Caging the Enforcer - Enforcer Series Book 3

By Megan Fall All Rights Reserved ©

Romance / Action

Chapter 20 - Wren

Wren woke early the next morning. She had showered carefully the night before, knowing that she had to get rid of David’s smell. It had been awkward with her knee, but she had wrapped it well, and made sure it didn’t get wet. When she was done, she dried her hair good, and put it up in a messy bun. After applying a small bit of makeup, so she looked like she normally did, she went to get dressed.

She eyed the black jeans, and black hoodie, but chuckled, knowing that would look too obvious. She ended up with black yoga pants, and a bulky navy blue sweatshirt. She finished it off with a pair of white sneakers. She wanted to be comfortable, and she wanted something she could move easily in.

Eyeing the box on the table, that she had loaded with junk, she sighed and picked it up. How she was going to carry it with crutches, she had no idea, but that was sort of the point. She glanced at the clock and saw it was seven thirty. That meant David still had a good hour and a bit in his meeting. She had plenty of time before he started making his rounds.

She pushed open the door with her shoulder and headed into the hall. It was slow going with the crutches, and she almost dropped the bloody box three times. When she saw David’s door down the hall, she stopped. She needed a guard, knowing his door would be locked, so all she could do was lean against the wall and wait.

Five minutes later, Steve came around a corner and was heading her way. She pushed back off the wall, and once more started down the hall. As soon as he saw her, he hurried her way, just like she wanted. When he reached her, he took the box from her arms, and she smiled at him gratefully.

“What are you trying to do honey”, he asked.

She sighed. “David asked me to move into his room. I thought I could surprise him by getting most of my stuff in before he finished his meeting. Unfortunately, surprising him means I don’t have a key, and I didn’t really think of that”, she said sadly.

Immediately he grinned. “Congratulations, I didn’t know you and the boss were a couple. I have a key, I’ll let you in.”

“Would you”, she grinned. “That would be amazing.”

As she watched, he steadied the box on his hip, and unlocked the door. Once the door was open, he moved inside. She hurried after him, and when he stopped, she threw herself against his back. He gasped in surprise, and then just like she hoped, fell causing her to go down with him. The box hit the floor hard, and its contents were thrown all over the room. He cursed as he turned her way.

“I’m so sorry”, she said, as she grabbed onto him. “My leg only got operated on yesterday, and its not very strong.”

He nodded, and tried to help her up, but of course she didn’t make it easy. She practically sprawled across him, and pulled at his shirt in her attempts to be difficult.

“Will you stop that and just let me pick you up”, he growled in frustration. She had to hide her giggle, as she looked up at him innocently.

“I’m so sorry”, she repeated. “I was trying to help.”

He shook his head, put his hands under her armpits, and hauled her to her feet. She squeaked in surprise. Once she was steady, and propped against the desk, he handed her the crutches.

“Thank you”, she said. “Please go and continue your rounds, I can pick this all up.”

“You sure”, he asked with a raised brow.

“Yep”, she quickly told him. “This is supposed to be a surprise, and you have a job to do. I don’t want you in trouble for helping me. You know how David gets”, she added.

“Definitely”, he argued. “Thanks Wren. If you need help, just come find me.” Then she smiled as he left her alone.

She eyed the junk on the floor, then ignored it. None of it was important, and she hoped David tripped on it when he came in. Grinning, she headed to the closet. Again it was a chore reaching the box with her crutches, but she managed. When the key was in her hand, she really wished she could do a happy dance she was so excited.

She headed back to the door in determination. Before she opened it, she reached into the waste-band of her pants, and fingered the gun she had borrowed from Steve. He didn’t even know she had taken it during the fall. She hoped not to have to use it, but she would if she needed to.

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