, which love is lost and what sacrifice is made...

Chapter One - The Butterfly Lounge

Six Months Later...

She tried not to think of New York, the people, the crowds and the fast pace of the city. It was just another escape another place to hide.

Hayley had tried for the last six months to forget her life, the world she had left behind in New York.

Her skin crawled as she remembered waking up from being drugged in the neck probably by Nic or Frankie, she remembered the soreness on her neck as she read his last note, his last chilling threat. He had given her two days to leave, and never ever return if she did he would kill her.

She was a mess as she remembered frantically packing what she could, Ava giving her advice, while Ben helped her with her bags.

She had gone to New York with Siobhan to hide, so where do you go when you have to hide from the best city in the world for hiding?

Well the next best of course Sin City, Las Vegas.

It was a far cry from New York, the underworld was not so hidden. It wasn’t easy to find work, especially when you are a desperate runaway with a fake ID. But she managed it.

The Butterfly Lounge was a burlesque lounge right in the heart of the clubs and casino’s. She tried-in vain- to get a job behind a bar or even as a cleaner, but she had failed.

The Butterfly Lounge was her only option, the problem was they didn’t need waitresses or bar girls. No, Shaun Pierce needed dancers.

“Can you dance?” She remembered his words as she stood in his small office.

“Erm, I did a bit of ball-” He never let her finish.

“Find Maisie she will induct you, you start tomorrow night.” She just nodded, work was work.

The Butterfly Lounge was just opening for the night, there was only eight burlesque dancers, and Hayley whether she liked it or not was one of them. They all had their own personalities, all were elite women.

Only difference between Hayley and the other seven girls, they will sell themselves, once a night to the highest bidder. Shaun agreed she wouldn’t have too, she could be the dancer they craved but couldn’t have, he liked that idea.

All eight of them were getting dressed for their joint opening number, Hayley adjusted the leather hot pants she wore and leather bra top.

The first number was a dance to the S&M song by Rhianna, so all the burlesque wore dominatrix inspired gear. Hayley fumbled with her black bobbed wig, the only thing that hid her identity.

“Showtime!” The strawberry blonde named Maisie beamed as she got up from her dressing table beside Hayley’s, Hayley checked her reflection and followed the other girls out to the stage.

Being a butterfly dancer was hard at first, she couldn’t get over being on stage. The stripping was horrendous at first, but here it wasn’t a full strip, just a tease. But, now six months on she was used to it and was comfortable with it.

The number ended, and Hayley left the stage to change for her next number. She sat and was thankful for what she managed to find here. Moving away from Luca wasn’t easy, but she was lucky he spared her life, he could have killed her in a heartbeat and he should have.

Of course, she missed Ben, Ava and Siobhan. But, the pain she felt from her heartache from Luca was the worst. She still dreamt about him, she still wanted him, but she knew he didn’t want her.

“Wrong answer Danny.” Luca sighed as he picked up his golf club and took a hard swing straight at Danny’s leg. He howled in pain, he really wished he would just come clean and then the torture would end with a bullet to the head.

“I don’t know how Borroni’s found out.” He hissed through gritted teeth, Luca sucked in some air and looked at Frankie, who just shrugged.

“Then you are of no use to us, sorry old friend.”

Luca looked at the look of horror they all give when they realise they were about to die, he nodded solemnly at Frankie, who simply shot Danny straight in the head, then lit a cigarette.

“I’ll call in Dominic and Ricardo for clean up.” Frankie shrugged as he put the phone to his ear and rang one of the duo, he was just as pissed as Luca was, they had been working on Danny been the rat for three months.

Maybe they were wrong and Luca hates to be wrong, he watched as Luca flew out the room and headed down the hall to where Nic was watching on monitors.

"Niente?” Nic as he looked at his cousin, he was furious.

Luca wanted to rip heads from shoulders, he wanted to kill someone. He looked at Nic who sat up.

“What are we missing?” He sighed as he sat in the second chair beside Nic and pulled out a cigar box from inside his suit and put one to his mouth.

He looked at the monitor on the room that had Danny’s body in and Frankie, who was grabbing all the essentials into do the clear up, then two more people walked in Ric and Dom.

Nic watched his cousin take long and slow drags of his cigar as he lit his own.

Old Luca returned the day Hayley left, he was involved in the family, and his world never stopped he pushed through. He’d never admit it but he missed her, and unfortunately, they all had to face the pain he was bottling up.

Frankie walked casually into the smoke-filled room and sighed.

“What now?” Frankie asked his boss, whose eyes were glancing at the monitors as he watched Ric and Dom beginning to chop up bits of Danny.

“Let’s go get a drink.” Luca gestured, his new answer for everything.

Nic and Frankie looked at one another and shrugged they knew better then question him.

Hayley had done her final dance of the night, Maisie had already gone home, and a couple of the other girls had a number left to do.

Hayley was taking off her makeup and had removed her wig allowing her dark brunette hair to tumble down.

She heard the door to the dressing room open, and through the mirror she saw the person that made this life she had created unbearable, her boss Shaun Pierce.

“Hello gorgeous.” He mumured in her ear, his hands were on her shoulders.

She looked at him through the mirror. She was dressed in a baby pink baby doll camisole with matching panties.

He gently kissed her neck, it made her skin shudder he took that as a positive even though in her mind it was shudder of unease.

“Can I help you, boss?” Her voice was light and flirtatious as she shrugged him off.

She had to act like a tease if he knew how repulsive he was to her he would probably cart her out of here.

But he returned his hands to her shoulders, and he put his mouth to her ears. She could smell the cigarettes and beer on his breath.

“A mate of mine wants you for a private.” Her eyes were eyes in horror, he chuckled this would get her straight to where he wanted her.

“But, you promised me.” She began as she looked at her boss in the mirror and he nodded and nuzzled her with his nose before he spoke again in her ear.

“Don’t worry my angel, I have told him you’re unavailable.” He pushed her hair to the side, he was aware her night was over, and had waited a long time to taste this beauty.

She could feel his hardness as he pressed closer to her, it turned her stomach.

“Come.” He was persistent, he took her hand and led her to his office.

He wasn’t an ugly man, in fact he was rather handsome. But, she wasn’t ready. Her mind was always thinking about the man she left behind in New York, the man who broke her heart and the man she tried to hurt.

“Shaun.” She whispered as he picked her up and placed her on the desk in his office. His mouth moved and touched her. His kiss was rushed, and he was quick.

Hayley had no clue how to react before she knew it he was forcing her back on the desk. “Shaun,” she said again, a little firmer, “stop, please.”

“Ssh Hayley, this is for helping to keep your ass out the private sessions.” He explained, she owed him. He held her wrists and began to kiss her.

The force of his kisses was frightening, his grip on her wrists were painful.

Hayley didn’t have a knight in shining armour anymore, no hero was to enter the door and save her, she had to protect herself.

“Shaun!” She screeched as she used her knee injure his hard member, he howled in pain and doubled over, she shoved him off her, forcing him to the floor, “I said stop!”

Her voice was remaining strong as he crawled towards the table and helped himself up, she should have ran but she didn’t, she wasn’t afraid of him. In her life she had faced mafia men, Shaun Pierce was not that tough.

“You’re my boss, but I am not fucking you, I won’t do it!”

She had more self-respect than that, plus she had a new rule she wouldn’t sleep with her boss, it only causes heartache.

“You know what, gorgeous,” Shaun’s eyes were wild in her as he winced in the pain from his now limp manhood, “You’ll change your mind, gorgeous, I’m going to forget this ever happened, now fuck off before I change my mind.”

Hayley never said another word she quickly left the room. Shaun was obsessed with this blue-eyed vixen, the moment she begged for a job he promised himself he would be the person that would fuck her, she just needed time.

Three Months On...

A lot can change over time, people, emotions and places. Hayley had managed to avoid the touches, glances and advances of her boss. She was grateful he was preoccupied with a business deal he had done with a Cole Di Maggio.

This guy was a big Casino owner in Vegas, his name was everywhere, he was born and raised in the Casino’s and was very, very well known.

“Hello, Lily.” Mr Di Maggio caught the beautiful English girl as she was coming off the stage from the final group dance of the Butterfly girls.

Hayley’s heart was racing from the adrenaline of the final dance, most of the girls scooted past the pair to get ready to either for the night or head to their private sessions.

Mr Di Maggio was a good-looking man, he had crystal blue eyes, dark hair and tanned skin. His eyes didn’t match his European look.

It was clear he was from Italian stock, which at first made Hayley uncomfortable, but she soon learnt he was a pure Las Vegas guy, his mother was American, his dad’s family were Italian, but not Italian enough for Cole Di Maggio to know or understand Italian.

“Hello, Mr Di Maggio.” She greeted her new boss with a breathless voice and a weak smile.

“You looked beautiful tonight, Lily.” Cole knew this beauty’s real name was not Lily, he knew it was Hayley, and he knew his business partner also had a soft spot for this woman.

“Thank you, can I help you, Mr Di Maggio?” She asked as she grabbed a bottle of water from the table, she knew what he was going to ask, he was going to ask her if she wanted dinner, like he had asked for the past month.

“I heard it was your birthday,” Hayley sighed, how the hell did he find out?

Maisie! Her flatmate, and co-worker was a loud mouth, “I want to wish you happy birthday and offer to take you to dinner?”

Like Shaun, Cole Di Maggio was a handsome man. Unlike Shaun he wasn’t handsy, if anything he was totally respectful, a perfect gentleman.

“Mr Di-”

“Hayley,” he cut her off, her name caught her off guard, “it’s just dinner, please.”

Nine months, it had been nine months since she had allowed a man to hold her, to love her. Nine months it had been since she had left Luca, she had to carry on with her life, date and just pick up her broken pieces.

“Fine,” she gave in, “let me go home and get changed.” Hayley smiled.

His smile was wide as he nodded and agreed to meet at a restaurant of his choice, so she knew it would be classy and expensive.

Hayley had chosen a dark emerald green cocktail dress, it had a low back and v-neckline, it was classy yet sexy. She walked to her free standing wooden framed mirror, she admired her dress.

That was when she caught the unmistakeable scent of him. His tie, the one she stole, hung loosely on the mirror. Her stomach churned as she was reminded of the familiar scent, the smell of her favourite lost romance.

She was nervous about moving on, nervous about starting again, but she had gotten over the worst. She took the tie from its spot on the mirror and inhaled of the slowly fading smell as she sat on the edge of her bed.

This was never what she wanted, she never wanted to hurt him, but she had. She was a very lucky woman, she was alive.

As much as she tried she would never forget that night, the way he held a gun to her head, the sharp pain in her neck and the look of pain in his beautiful eyes.

She was a monster, and he always assumed he was the worst, when in reality it was her.

She took a deep breath, controlling herself, she mustn’t cry. This was all her fault. She shook her head and walked to the mirror and replaced the tie to its spot on the mirror frame.

This was her new life, this was her new city and she had to forget him. She had loved and lost once, she could do it again with Luca. She had to make it with out him, move on and learn to possibly love again.

“Hernandez.” Luca walked up to Axel Hernandez, his new arms dealer.

“Marcello.” Axel shook hands with the Marcello boss, whilst his guys and Luca’s guys made the trade.

“I’m pleased business is well.” Luca smiled as he lit a cigarette watching his men transfer the weapons from Hernandez’s crates to Luca’s.

“Me too,” Axel smiled, getting in with Luca Marcello had been the best move for his family’s name and his wallet.

“Everything ready to go boss.” Frankie spoke as he approached his boss and Axel, the crates were in their trucks.

Suddenly gunshots flew out of nowhere, Luca crouched to the ground pulling out his hand gun, Frankie was already charging into the fray, caring very little about his own safety.

Luca stood up and began firing, he recognised Vitali, Lorenzo’s right hand. Damn, he wished Frankie had managed to kill him when he wounded him nine months ago.

“Protect the weapons, get the truck outta here!” Luca demanded, as he changed his clip and carried out firing.

“Boss, they out number us!” Ric yelled, he was right they were, god damn Lorenzo!

“It’s just us left boss.” Frankie shouted.

Luca nodded as Hernandez managed to get away in his trucks, as did all of Luca’s men apart from Ric and Frankie. Luca had to get out of there before he was done for.

“Let’s go!” Luca shouted, and the trio headed towards the bikes, still aiming and firing at the Borroni army.

Luca rode hard through the nightlife of the city, he heard his men behind him. Frankie and Ric drove towards the warehouse with the truck, Luca was heading back to his home.

Jumping on off the motorbike he walked through his home to his bedroom, he stripped down to his boxers examining himself for wounds, he saw a little scuff but nothing major.

He threw his phone and watch on the dresser, and there it was his little reminder of why he didn’t trust anyone, and why he would never fall in love. The beautiful 1920′s feathered headband, he hadn’t parted with the last memory of her.

He refused say her name, none of his men had dared mention her either, she was dead to him, she was nothing more than a notch on the bed post as far as his men were concerned.

He would never admit it, he missed her. He missed her so much it hurt, so much that he had to do so much work to forget her!

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