Caging the Enforcer - Enforcer Series Book 3

By Megan Fall All Rights Reserved ©

Romance / Action

Chapter 21 - Wren

Wren gripped the key tightly in her hand as she hurried down the hall. The guards weren’t posted at all the doors, just the odd ones, so it would be hit or miss on when she would run into one. The gun felt heavy in her waistband, and the crutches were pissing her off. It took her five minutes to reach the end of the hall, and the door she wanted. She leaned against the wall, and tried to steady her shaking hand as she unlocked the door. When she threw it open, Matt’s head jerked up.

“Wren”, he growled. “Tell me you’re here to get me out.” She dangled the keys, as she headed towards him.

“I’m here to get you out”, she grinned.

She hurried over, and unlocked his right wrist. As soon as it was free, he took the keys from her and unlocked his other wrist, then bent and unlocked both his ankles. His foot looked better, but even she could see he couldn’t walk on it. He passed her back the keys, and kissed her cheek.

“You should shift”, she told him. “You’ll have to stay back a bit. I figure you’ll be able to smell the guards and warn me.”

“I will”, he agreed. “But once you let out more wolves they’ll shift and attack the guards without thought. It will be bloody and violent.”

“Okay”, she said. “But I can’t figure out where the button is to release the chains, its going to take me a long time unlocking each one, and some rooms have two wolves. I’m also not real stable on my crutches.”, she added.

“Once I shift I won’t be much help in that department. You need to get one of the wolves to stay in human form and unlock them for you”, Matt ordered.

“That’s a good idea. I’d ask Paul, but his cell is too far down the hall, there’s a lot of wolves I can release before I get to him”, she complained.

“Let’s go in the hall, I know for a fact there’s a button hid somewhere out there. If we can find it, it will save us a lot of time”, Matt told her.

Nodding in agreement, she headed that way. Matt she saw, used the wall for support as he followed it around to the door. She felt bad for not helping him, but the crutches definitely wouldn’t support them both. When they reached the hall, he pushed her back, and shoved his nose against the wall. He sniffed in one direction then back peddled and sniffed in the other. When he stopped and grinned, she moved forward. Sure enough there on the wall was a hidden panel. When she pushed it, a button was hidden behind it. She knew every room would have one in the exact same spot. Now all she needed to do was hit the button for each room and unlock the door, the wolves would do the rest.

“Your amazing”, she told Matt. “Now shift and lets get this over with.”

She blinked, as Matt shivered then shifted. His bones snapped, and Wren couldn’t help the cry that left her throat at the pain he must be suffering, but then a beautiful grey wolf stood before her. He licked her hand, and she giggled, knowing he was trying to ease her tension.

When she unlocked the next door and pressed the secret bottom, she could hear the chains drop to the floor. The two wolves inside moved to the door, and looked at her in confusion.

“Shift and take out the guards. Make your way to the front of the building. I’ll unlock the rest of the doors”, she yelled at them.

One of the wolves eyed her crutches, and narrowed his eyes at her. She was familiar with him, as he’d been here a long time.

“Give me the keys’, he growled. “I’ll unlock the doors, and you hit the buttons. It will be faster.”

She immediately nodded, knowing he was right. The other wolf shifted and took off with a roar, and she smiled. Then she turned and handed over the keys. In less than a minute, the hall was full of wolves, and they were heading for the next set of cells. She could hear screams coming from the guards and growls from the wolves, but she ignored it. Four more rooms and she’d be to Paul’s.

It was just her and the wolf who had stayed in human form now, as each time she opened a door, the wolves took off. She unlocked the door beside Paul’s cell, and then cried out when a bullet hit the wolf beside her. He slammed against the wall, as blood sprayed her, then dropped to the floor. She knew without looking the wolf was in bad shape. Slowly she turned, and faced David.

“What the hell do you think you’re doing”, he yelled, and she knew she was in trouble.

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