Blood on the Moon

By Belle Dowson All Rights Reserved ©

Romance / Drama


The saying goes when there is blood on the moon, the world will end. Hayley believed the world had ended, the mess she created in New York was over with. Unfortunately for her no one escapes Mafia boss, Luca Marcello. Luca hated her, he should have pulled the trigger, but the coward in him didn't. For him the world was gone, his moon was gone. The pair are about to cross paths once more, can they fix the broken pieces? Can they forgive and forget? And if they do will her past get in the way? Find out all her secrets, who makes it through, which love is lost and what sacrifice is made...

Prologue- Blood On The Moon

"A bitter red moon, hanging over me. A love taken too soon, never meant to be."


Blood Red Moon, by Decoded Feedback.

There is a saying about blood on the moon, it is the start of the end of the world, a disaster about to strike. When the moon turns red a love is to be taken, a love that was never meant to be.

Hayley was never supposed to be found, but he found her. Yet she betrayed him, the one person she was truly in love with and she hurt him.

Luca was not in love, he was a mafia man he didn't love her, he just... It didn't matter now anyways she was a rat, a traitor, dead in his eyes.

Life goes on.

They say blood on the moon means the end is near, the beginning of the end.

Hayley and Luca are about to find each other again, and to face the end they need to go back to the start.

When moon turns red, blood is upon it. Luca wasn't afraid of getting blood on his hands, anything for his family, anything for her.

A love taken too soon, never meant to be.

A heart is going to break, a love is going to die and a sacrifice must be made...

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