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Shades of Desire

By NativeBeautie All Rights Reserved ©

Romance / Thriller


Beautiful Seventeen-year-old; Enrica Smith lives in a small village along with her father in Paris where she is born and raised, She is quite shy, Caring and tolerates the rules, throughout life only bad thing Enrica ever experience was bullies and not Ruthless, Cold-hearted, Handsome older possessive men especially... One with a deep Kink. Handsome Dominic shard is a Twenty four-year-old Frenchman mobster he's been in the business for years, the city of Paris fears him. Dominic is Stoic, Dominate, Strict, likes to keep to himself even deep down he has a pleasure or shall we say a.. Kink One night when he sets his two eyes on Enrica smith, Dominic becomes intrigued at first than forms into an obsession... Daddy's Obsession.

Chapter One

Dominic Shard

The cigarette bud between my fingers dropped to the ground I take the rim of my shoe crumbing it into to two.

Being called out here is raising my temper but the view is great.

“Does it look like I give two shits cassio... Huh!” I snapped. Lighting another cigarette.

The harsh french accent laced in my voice seemed to frighten him.


The old wanker shifted in his white chair “Mr shard I mean no disrespect but I assure you it can help people”

I resist an eye roll uncrossing my leg leaning my elbow on the white square table.

The hard earned money I make I will not donate.

“Since when did you ever see me help people Vous cerveau de pois inutiles!”

I cursed raspily in French. He flinched

“That was my fault on my account Mr. Shard”

Clenching my jaw getting up from my seat resisting to shoot this old fool.

“Knowing your time is near I am not gonna kill you for wasting my time today. Good evening Father”

Slipping on my sunglasses returning to my car having my personal driver open the passenger door.

I get in, need to quench my thirst of lust. haven’t been to the club in over two weeks.

“The usual sir?” Said Adam. My driver.


Undoing my tie Matter of no time we arrive I swiftly get out entering the club a friend of mine who is classified owns, that has the same tastes as we all do in this place.

filled with wealthy peers of mine, half-naked girls glued to their side I smirk spotting my usual girl strutting her way over dressed in a very high waisted skirt and tie

Her arms snake around my neck “I missed you so much daddy” Biting her lip.

Body pressed against mine I laid my hands on her waist.

her touch disgusted me but I needed to let loose.

“Let’s go to our room little one” I say deeply. She happily obliges leading us to our private room.

Once we enter I remove my suit jacket tossing it on the black leather chair

“On your knees little whore” She happily obeys looking up at me through her eyelashes.

Always so obedient.

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