Caging the Enforcer - Enforcer Series Book 3

By Megan Fall All Rights Reserved ©

Romance / Action

Chapter 8 - Paul

Paul was amazed that she had actually made the move to kiss him. With the chains keeping him flat against the wall, he couldn’t make the move himself. He took over the kiss, wishing like hell his hands were free so he could hold her. She tasted like strawberries, and he couldn’t get enough. His wolf was right at the surface, making it know that he wanted the mating completed. Paul would have liked nothing better than to finish it as well.

When she pulled back and dropped to the ground, Paul growled. Her eyes were glassy and she looked a little dazed. He smirked down at her, happy seeing that look on her face. She smiled up at him shyly, and he loved that. When she took a step away, his wolf protested, and made it known he didn’t like that. She froze and looked up at him, and he knew she’d heard it.

“Was that your wolf”, she asked in awe.

“It was Little Bird, he’s anxious to complete the mating”, he explained. She blushed, and he loved it.

He watched as she bent down to the caddy and pulled out a full bottle of water. His mouth actually salivated at the sight of it. She removed the top and moved towards him. She had to stand on her tip toes, and reach way up, in order to tip the bottle high enough for him to get a drink. When he had enough he rattled the chains, and she pulled it away.

“Thank you”, he sighed, actually feeling me up better.

“Are you hungry”, she asked. “I don’t have much, but I do have a granola bar, then I’ve really got to go.”

He nodded and smiled. She retrieved it, and helped him eat it. It was odd to be fed by her, but he liked it. When he was done, he knew it was time to say goodbye.

“I’ll be back later”, she promised as she knocked on the door and left. His wolf mourned her loss and so do he.

He moved in the chains, but there was no way to get comfortable. Sighing, he settled in to wait until she came back. It seemed like forever, until finally the door opened again. Immediately, he knew by smell it was David again, but this time it was accompanied by other human smells, and a wolfs. He watched as the ass stepped into the room, followed by two guards dragging in a very injured male wolf. His wolf growled in anger, and all eyes snapped to him.

“You’re getting a roommate”, David chuckled. ’We found this wolf prowling the woods nearby and couldn’t resist capturing him. He got a little hurt in the process though.”

Paul ignored him and watched, as just like him, the wolf was chained to the wall. The wolf made no move to fight them, and he knew he had to be pretty bad off. He was stripped of everything but his pants, and blood coated his side.

“You can expect to see Wren again”, David told him. “Even though he looks bad, I don’t think he’s as hurt as what you are. He should be well enough for me to run some tests on later.” As they all moved towards the door, David looked back at him.

“Maybe I’ll ignore my sweet little Wren and run some tests on you as well. I hate when she tells me to wait, it just doesn’t sit well with me”, he said. Then the men walked out, and the door slammed shut.

He studied the other wolf, but he wasn’t familiar to Paul at all. He was happy though when the wolf raised his head and looked right at him.

“You hurt bad”, Paul questioned him.

“Bad enough”, the wolf replied angrily. “I was searching for my mate, and they caught me because I wasn’t paying attention. Names Jack.”

“Paul”, Paul said. “I was searching for this very facility when I was caught. My three pack mates and I got separated, and I was thankfully the only one caught.”

“So they’ll be looking for you”, Jack asked hopefully.

“Definitely”, Paul told him. “But I have the feeling this isn’t the easiest place to find.”

“Yeah, I get that impression too”, Jack cursed. As Paul watched, the wolf struggled, and pulled at the chains. “I’ve got to get out of here”, he growled. “I can’t even think about them getting a hold of my mate. She just told me she’s pregnant with our pup.”

“Jesus”, Paul hissed. “I feel for you. Unfortunately, these chains can’t be broken, so we won’t be going anywhere soon.”

“I just need to know she wasn’t caught”, Jack growled. “I don’t care about myself, but I can’t loose her or the pup.”

“We’ll figure something out”, Paul promised. And he hoped like hell it was a promise he could keep.

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