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Romance / Drama


Manik - Shut the fuck up.....You are not my wife YOU ARE A SLAVE..... A FUCKING SLAVE




Venue : Hotel party hall

A girl was sitting on a chair closing her eyes …singing… with a guitar in her hands (PAPER BOAT – authors imagination) …. It seemed like she was totally lost in the song …. Feeling the song … The movements of her lips were so magical that anyone could fall for her…

She ended the song with a loud noise of claps and praises . She smiled nodding her head.

Girl - Thank you.

Soha smiling- Nandini you were amazing.

Aryaman - Yes nandini you were amazing and you know----

But He couldn’t complete his sentence because of abhimanyu.

Abhimanyu - What nandini this was just a half song…. I want to listen full.

Navya mocked - Abhi she is human..... Not a song making machine.

Nandini – Bro…. I’ll complete it soon.

On the other hand

A boy was sitting on a chair facing the center table with a unrelenting face. He was holding a file in hands analyzing it carefully... Clients in the conference room were staring at him continuously… Maybe they were just trying to get the answer out of his face. He popped his face up still with the stern look.

Boy - We are in.... Mr. Murthy.

Mr. Murthy smiled widely while saying .

Mr. Murthy – Thank you Mr.Malhotra.

They all got off from their seats. Mr.Murthy forwarded his hand in front of the mysterious guy so they could seal the deal.

Mr. Murthy - We greatly appreciated your presence Mr. malhotra. We are really thankful for your contribution to this PROJECT .

Mr.Malhotra - Thank you.... Mr. Murthy... It was nice meeting you.

He was about to go out but Mr. murthy stopped him by saying.

Mr. Murthy – Mr.Malhotra Our company is going to hold party for the announcement of the alliance to the press. We Would like you to join us.

He put his hands in his pocket - I’ll be there.

Phew…. And he disappeared

Next day

Nandini was peacefully sleeping on a double mattress bed in a beautiful pink painted room 'maybe it was her favorite color’ when somebody pulled the curtains. Sun ray directly hit her face which made her cringe.

Nandini - Mom please close it.

Anuradha - Baby wake up it's already 11 AM.

(Introducing “Anuradha Murthy” Nandini’s mother )

Nandini got up from bed rubbing her eyes....Yawning.

Anuradha - Fresh n up and come down. RIGHT NOW.

Nandini yawning - Hmm

Anuradha made a hold of her hand on nandini’s hand while dragging her completely into the bathroom pushing her in and locking the door from outside.

Nandini - Mom open the door.. I am very sleepy.

Anuradha - First you shower then I will open

Nandini angrily - Fine

Nandini gritted her teeth.. Anuradha opened the door without making any sound and she silently went from there.

After a while Nandini came downstairs.

Nandini - Good morning Dad.

Ram - Good morning baby.

(Introducing “Ram murthy” Nandini’s DAD)

Abhimanyu also came down yawning.

Abhi - Good morning everyone.

Nandini smiled - Good morning.

Ram - Abhi.... Nandu.... Our deal with malhotras is done and we have a announcement party in the evening.. so you know what is your job right.

Abhi – Of course

Nandini just nodded.

(Nandini is an interior designer and she works as head in designing department in her father’s company but she is a intelligent girl so she also takes part in many business activities )

In the evening

Nandini arranged the party very well everyone was impressed by her. She was walking in backside of party hall when suddenly she bump into some tall, muscular guy who was talking on his phone while back facing her. She slipped but didn’t fall cause the person had a hold on her.
She was looking deep in eyes but… but… but…

Nandini - Are you blind.

Boy - Excuse me

She straightened up.

Nandini - Why did you hit me

Boy confused - what?

Nandini - I know boys like you.. just fetching for a chance.

Boy - Look miss… I did not----

But he had to chop his sentence right there because our little miss ‘ NANDINI MURTHY’ commented .

Nandini - Nandini.... Nandini Murthy is my name and....It's my dad’s party.

Nandini sarcastically - Mind to tell me who are you?

But he did not replied to her instead stared at her.. NO .. NO.. NO. Actually he was lost in her.

Nandini – Oh.. hello who are you?

She clapped in front of his eyes which Made him flinch.

Boy - I am----

But again he was chopped and trust me it was really frustrating for him but he couldn’t help it and that was time when our one and only Nandini Murthy announced.

Nandini - Forget it.

She left from there without turning back... But I don’t think we could see any kind of anger in boy’s face who was looking at her go instead there was a crazy smirk on his lips.

In party

Mr. Murthy was talking to the media and press… Nandini was on his right and Abhimanyu was on his left side.

Mr.Murthy - Today we are really excited to announce our strategic partnership with MALHOTRA INDUSTRIES, one of the largest and most reputable Company in INDIA.

Reporter questioned - Sir ... Mr. Manik Malhotra haven’t reached yet?

Mr.Murthy - ummm

Mr.Murthy pressed his lip together rolling his eyes to search for him.

Ram - There he is (pointing)

Everyone looked at the direction
And there he was… standing with his all time smirk ... hands in his pocket.

Girls in the party were ogling at him but there was only one girl who was eyes wide open.... And obviously It was our The Nandini Murthy. She reduced the gap between Mr.Murthy’s ears and her face when she whispered to him.

Nandini stammered - Daaaddd.... heee.... iiis manik malhotra???

Ram - yes baby...

She gulped her saliva .....

Clenched her fist....

Pressed her lips together.....

rolled her tongue in her mouth .....

Closed her eyes ....

He looked at her .... No.. No.. No ... I mean checked her out

He climbed on the stage with full of attitude and stood beside nandini with Mr murthy on his left... She looked at him but again turned her face. She was giving all the frowns she had that day.

They both looked at each other .

She faked a smile.

He smirked.







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