How to Break a Boy's Heart

By yoongishoya All Rights Reserved ©

Romance / Thriller

how to break a boy's heart

welcome to how to break a boy’s heart, in which the main character (you!) tries to steal min yoongi’s heart in one month.

that’s right. one month. 30 days.

your name is park dae. you’re known around your school as the notorious venus— the beautiful and charming but deadly heart breaker of the school. so far you’ve been able to break most of the boys at your school’s hearts within a matter of weeks.

except min yoongi.

no one has been able to break yoongi, heck, no one even dares to cross his path.

your best friend, jung hae makes a deal with you: get yoongi to fall in love with you, break his heart, and she’ll give you 125 million won for you to spend on anything your heart desires.

the catch? you only have 30 days.

now that was something you could not pass. surely, it wouldn’t take long. everyone falls for your charms in a matter of days. all that was left is for him to mutter the words ‘I love you’ and break up with him then and there.


but you’ll come to see, that it isn’t going to be as easy as you thought it was going to be.

you see, you didn’t expect min yoongi to be cold, distant, and surprisingly unaffected by your charms.

now 30 days seem like too little time.

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