Rain: It All Started With A Latte

By Sonya Wilson All Rights Reserved ©

Romance / Other


‘Okay, we’ll see you later Pat!’ Rain shouted across the parking lot.


Remington opened the passenger side door for Rain and she sat down in the vehicle. Remington closed the door and went to the driver side. Before he opened the door, Albert threw something at Remington which he caught single-handed. They were car keys.

‘A month until your big day, you two have some fun okay?’ Albert bellowed.

‘Sure thing man!’ Remington opened the door and sat inside the car.

‘Let me guess, he said have fun?’ Rain asked laying her head back against the headrest.

‘Yep.’ Remington started the car and the engine roared. ‘Wanna eat something?’ He asked turning to face her in his seat.

Rain turned her head and smiled, ‘Are you offering?’ she raised an eyebrow.

Remington chuckled, “I was talking about food. Maybe smoked turkey?′

‘Steak?’ She asked.

‘Anything for you sweet cake.’ Remington presses on the gas and they head to Texas Roadhouse for some steak. He parks the car and takes the keys out of the ignition. ‘I know how much you love steak, but I’ve got a small budget.’

Rain left a kiss on his lips, ‘I won't order anything too overpriced.’ She exclaimed opening the passenger side door. Remington followed her inside and they were escorted to a table for two.

‘Anything you would like to drink?’ The waiter asked.

Rain looked to Remington and waited for him to order first. ‘Two glasses of water please, one with no ice.’ Rain smiled knowing the one with no ice, was hers. The waiter wrote down their drink orders and left.

Rain looked at the menu and picked out a six ounce steak with cream corn and broccoli. When the waiter returned placing there drinks in front of them, he asked what they decided on and they gave him their orders.

**One Hour Later**

‘I don’t know how I got such a wonderful woman in my life.’ He spoke softly as he tucked a piece of her hair behind her ear.

‘I don’t know how I got such a wonderful man in my life.’ she responded lifting her head to look him in the eye.

‘Remember the first time you introduced me to your family?’

‘How could I forget?’

‘Patience hated me.’

‘She didn’t hate you, she was just protective,’ she said laying her head on his chest, ‘She is like that with all the men I bring home.’

‘So there’s more than one?’

‘You’re the only man I bring home Rem.’

He kissed the top of her head. ‘I’ll be the last too, I hope.’ They both laughed. ‘Rain?’


‘We never talked about kids.’

‘I’m waiting until after college,’ she said kissing his hand.

‘I know, but how many would you want?’

‘Three, maybe four.’


That night they went to bed, someone had broken into their apartment. Remington was the first to wake up, but he didn’t move until he heard another sound. He got up slowly, not wanting to wake Rain and he made his way down the stairs with a baseball bat, after hearing another piece of glass crash to the floor. Peering around the corner of the hallway, he heard a cup fall over and shatter in the kitchen. Remington made his way there cautiously holding the bat tightly with both hands. When he saw the black figure digging through the cupboards and kitchen supplies, there was only one thing he could do.

‘Hey!’ he shouted. The black figure stopped and looked at Remington in surprise. The figure bolted from the scene with his findings. Remington followed him with haste until he made it to the front door. The man in black pulled out a pistol and aimed it at Remington. Remington threw his arms up in defeat after letting the bat fall to the ground. Rain woke up abruptly after hearing the shouting and the bat falling to the ground. She saw the empty spot in the bed and ran downstairs. There was glass in the kitchen, and the cupboards open wide. Something happened here. She thought. As Rain went towards the front door, she heard a gunshot that made her jump. Her eyes widened as she ran to the front room to find her fiancé falling to the floor. ‘Rem!’ Quickly she was by his side and caught him before he could hit his head. His hand was over the wound, making his hand red with his blood.

‘I...tried t-to...s-stop him,’ he muttered, ‘I’m...s-sorry.’

Rain began to feel the sting of tears come, and she cried putting her hands on his wound. ‘Remington please.’ She kissed his forehead, ‘Please don’t leave me!’ Rain noticed that Remington had stopped breathing. ‘No!’ She bellowed. ‘Don’t you dare do this to me!’ She ran to the house phone and dialed nine one one.

‘Nine one one, please state your emergency.’ The woman on the line answered.

‘My fiance...’ She couldn’t keep herself from crying. ‘Someone broke in...they shot him!’ She held back her crying as best she could.

‘Calm down ma’am, what’s the address?’

Rain gave the woman her location then hung up. She ran back to Remington who still wasn’t breathing. ‘Babe, wake up!’ She groaned in anger and worry, beginning to give him CPR. ‘Remington!’

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