Bambi (Werewolf #1)

By Veronica All Rights Reserved ©

Romance / Mystery


Her breathing hitched and she looked up all of a sudden, she felt surrounded by the scent of wet concrete and burnt wood, an odd combination but nevertheless alluring to her senses. Her eyes landed on a tall and rugged figure dressed in a fine black tuxedo, he was by no means lean, it felt like each and every part of the body had well- built muscles, his tuxedo jacket flexed because of his taut and burlesque muscles beneath. He had the broadest set of shoulders she had ever seen. Her eyes trailed to his strong jaw covered with stubble, he had an aristocratic nose and hair were a dark blonde tied neatly in a man bun. But it was his stormy grey eyes that had her gasping. “Mate,”


This is a re-written version of my first novel Bambi and while many of you showered my previous version with love and hate alike I have decided to start writing the book again. It is mainly because I feel the plot to have a lot of loopholes that need to be covered also there were a lot of things that needed to be tended to like Ekon’s back story.

I am known for writing clichés and this story is no different, if you want something new and unique then I apologise for this is not the story.

I have large age gaps between my characters, it does not make the older person a Paedophile, also it is advisable for you to not use such terms lightly and in context with any couple who has a large age gap. Celine Dion was in love at a very young age to a much older man. By writing this I am not defending the true sickos of this world but don’t accuse me of being one.

The lead female is going to be white and it is not because I favour whites, I am a well-educated and intelligent brown girl FYI, I realise what I am writing. Just because I have a white girl as my lead does not mean that I think of other races as inferior, someone kind of accused me of this and I didn’t like that. The one time I wrote about a Latina woman in my book I was accused of being stereotypical and promoting unrealistic body standards. That is not my motto, that is not what I do. I love every colour and race but just because I use a white person does not make me favourable to them. Please don’t do this to me.

Refrain from your mean comments, we have a Trump and Kanye already don’t be another one. If you have a problem solve it either on my message boards or through private messages, I usually reply to them.

We don’t get paid on Wattpad, your comments are our earnings, keep this in mind, I love feedbacks and comments.

I don’t over-sexualize or infantilize my leading female protagonists. Don’t accuse me of the same.

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